• It's crazy how wholesome a porn website can be
      halftimex 5 dec
      smile 6.9K 180
    • Pornhub is about to become a social media platform
      smile 5.6K 60
    • Improvise. Adapt. Overcum
      Bananed 5 dec
      smile 2.9K 36
    • Mfw pornhub overtakes all other companies as the dominant social media platform
      lemon_lies 5 dec
      smile 356 4
    • Holy shit, their actually doing a better job then tumblr
      smile 217 10
    • Good guy pornhub
      smile 135 1
    • I like how pornhub is more user and creator friendly than Tumblr and YouTube.
      OneBluntMan 10 dec
      smile 44 1
    • If only Tumblr made a NSFW sister site so Tumblr can stay relatively clean while fapmasters and fingerbusters can live in peace on the other side, they'd get ad revenue, and not lose their userbase. Call it Cumblr.
      smile 43 6
    • The next youtube
      JuanZ 5 dec
      smile 23
    • Eventually they’ll just become Hub. Porn Hub will be a category along with Game Hub, Culinary Hub, and so on.
      smile 21 5
    • Why is pornhub the nicest people these days?
      smile 15 2
    • To anyone who sees this they're really not lying. Think of it like a mixture of youtube and tumblr. You can upload the usual stuff to ph or sfw stuff. The community is also 100% willing to help new content creators
      Loli_FBI 6 dec
      smile 15
    • Gollito 6 dec
      smile 14
    • Pornhub is going to be the biggest social platform, maybe cause they give a shit about their users
      Big_ounce 7 dec
      smile 13
    • So you're telling me... I can become a porn producer? Aight, bet.
      smile 13 3
    • Pornhub: everything good about Tumblr, and none of the political correctness
      Abs0lute_0 6 dec
      smile 13
    • Why is pornhub like the best company ever
      smile 12 1
    • AlexPlus 7 dec
      smile 12
    • Tunglr was a shit place anyway
      smile 13
    • Oh shit, did Tumblr's idiot move just guarantee PornHub's rise to power as the social media platform of choice if you want some sweet titties next to a post about Pikachu's weight in penguin eggs. Find out more at 11.
      smile 11
    • For a porn site, pornhub actually has a great pr team.
      Roodi 6 dec
      smile 12 1
    • The year is 2020 my son just asked me if he could borrow my phone to watch pewdiepie on pornhub
      P0Ts 7 dec
      smile 10
    • Ngl if pornhub changes their branding they could easily become the biggest social platform in the world
      Gaagang 7 dec
      smile 11
    • Pornhub is like the Playboy of websites. Sure, it has porn. But it's also full of other content.
      smile 10
    • Pornhub is the next YouTube I’m calling it
      eewalktub 6 dec
      smile 10
    • Pornhub doesnt show enough love to the amature section, im tired of these coordinated bitches getting fucked with percision by professional dick, i want big natural ass with stretch marks, i wanna see mileage on these females, show me homemade, not this artificial love making bullshit pornhub!✊🏿✊🏿
      smile 10 3
    • Pornhub is plain, Tumblr was where you could find freaky shit
      smile 10 5
    • Fuck iFunny... Pornhub here I cum
      smile 9
    • Tumbler was not just a porn site it was a discreet porn site😡
      smile 8
    • Pornhub sees opportunities and takes them, it's disturbingly one of the most amazing businesses man has seen
      smile 8
    • Pornhub is gonna be the next youtube/tumblr/Facebook since they seem to be the only ones who value freedom of speech.
      smile 8 1
    • The Tumblr refugees have a home
      smile 8
    • I seriously hope that they regulate it so that there isn't any child porn
      smile 8 1
    • Pornhub has a weird combination of porn and actual good people that you don’t find anywhere else
      Aqua91 6 dec
      smile 9
    • The only reason pornhubs lile that because after you nut your mind is so clear. You dare think they dont nut 24/7 they have ascended to god level of clear minded.
      smile 8
    • So apparently this is a real tweet...what a time to be alive when companies are self aware of what’s happening
      smile 8
    • Yo, porn hub even has a scholarship program. This is the most wholesome porn website ive ever heard of
      _bandnerdz 6 dec
      smile 8
    • The issue is that you have to download the PornHub app. At least Tumblr was discrete. With the PornHub app, there’s no denying what it’s there for.
      smile 8 3
    • Tbh I don't want a bunch of Tumblr queers posting child furry porn on my main site
      smile 9 1
    • At the rate hub is going, it will have a church soon lol.
      dmyjvn 6 dec
      smile 8 1
    • All who support PornHub getting an app say "i"
      smile 7 1
    • PornHub honestly has one of the best communities and one of the most creator-friendly platforms ever.
