• Goldenhedgehog9
      My name is Mariya Vasilyevna Oktyabrskaya, you killed my husband, prepare to die!
    • RondKrows
      Taylor Swift is one of the least bad ass women. Oh we broke up lemme whine about it in a song so I can make money. So badass right?
    • Chillicious
      She didn't demand a tank, she sold all of her belongings, BOUGHT a tank, donated it to the Red Army, then became a mechanic so she could drive it. She named it the Fighting Girlfriend, which her fellow soldiers made fun of, until it got shot, and she hopped out and repaired it, in the middle of
    • bitchcrafter_V1
      Now this is the type of women little girls should look up to. Not fucking nut suckers like Kim Kardashian
    • MickeySilver
      90% of porn stars are badder than she is
    • Mr_Squig
      Taylor is a bitch, period lmao
    • TheScorpion
      Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko[a] (née Belova; 12 July 1916 – 10 October 1974) was a Soviet sniper in the Red Army during World War II,[1] credited with 309 kills. She is regarded as one of the top military snipers of all time[2] and the most successful female sniper in history.[3][4] - Wikipedia
    • MilitaryMiscreant
      Hm. Interesting. I’m gonna write a letter to my senator demanding I be given a tank. I’ll let you all know how it goes.
    • WDGASTER22
      There once was this really successful female pirate in asia. She had a enormous fleet and caused gov. All over asia to beg britain for help,since britain had the strongest navy, but britain ended up getting their buts whooped, and eventually she was like "im tired" walk
    • Clorox_Bleach1738
      in the revolutionary war a woman was a nurse and she saw her husband get shot and killed so she dropped her medical supplies and picked up the gun to kill the guy who killed her husband
    • Exren
      Notifications are annoying
      Exren 7d
    • Eragon270
      Name someone more badass than Taylor Swift: 99% of the female population
    • Uncontroversial
      Literally any person with a vagina is a more badass girl than Taylor swift
    • Miss_Sin
      Husband killed by nazis. Asked government for tank. Got tank. Killed nazis with tank.
    • TohkritXhaln
      Rani Lehu: Indian queen deposed by the British who killed her king. Rounded up an army and took her kingdom back in the 1780s. Ching Shih: Chinese pirate queen in a command of 600 ships. One-eye Charley: a reverse trap stagecoach driver in 1800s who fought off natives and robbers. Or really any1 who
    • RustyAndroid
      My momma: Joined the army, was awarded as a marksman within a week after never holding a gun before, drove a tank, translated intercepted messages from the Soviet Union, Was stationed on the border of the Soviet Union, and she knows top secret information she cannot legally divulge
    • LordWhatsHisName
      My mom. Dropped out of school to take care of me, got stuck for years in shitty desk jobs due to lack of school. Then managed to retire and is living the good life in florida...
    • videogamedunkey
      No way did the government just say “yea fuck it give her a tank”
    • Tuberculosis_disease
      *our husband
    • caspbeans
      The mole on my ass is more of a badass bitch than taylor swift.
    • XV123
      She also was killed in action during the Leningrad-Novgograd Offensive. She drove her T-34 into German positions, destroying the enemy until she jumped out to repair her tank in the middle of battle but was hit by shrapnel in the head and died a few days later.
      XV123 5d
    • IndianaGames
      Stop making Transformers movies and make this
    • Chief_Firecrotch
      Why couldn't dice cover this story. This would've been a hell of a lot more fun
    • kiromi55
      literally any other woman
    • dont_subscribe_to_me
      Hellen Keller, I mean look all the things that she accomplished while being blind and deaf.
    • corndogz
      Get you a girl willing to avenger you’re death via tank
    • bradswag1738
      literally Dora the explorer is badder than Taylor Swift
    • TheDestinyWolf
      Literally anyone is a badder bitch than Taylor Swift.
    • Napooeon
      Went out against panzers/paks and didn't flinch. Hopped out of the tank mid combat to fix a tank thread, thrice. Died the forth time. Rip
    • baron1282
      And yet EA and Dice can't figure out how to actually portray women in Battlefield. Make this a war story! A real story about a REAL women, not some made up PC BS.
    • Pelicanguy
      When her tank was damaged from a heavy blast she was known to jump out of it and repair it herself under heavy fire and jump right back in to continue fighting. She deserves an action film honestly.
    • threve
      She also sold nearly everything she owned to buy that tank. She was also considered one of the kost successful Russian tank captains in terms of kills.
      threve 8d
    • guy121
      Mariya also on two occasions jumped out of her t-34 against the will of her commander to repair her tracks under heavy fire. She would come to be the most decorated but most unknown woman soldier in history. She also sold everything including her house to buy the t-34.
      guy121 8d
    • TheMessedUpWookie
      True feminism by letting a woman drive a tank and blowing up nazis
    • Lean_
      Theres literally billions of girls badder then taylor lmao
      Lean_ 8d
    • Tilted_Queen
      Taylor swift is the furthest thing from every sense of the word “bad” except bad music.
