• SwagginGaben
      "16 girls try try to hide the fact that they are sluts by lying."
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    • gabd17
      Y’all r on some real stupid guy hours right now. THIS IS A PROM PICTURE WITH A FAKE HEADLINE. These high school girls did not all get pregnant at the same time. Chlorine kills almost all semen or makes it to weak to inseminate also these girls would all have to be ovulating at the same time
      gabd17 11d
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    • Lewdling
      Howdy fellas, I'm across the border now
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    • nexen01
      Human sperm can barely make it to the Fallopian tubes at point blank range with a clear Chanel directing them. What makes anyone think this can happen in a more acidic environment, with no clear direction, magnitudes more distance, and through clothing?
      nexen01 11d
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    • B8_M8_Lewds
      The chlorine should kill the sperm so they all sluts
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    • Kat1776
      Yeaaaa that’s not possible
      Kat1776 10d
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    • MarimbaBoi
      *chlorine kills sperm*
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    • NiggaJohnsPizza
      Yes because chlorine or slightly incorrect temperature totally doesn't kill sperm on contact... Sure..
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    • Just_a_nigga_eating_beans
      Most sperm cells can't even survive the innards of the vagina, y'all really think they can survive chlorinated water?
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    • BabyMouse
      Literally not possible. Chlorine + pool = extremely diluted and damaged/dead sperm. Sincerely, a biologist.
      smile 12 reply 5
    • mcnack
      No fucking way. MOST semen dies right after it leaves the urethra. Amidst a chlorine filled pool, the chances of any of that shit surviving, let alone IMPREGNATING 16 people, is impossible. This has to be a hoax.
      mcnack 11d
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    • SavageSirenMemes
      This is FAKE NEWS. For one, there’s only 12 girls in that pic, and two it’s impossible to get pregnant from sperm-filled pool water.
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    • PotatoPdoorTomato
      That's only 12 tho
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    • YourFriendlyAmerican
      That explains why there's 12 people in the photo
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    • Oh_God_Oh_Fuck
      Chlorine in the pool would've killed the sperm
      smile 10 reply 3
    • ScrotoBaggins
      No way the sperm would have survived clorine water
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    • Lil_DnD_Chick
      Uhh, NO, that ain't how it works. What they have is 16 irresponsible little hoes who don't want to admit they were dumbasses who had unprotected sex.
      smile 9
    • totally_not_a_virgin_guys
      They let some random dude raw dog them and now they are trying to blame it on some serial masturbator.
      smile 9
    • HighGainCulture
      Chlorine is a thing, you know
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    • Samus_Aran
      Sperm doesn’t work like that
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    • Pneuma_
      Chlorine would kill the sperm
      Pneuma_ 11d
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    • ta2dgela
      That's uh....that's not how it works.
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    • innocence
      False sperm cant survive in pool theyre just sluts
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    • VoidofHappiness
      Can I get an F for all those Xbox 360 avatars that will never wake up again.
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    • RightLeaningLibertarian
      I just can't imagine people finding this believable. The amount of semen necessary to diffuse across an entire swimming pool, AND penetrate the vaginal canal making its way through to the uterus and uterine tubes, would be in the gallons.
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    • spenkilla1337leet
      The sperm would die in the chlorine
      smile 8 reply 7
    • Broqeboyz
      Yeah this is impossible unless this man puts out like a gallon every nut
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    • SaxonGold69
      Semen dies in a pool within seconds of being in the water. This is impossible
      smile 8
    • theeshyguy
      Because semen is electricity and it shotguns through the water in every direction. That’s totally how that works.
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    • dBz_aBRIDGEd_
      That male guinea pig that got into the female inclosure was reincarnated
      smile 8
    • OneSaucyUnicorn
      If you’re in your average pool the chlorine probably kills the sperm
      smile 8
    • JuicyJenitals
      Chlorine will kill sperm yo
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    • thatdoode
      Pretty sure the chlorine would kill all the sperm
      smile 8
    • JohnBlazeAADTC
      Your out of you mind if you think that sperm would survive in a chlorinated pool, travel all the way through the pool and up your cooch, and that human teenagers would produce enough sperm to do this impossible journey 16 times.
      smile 8 reply 2
    • Libtards_daily
      Except chlorine kills sperm cells so try again
      smile 8
    • Arrior55555
      That is a biological impossibility. Unless sperm is introduced deep enough into the uterus, impregnating a woman is out of the question. Also, the amount of sperm needed to impregnate 16 woman at once is a lot more than one teenager can provide.
      smile 8 reply 3
    • lightenslightend
      Yeah, that's not how that works... The sperm would die pretty instantly, dude have to shoot a load that could fill the fucking pool for that to work
      smile 8 reply 3
    • higgy7212
      There’s only 12 in the pic
      smile 7
    • Purple51
      I like it where it says 16 girls but there's only 12 in the picture 😂
      smile 7
    • AtomicLemon
      Wouldn't the chlorine kill the nut?
      smile 7
    • GINGER55
      There are 12 girls in the picture
      smile 7 reply 1
    • Ls_Tricky
      Thats quite the gene pool the got down there
      smile 7
    • Obi_Wan_Kenobi7
      Chlorine kills sperm... just saying
      smile 7 reply 2
    • Nexxarian
      Water is a spermicide. Especially with chlorine in the pool. Me thinks they did a pact.