      Xenomorphs 6 dec
      smile 7
    • Porn is indiscriminate. Its not "fat" its "big beautiful women". Theres more examples but my brain is ass so...
      smile 7
    • Fuken lol
      Nariod14 6 dec
      smile 7
    • Porn was the only reason I made a Tumblr 😪
      smile 7 2
    • Yall know pornhub is basically a fully fledged social media site that mostly used for porn right?
      smile 7 2
    • They better have tumblr as a seperate category because I don’t want to see that shit in the regular feed
      Danyol 6 dec
      smile 7
    • One mans trash is another mans fap material
      smile 7
    • Tumblr really just grounded themselves as a platform for the infantile
      smile 7
    • Even in the dark times, a ray of light appears
      dragonmeme 6 dec
      smile 7
    • Impressive.
      ThotPol1ce 5 dec
      smile 7
    • The time where pornhub is about to be a better youtube
      littleladd 7 dec
      smile 6
    • Pornhub is a saint in a dark world
      Melophobic 6 dec
      smile 6
    • Taking in and caring for those poor Tumblr refugees...
      Oshava101 6 dec
      smile 7
    • Pornhub needs to stick to live action stuff before we have a porn monopoly on our hands
      PoInareff 6 dec
      smile 6
    • They’re making a play and it’s a big one
      smile 6
    • What drugs was tumblr on that they thought getting rid of porn would work out in their favor. I give it 69 hours before tumblr is obsolete and PH launches an app for this
      Lin_Albo 6 dec
      smile 7 2
    • They have a mini youtube there also. It’s like tumblr but without 300 pound feminists
      cumbum 6 dec
      smile 6
    • Pornhub to the rescue lol
      smile 6
    • Wonder if pornhub will be a symbol of piece.
      smile 6 1
    • Just a quick reminder that pornhub offered to buy vine when it was going under with their official statement being “seven seconds is plenty of time”
      JustKoda 6 dec
      smile 6
    • This is probably the dumbest decision Tumblr has ever made.
      IZ_YOU_OK 6 dec
      smile 6
    • PornHub the GOAT. They're taking over as one of the best companies.
      whatatwist 6 dec
      smile 6 2
    • Pornhub is the next YouTube
      muffn 6 dec
      smile 7 1
    • Pornhub is making a power play lol
      Roronoa 7 dec
      smile 6
    • Pornhub bout to become a part of the social media family and be the only cool one in said family
      smile 5
    • Isn’t it ironic how a porn company has some of the best decisions for both themselves and their consumers while most companies either do stupid shit or greedy shit
      NemesisR 7 dec
      smile 5
    • next thing you know everyone is on PornHub and we all live happily ever after
      smile 5
    • Finally, somewhere I can post my Minecraft Lets Plays
      smile 5
    • wrklss84 7 dec
      smile 5
    • We should take all the porn accounts on iFunny and move them somewhere else! (PornHub)
      smile 5
    • One mans trash is another mans treasure
      _Quote_ 6 dec
      smile 5
    • Pornhub has to be the chillest site ever
      smile 5
    • Pornhub is the biggest social media troll. Like What’re you gonna say to roast them?!
      Lampini 6 dec
      smile 5
    • Our saviors cum once again
      smile 5
    • Question is, do they have an app
      smile 6 1
    • They just need to make an app
      smile 5 14
    • Pornhub legit absorbing Tumblr now
      Corynthius 6 dec
      smile 5
    • Make a blog section of pornhub and call it pummelr
      tisakyouki 6 dec
      smile 5 1
    • Pornhub, capitalizing on humans being stupid for a long time
      smile 6
    • Tumblr fucked up
      AriasBast 6 dec
      smile 5
    • You mean welcome with open legs right
      smile 5 1
    • I’m gonna start streaming on pornhub like it’s twitch
      smile 5 1
    • So is PornHub trying to become a social website? I’m down.
      ACDCRocker 6 dec
      smile 5
    • McSaggyWag 6 dec
      smile 5
    • Wtf do you even do on tumblr if not for the porn? Interact with the individuals there with severe mental issues? I fucking won't and neither will healthy people.
      smile 5
    • Tumblr really did just stick a knife in their neck tho
      Jirts 6 dec
      smile 5 4
    • *clears throat* > sees incoming tumblrs for pornhub > “NO FUCKING CP TUMBLR FAGGITS”
      smile 5
    • Pornhub gave them a better deal then tumblr ever did
      smile 5
    • Pornhub also is supporting PewDiePie!
      smile 5
    • Fighting porn is like fighting the war on drugs. Resistance is futile.
      smile 5
    • hydrant 6 dec
      smile 5
    • Hentai haven is more suited for tumblr
      iRaditz 6 dec
      smile 5
    • Pornhub is low-key taking over every other site soon there will be no internet. Only pornhub.
      c00key 7 dec
      smile 4 1
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