• TitsandRitz
      smile 2.9K reply 26
    • Biggns420
      They copy each other like fuck.
      smile 1.4K reply 71
    • wildfire5800
      All youtubers should move to pornhub and keep uploading the same content
      smile 59 reply 3
    • skiddylo
      I wanna work for PornHub, not so much for the porn, but the fact that they actually seem to know how to run a company
      smile 10
    • Cancerous_fucktard
      Why doesn’t pornhub open another service. That’s like YouTube...but better?
      smile 10 reply 7
    • BreakDown1923
      You know, the creators behind pornhub could probably non-porn video streaming service and if they did everything else the same, it would be amazing and ruin YouTube
      smile 12
    • MadPyroNinja
      All in favor of making gaming videos on porn hub cause fuck YouTube? Like ligit let's put in an idea to porn hub and have them make alt platform to mock YouTube?
      smile 10
    • chikenbone
      Funny how pornhubs 2018 review was better than YouTubes sorry ass
      smile 9
    • friendlylgbt
      At least pornhub doesnt have ads every 4 minutes of a video.
      smile 9
    • TheSquidyBoi
      I’ve literally never watched a Fortnite video in my life, and I checked the “recommended YouTubers” section. All of them, literally every single last one, was a Fortnite channel
      smile 8
    • idiot
      idiot 11d
      smile 9
    • Illuminaughty_
      I think all youtubers should move over to pornhub then pornhub can be the ultimate streaming website
      smile 8
    • Da_Babe_
      Wheres my pornhub rewind?
      smile 7 reply 2
    • PROzToxicity
      Girls watch more porn than guys but are embarrassed so they lie and say “that’s gross”.. The hypocrisy is real..
      smile 6 reply 1
    • Ravenmaster23
      but for real though, youtube on some dumb shiz fr fr, like stop with the bs already
      smile 6
    • Jovaughn
      Man nearly dodged a 565 mph peice of paper
      smile 6
    • HeathTurbac
      Apple, Google and any company in California is just liberal propaganda. Run by HIV + purple haired freaks
      smile 7 reply 2
    • HoloFate
      Pornhub could legit open a new branch of non pornographic servers and become better than YouTube. Just call it YouHub or something.
      smile 5 reply 4
    • faithyboy15
      I love how YouTube monetizes everything that's not for adults but the Hanti videos are fine
      smile 5
    • Commander_GreeWolffe
      Yes listen to us, Delete T-Series
      smile 5 reply 1
    • JaccMehoff
      Remember back in the good ol days when YouTube didnt have any ads??
      smile 5 reply 5
    • TheAnarchist
      YT- Lets put more ads, especially those tic toc ones
      smile 5
    • Sgt_Ham
      At this point, Pornhub should make their own version of YouTube called “VidHub” or something
      Sgt_Ham 12d
      smile 5
    • cougar2015
      They don't listen to theirs either, you can't scroll without seeing interracial and transgender shit
      smile 5 reply 3
    • Trevor_Belmont
      I WANT 2018 PURN HUB REWIND NOW!!!!!!!
      smile 4
    • asianpower827
      Pornhub should do a pornhub rewind
      smile 4 reply 3
    • fakepigpie
      I just hope they help out this amazing and talented YouTuber Jameskii he's been through a bunch of shit cause of false copyright claims, UMG needs to stop
      smile 4
    • Fireheartclan
      YouTube knows they do not have to listen to their users, because everyone is already so invested in it.
      smile 4 reply 2
    • dennys_tweets
      Let's just start posting videos on pornhub
      smile 4
    • BMCnin
      To be fair its not that hard to please pornhub user. Just give em tits and ass
      BMCnin 11d
      smile 4
    • DankCornHub
      If you like pornhub, you’ll love pornhub live
      smile 5
    • Nonsense
      A mere 565 mph
      smile 4
    • Barleyy
      Barleyy 11d
      smile 4
    • CaTBomB
      I’m reading this Econ book and I was thinking if because YouTube took off so fast and got power/money so fast if they aren’t financially smart because that got lucky and blew up where porn websites are controversial and there are hundreds of them so they have to keep their customers happy.🌝🌚
      CaTBomB 11d
      smile 4 reply 1
    • Amourshipping
      “I’m sorry pornhub, but the video that you posted contains swearing and nudity. I’m afraid you have to take it down and make no revenue off of it” sincerely YouTube
      smile 4
    • RepublishedErotic
      I watch reruns of old cartoons on pornhub... They've got invader Zim, man.
      smile 4
    • Vlademere
      Guys there should be a rewind for pornhub
      smile 4
    • Secksi
      Remember that time in 2017 when YouTube was supporting a pedophile channel and demonetized everyone who exposed it but only did something about it once companies pulled their ads?
