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    • dRsNiPEs101
      As a Texan, I appreciate their decision to go to California
      dRsNiPEs101 30 nov
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    • Donderoism
      Lmao a town of 95% Hispanics is named Brownsville
      Donderoism 30 nov
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    • chillwave
      probably because it’s well known cali will take about anybody in no questions asked
      chillwave 30 nov
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    • And_Im_Gay_Now
      Why would a caravan filled with “children and families” want to live if the most expensive state in the US. Unless being homeless in another country is their goal, it’s pretty damn dumb.
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    • Midnight_Dusk
      This what I’ve been saying all along. Its because they want that free California shit
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    • TimeForACrusade
      Nah stay the hell away from Texas
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    • Californian_Republican
      Only thing I can think of is if they manage to get in its a "Sanctuary State" and they think that means they cant get deported
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    • Nigeria_Ball_
      Man i hate soros
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    • HighTimesMA
      Or they think California is a place where dreams come true. I've talked to a few illegals that live in Cali (Online dont know where they live or ICE would say hi) and they all thought it was their best chances in America and where they'd make it big. Not sure why though
      HighTimesMA 30 nov
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    • GeneraI_Kenobi
      Wow, almost as if they're going to the place where they can get the most welfare benefits.
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    • block_buster
      block_buster 30 nov
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    • Better_Class_of_Criminal
      Could we even influence our own government at this point? It's pretty apparent that elected officials have their own somewhat corrupted agendas. I know an overthrow isn't likely, but it feels like people in power have no selfless intentions or bearings on what life outside the 1% is like
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    • uncle_thomas
      Have you ever been to brownsville...? Its fuckin gross lol
      uncle_thomas 30 nov
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    • SpaceX_Fan
      Because they know Texas wouldn’t let them in
      SpaceX_Fan 30 nov
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    • CrankySum3
      It's not that hard to understand. Cali is a liberal state and they know they are not going to skewed the legal process of getting this asking for asylum like Texas does.
      CrankySum3 30 nov
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    • GhillieStealth
      The border at Tijuana is easier to cross.... supposedly
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    • GL0W
      i was just at san diego for vacation, pretty nice there wouldn’t live there tho
      GL0W 30 nov
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    • oldjoeace
      No one said they were rocket scientists
      oldjoeace 30 nov
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    • Liberulz
      “Every event that’s inconvenient to my political agenda is a Soros conspiracy”
      Liberulz 30 nov
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    • heromyzero
      Did the beaners make it to San Diego?
      heromyzero 30 nov
    • CommissarGwen
      Ok I think we need to chill for a second and think they probably have no way of knowing about those fishing jobs and wanted to avoid entering via Texas where the national guard is waiting for them
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    • usernametakenx4
      What If they just like Cali more than Texas?
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    • middleEastIntel
      Brownsville crossing is very dangerous
    • THE_NUT
      Isn't most of that desert too?
      THE_NUT 30 nov