      smile 7
    • thiCCCdaDDy69
      That child support is going to be fucking ruff...
      smile 7
    • _snail_
      _snail_ 11d
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    • The_man_with_9_subscriber
      Fake headline or lying girls. either way this didn’t happen
      smile 7
    • RT_Love_AH_Life
      You cant actually get pregnant like that. They be lyin'.
      smile 7
    • AsianTIChingstahbrah
      Thats not how this works... Thats not how any of this works 😬😬😬👀😬👀😬
      smile 7
    • FastyMcNasty
      This is impossible. The chlorine or salt would have killed the sperm for 1 and 2 they would all have to been ovulating at once. Highly unlikely.
      smile 7
    • JustNoahN
      Not even remotely possible
      smile 7
    • AnxiousNarcissist
      Imagine trying to explain to your kid why his daddy got 15 other baby mammas.
      smile 7
    • Weirdmandudeboy
      Wouldn’t the chlorine kill the sperm
      smile 7 reply 1
    • TeknoKat
      Uhm... THATS not how science works
      smile 7 reply 2
    • guy583838
      chlorine and the temp would kill them little swimmers.
      smile 7
    • michaelpolk
      Anyone who’s nutted in water can tell you that it gels up instantly and just becomes a thick blob
      smile 7
    • Sparky2011
      No fucking way this is true that chlorine would kill that jizz immediately
      smile 7
    • TheWanderingGypsy
      They just weren’t willing to admit they were all part of a video featuring one lucky dude.. 🤷‍♂️
      smile 7
    • Apparition
      Pretty sure the sperm cells would've died
      smile 8 reply 2
    • Commpar
      Roses are red, Batman is cool. 16 girls pregnant after teenager ejaculates in pool.
      smile 6
    • Navy_scientist
      99% chance that won’t work, unless they were all naked the general tight fit of swimsuits would make it impossible, also unless the pool had no chlorine or salt the sperm would die before spreading farther than a few feet
      smile 6
    • krytonator
      Y'all ever have a kid that's 1/3 pure chlorine
      smile 6
    • EvilGoku90
      How do I uninstall Florida?
      smile 6
    • qxjolktm
      Sal ejaculated into a pool making him the father of 16 babies and tonight’s big loser
      smile 7
    • kevy3015
      Florida is a legit zoo. I’m surprised they haven’t started charging tourists an admission fee yet.
      smile 6 reply 1
    • Hypnospell
      Even without chlorine, this would be impossible. Hell, moms would be getting pregnant by their sons every time they took a bath.
      smile 6
      Isn't it a myth though so someones lying
      APHFNDG 10d
      smile 6
    • nigtard_priest
      He was probably a direct descendant of genghis Kahn.
      smile 6
    • Cop45
      Cop45 11d
      smile 6
    • MusicianIGuess
      the chlorine would kill the sperm instantly. not only that, but it would have to manage to defy all chance, work it's way up there, get through the acidic environment that is the female reproductive system, and manage to penetrate the egg and fertilize it. sixteen times
      smile 6
    • _The_Suds_
      We're they swimming in 96 degree fresh water. Did they all open their vaginas neer the ejaculation point. Because X
      smile 6 reply 1
    • FeaturesTeams
      Yeaaahhhh that’s not how that works
      smile 6
    • THUND3RC00K13
      Really..I only see 12
      smile 6
    • N7Shadow
      so i googled it- apparently he has some condition that makes his sperm thosands of times more potent, and water resistant (like whats seen for manatees, dolphins etc)
      smile 6 reply 4
    • AntiAntiSinkie
      You can’t get impregnated by that. Only by penetration or artificial Insemination. These girls all smashed the same dude lol.
      smile 6
    • tcecil219
      Must have been one tiny ass pool..... or one fat ass nut.... was it December 1st?
      smile 6
    • Ima_goofy_goober
      That's bullshit. Pools have bleach/Chloride which would kill sperm on contact. Plus I don't think that there was enough sperm to reach all 16 girls uteruses
      smile 7
    • Zyzz_brah
      This is actually impossible lol
      smile 6 reply 4
    • Alltwinkiesgotohell
      It was also apparently a black kid
      smile 6 reply 1
    • SPARTACUS1219
      So some poor bastard is gonna have 16 baby mammas and he didn’t get to fuck any of them 😂🤣
      smile 6
    • ChrisPeefeArt
      This is totally possible. He was in the pool and had sex with all 16 girls. He ejaculated in the pool.
      smile 7
    • Banananananaa
      Dont lie to me theres only 12 in that pic
      smile 6
    • Quiznosstillsucks
      Wouldnt the chlorine and shit in the pool kill the sperm instantly?
      smile 6 reply 4
    • Schrade
      Sperm can survive for a very limited amount of time in water
      Schrade 11d
      smile 6
    • Ozak
      "16 florida girls lie to parents after all having sex with same boy"
      Ozak 11d
      smile 6
    • memes_dude_
      Btw this is fake. But it would be hilarious/insane if it were true
      smile 6
    • MillionaireAdvice
      There is chlorine in pools, but okay
      smile 6
    • YesImACarGuy
      Gene pool
      smile 6
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