      Secksi 12d
      smile 4 reply 2
    • epicsoupman
      Can we have a pornhub rewind ?
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Rhomboi
      When do we get pornhub rewind
      Rhomboi 11d
      smile 3 reply 1
    • jacuzzisurfer
      100% accurate
      smile 3
    • NoForMeDawg
      YouTube: “Yeah that’s gonna be a no for me dawg”.
      smile 3
    • umid
      umid 11d
      smile 3
    • Meme_Spartan
      Correct me if I'm wrong but I swear I p****** is doing better than YouTube right now
      smile 4
    • WokeBrandon
      Ooh new meme format?
      smile 3 reply 2
    • MojoTron
      YouTube is part of the illuminati agenda
      smile 4
    • ManiacalMatt
      Itd be awesome if pornhub made a section for youtube like content. Then all youtubers could just migrate there and we'll finally have the old systems back. Like it was with NewGrounds.
      smile 3
    • BlitzCreedx
      We NeEd To Be CoRpRaTe FrIeNdLy
      smile 3
    • ig_thiccboi3955
      smile 5
    • fairyboyz
      Its funny how wholesome pornhub is now
      smile 3
    • Thot_Bot_Demon
      I smell a new format
      smile 3 reply 1
    • parayeet_69
      Mere 564 mph handgun bullet vs school shooter with ar15
      smile 3
    • ThelocalMemeDealer
      YouTube rewind 2018 killed the platform.
      smile 3
    • Liamaster
      Remember when pornhub made it so you could watch a preview from the thumbnail and YouTube was doing the same thing like a week later
      smile 3
    • xu_shu
      xu_shu 12d
      smile 3
    • Commonwealth_Minutememes
      Pornhub is the fucking best
      smile 2
    • ticcitori
      This goes for tumblr too
      smile 2
    • Azuraz
      a mere 565 mph handgun bullet
      Azuraz 9d
      smile 2
    • MindBl0wer
      Oh I get it, it’s because the box makes “tries” to be discreet but not really
      smile 2
    • iZekrom
      smile 2 reply 1
    • xXProXxAssassin
      smile 2
    • Testsubject276
      smile 2
    • urlocaluserrr
      this would be even funnier if it was with a Tumblr logo
      smile 2
    • RepublicanStronghold
      All YouTube cares about is if people are watching their videos, and they are at an increasing rate so nothing else really matters as long as their making billions of dollars. It’s not like people are going to stop watching YouTube just because they didn’t like YouTube rewind
      smile 2
    • DipMeInYaMondayMilk
      It’s not about users it’s about advertisers. A lot of advertisers don’t want their ads on something that isn’t family friendly. Pornhub isn’t exactly family friendly
      smile 2 reply 3
    • MikaHyakuya
      We need pornhub rewind
      smile 2
    • RobbieWatermelon
      They both involve fucking people over, and every now and then being dissapointing
      smile 2
    • Charge20
      How is PornHub an accurate representation of this?
      smile 3
    • thepersonyoudontlike
      I'm so proud of this community
      smile 2
    • Wiser_Polak
      Aye, who else watches xvideos, if so let’s start a gang porn war
      smile 2
    • AlexanderMarr
      Mere 265mph bullet
      smile 3
    • cursedjpeg
      this is just like surprised pikachu just with less words
      smile 2
    • NotFunnyButOk
      YouTube is a part of the new propaganda machine. They’re going to continue to force ideas on people. Stay strong gamers.
      smile 2 reply 1
    • _____Art
      Someone make a YouTube Drake meme format, listening to it's users vs listening to it's advertisers
      smile 2 reply 3
    • Black_Goku
      Regular show could one day rival Spongebob in terms of meme value
      smile 2 reply 1
    • horsewheelys
      Miss me with that logical shit.