    • gsickles
      There’s a difference between being bad and being a petty bitch
    • Some_Clever_Name
      She bought the tank in her own and drove it to the army base demanding to be a tanker. Since she brought her own, she was accepted and proceeded to kick nazi ass until she was killed while repairing her tank on the battlefield
    • Congratulations_ur_a_dick
      Huband: *dies. Wife: IM GETTING A FUCKING TANK AND KILL YOU ALL U PEICES OF SHIT...with a smile of course
    • goshdiddlyfrickedyfrac
      Try the Night Witches of the 588th night bomber brigade
    • Pattyshack99
      Clara Barton: Legendary nurse during the Civil War. Founded the American Red Cross Association. Was nicknamed “The Angel Of The Battlefield.” for her willingness to save soldiers on both sides, because she knew that deep down, they were all American.
    • RootyToots5
      Lyudmila Pavlichenko. Sniper for the USSR during WWII. Retired at the rank of Major. Confirmed kill count was 309. Infinitely more badass then Taylor Swift.
    • TarveyVenytheMadKing
      Literally anyone else
    • Ambitious_Iron
      There's also a woman who had thr 2nd most sniper kills in history.
    • K1ngofAmarillo_GTPA
      Don’t forget Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Russian sniper during WWII she was credited with 309 confirmed kills
    • FridayThe13thGeek
      There is a difference between being a badass bitch and just a general bitch...
    • TheOwnerofJuveles
      How about that lady that seduced and killed nazis in World War II?
    • farmerdude
      The female mission that should have been in battlefield 5
    • KorboozledThe1
      Our tank is your tank, comrade.
    • CelebrityCrush
      Imagine being so brainwashed by pop culture you think fucking teenie bop golden curls Taylor shake it off Swift is the most badass woman ever
    • WhatsUpHolmes
      The Nazis didn’t kill enough commies
    • CrownlessKing
      Jeanne de Clisson's husband was arrested and executed by King Philip VI, and all her lands and titles were confiscated. She sold everything she had, bought three warships, and spent the next two years massacring every French ship in the English Channel.
    • Zenith12
      The Night Witches. Woman or not it takes balls to bomb nazis in the 1940s from crop dusters built in 1915.
    • SmokeyTheThotDestroyer
      She’s the John Wick of WW2
    • Masonator55
      NOW THAT! Is how how women should respect, not this SJW nonsense
    • SmellMy69Finger
      Taylor Swift is not badass at all. She could get her ass kicked by a blind ant with no legs
    • Nigging
      A simple google search shows that all she did was drive the tank 🤔 please stop twisting facts to appeal to feminazis
    • YoBoyVlad
      Tf is badass about Taylor swift
    • HansZeTransmissionBroke
      When you’re a German chilling in your foxhole and you see some chick in a t-34 driving towards you
    • Astromancer
      The list of people more badass than taylor is quite long
    • KennytheKunt
      Imagine thinking Taylor Swift is bad. I mean maybe she’s bad as in bad at music but she’s not bad bad
    • onepunch
      What about The entire night witch division of the Russian Air Force? These bad assets swooped down on canvas planes with the engines off to bomb nazis
    • coldestshark
      Literally anyone
    • daily_dose_of_real_hiphop
      When was she ever a bad bitch
    • CringeTime
      Just because she puts on black lipstick doesn’t mean she’s a bad bitch
    • Wahgineer
      Don't get a woman who will make a chart-topping song about your break up, get a woman who will harass the govt for a tank in order to avenge your death
    • Gecc
      Wearing dark makeup doesn’t make you a badass
      Gecc 8d
    • stoinky_nipz
      Bruh literally any bitch badder than Taylor Swift the fuck
    • PrinceOuji
      They really try to make these celebrities look like god
    • TunableFall662
      *plays battlefield theme*
    • ______Bender______
      How many different guys has she written breakup songs about? I feel like she’s just a slut at this point.
    • marybijarro
      Anyone is badder than Taylor swift
    • Tumbleweed321
      Cuter too...
    • dugarumtheorcking
      Shirley Temple is more badass than Taylor Swift
    • Helseng
      Also my grandma doesn’t take no for an answer
    • TNChevy
      *our tank (soviet anthem plays)
    • makemelaugh_
      i want a wife like that 1
    • SpaceBall_1
      Big titty vengeful Russian gf
    • KaiRubix
      Of all the historical inaccuracies in battlefield 5 all in an effort to include women in a game about war why didnt they just do this?
    • Memeology
      Literally any middle class woman making their own money
    • Disarmed
      Bitch, Joan of Arc was badder than Taylor Swift
    • Lone_Wanderer_16
      Sadie Adler
    • nunclebeniss
      Litterally any women is more bad ass
    • timeand5pace
      Then she was killed by friendly fire and burned to death sadly...
    • USATNT
      there is dead spouse anger and the there is getting a Russian tank in an act of revenge anger
      USATNT 7d
    • JamesHardin
      Name a woman more badass than Taylor swift: anne frank
    • Midnight_Hands
      Does this person know what bad ass means? Because it's nothing close to flat ass
    • RenegadeNebula
      Even the most poor, dirty, washed up dregs of the soviet union had more spine than taylor swift will ever have.
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