      smile 2
    • NothingToSeeHer
      That's why pornhub is more popular
      smile 2
    • WildOne_
      Porn hub lets you watch people fuck while youtube aggressively fucks you
      smile 2
    • JonChristopher
      content not available more
      smile 2
    • Enrichment
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Moan
      Moan 12d
      smile 2
    • ohboyohboysomeyaoi
      Control your perviness guys geez
      smile 3
    • Overspray
      It's funny because it's true
      smile 1
    • nenuko
      when pornhub listens to their users all they hear is meat rubbing
      nenuko 9d
      smile 1
    • TissueBox
      “Miss me with that gay shit” >demonetized
      smile 1
    • DJBlacklight
      I think you forgot to add tumblr
      smile 1
    • PolandTangle
      Youtube banned siivagunner
      smile 1
    • Toffee_is_god
      I remember the music form this scene
      smile 1
    • Liquification
      Imagine all the girls pornhub is gonna snag from Tik Tok and shit like that
      smile 1
    • Sakurai_Masahiro
      This format could be a really good meme
      smile 1
    • TheEyeThatSeesSome
      Pornhub does this cause xvideos is going for their audience
      smile 1 reply 2
    • NagaseEdge
      YouTube well indefinitely never listen to it’s Content creators or its users. YouTube rewind 2018 was a good example
      smile 1
    • Tacospaceman
      If we spam this to YouTube like the bullet meme to MSNBC MAYBE WE CAN SAVE THE WEBSITE. god I hope so LIKE IF YOU AGREE
      smile 2
    • youfatlazythot
      That matrix Dodge tho
      smile 1
    • hakunamavodka
      the comment section on Ph is better too
      smile 1
    • spar10
      Mere 565 mph handgun bullets
      spar10 11d
      smile 1
    • NEX95
      Start posting vid on pornhub
      NEX95 11d
      smile 1
    • iveryfunnny
      This is my favorite meme of all time I fucking love it
      smile 1
      Can you copy strike pornhub videos 🤔
      smile 2
    • Mad_Hatter49
      For real bruh
      smile 1
    • beatfeat
      >Blizzard, Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft, Activision<
      smile 1
    • lovely_cuddles
      Omg do one like that but with tumblr instead of YouTube
      smile 1
    • lamelion
      Yeah, censorship is dumb as fuck. You can lose a lot of business that way.
      smile 2
    • Bobthedestroyerofall
      I bet if pornhub made a site that worked the same but wasnt porn themed they could out compete YouTube
      smile 2
    • 25thBam
      I want circle people back
      25thBam 11d
      smile 1
    • injunAP1
      I just want to masturbate
      smile 1
    • Missmetalstormtroopernerd
      What is so great about porn
      smile 1 reply 4
    • coolerthanfrezza
      This is perfect lmao
      smile 1
    • DJ_HD3
      Twitter and Xbox
      DJ_HD3 11d
      smile 1
    • sockeroo
      I like how accurate it is
      smile 1
    • TheJuic3
      2468 i just want to Masturbate
      smile 1
    • Fosachi
      Missed me with that bullshit
      Fosachi 11d
      smile 1
    • _Picture_Comments_
      I watch porn for the plot
      smile 1
    • ___Plankton__
      Proud PornHub User
      smile 1
    • FalangistPoland
      We aren't the consumer we are the fucking product being sold to the advertisers
      smile 1 reply 1
    • coolfandomtrash
      And @ tumblr
      smile 1
    • TAlexFallout
      "Don't worry, Tumblr will listen!"
      smile 1
    • oXeXiX
      YouTube: Miss me wit dat bullshit
      oXeXiX 11d
      smile 1
    • Ashby018
      Turns out all along PornHub=YouTube=Illuminati
      smile 1
    • broote
      YouTube "miss me with that shite"
      broote 11d
      smile 1 reply 1
    • Regirock
      He dodge d it with a mere 565mph
      smile 1
    • Sun_Bunni
      YouTube doesn’t have to care what you think as long as they still make money. It ain’t right, but it’s true.
      smile 1
    • Erm2001
      BuT caN yOU dO thIS?
      Erm2001 11d
      smile 1
    • wild_one_blaze
      Should be tumblr instead of YouTube
      smile 1
    • hiko3218
      smile 1 reply 1
    • oldmanbob500
      Can i get a template of this meme
      smile 1
    • El_Durazno
      Porn just one of the few industrys that realise their customers are as if not more important then their money
      smile 1
    • MasterYumi
      “I’m so proud of this community.”
      smile 1
    • Misleading
      New meme format pls
      smile 1
    • Asian_quesadilla
      Pornhub actually is really nice. If they did other videos besides just porn I'd probably be on it too
      smile 1
    • PostCancerCaillou
      Ooooh I sense a new template
      smile 1
    • toes
      Companies only listen, when it's a man's true instinct
      toes 12d
      smile 1
    • eastone2
      Subscribe to pewdiepie
      smile 1
    • Joseph_Stalin_Your_Bro
      I wanted pewdiepie In rewind even though rewind sucks
      smile 1
    • JesseLeePeterson
      I'm a proud Southern man, unfortunately I'm black. But I'm looking for a white woman to settle down with and live with me on my farm in Texas ❤ she has to support the president and help out with the cattle from time to time.
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Data
      Data 12d
      smile 1
    • PixelThor
      Porn hub is just YouTube but with better service
      smile 1
    • iRaditz
      YouTube stop sucking
      iRaditz 12d
      smile 1
    • Tease
      pornhub? more like cornhub is better
      Tease 12d
      smile 1
    • ManInAVan
      Good morning!
      smile 1
    • Fresh
      Miss me with that fuck shit
      Fresh 12d
      smile 1
    • alaskanwarrior
      I mean it’s accurate
      smile 1
    • ThatKid867
      You can’t really blame them it’s not like the users know what they want
      smile 1
    • xRETROx8
      Yup m moving to pornhub
      smile 1
    • peytonsmusic19
      Oh! It said “when you make memes that require brain power so that instagram normies don’t bother reading them”
    • AskDashnScratch
      why don’t we take all the youtube content and push it to pornhub?
      smile 1
    • JLycurgus
      smile 1
    • AsianCaillou
      Xvideos had the preview thing before everyone else and theirs is still the best... that is all
      smile 1 reply 2
    • Ryan93mj
      This is the best meme of 2019
    • FoodOverPeople
      Lit foodporn is what I do
      smile 4 reply 1
    • onedart1kill
      Like if Reaction time should have a diamond play button
      smile 1
    • annoyingguide
      We are all gonna be playing YouTube videos on porn hub before YouTube rewind 2019
      smile 1
    • Scrotum_Dizzler
      I’m so proud of this community
      smile 1
    • MemeEmblem
      It really be like that
      reply 2
    • FutaRem
      Why is femdom no longer a category
      FutaRem 11d
    • PornGif
      PornGif 11d
      smile 1 reply 1
    • AnAngrySalad
      Not that I wanted it, but I think Rewind actually killed YouTube. It’s like every channel I follow, has either given up, or has in some way sold-out.
    • cicida
      Like my comment if you actually pay for any porn content on Pornhub.
      cicida 12d
    • Destroy
      No child porn on pornhub but search on youtube for 20 secs and there it is. Youtube is listening to their users a little too much if they're allowing that or their users just arent saying the right things for youtube to even bother listening to
      Destroy 12d
      reply 4
      Mia kalifa is better than pewdiepie. Change my mind
    • Swegmester006
      I eat the poopoo
    • DaNkMeMeSlU
      They have the best community there is
    • AcSlaterEmo
      Follow my page if you’re a liberal!!!
      reply 1
    • madamrevolver
      That should be Tumblr not YouTube
    • Burning_Rose
      I’m with YouTube!! 😍
    • BonerFuel
      Porn sites are the best
    • CaptainClover36
      They car more about saving their asses from lawsuits then they do their users
    • Kirbygotamouthcannon
      Rest in peace YouTube annotations as they disappear forever tomorrow.
      reply 4
    • AnimePixelGirl
      I don't get it
    • Shon_w
      Why YouTube rewind 2028 is currently the most disliked video
      Shon_w 9d
    • BLU3Boi
      Youtube gettin old
      BLU3Boi 10d
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