• It’s suppose to be Economic, Diplomatic, and even at times, Military Pressure, But thanks to politicians being Politicians, they hamper this to nearly being impossible, good Organization, fucked over by Corruption
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    • 2.7K 82
    • Bring out the nukes
    • Trump: we will make Mexico pay for it! Everyone with more than 2 braincells: how will you enforce that Trump:^^^^
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    • I mean honestly, wars can be fought economically with much success
    • WAR
    • Release a lethal virus that will die off in the atmosphere within a few hours. Air drop it in and wait for them to make a decision. It’s not that hard.
    • Then all the other world leaders denounce you
    • Sanctions
      ogGL 6d
    • Funny the league of nations said the same thing. And enforced it the same way. Look how that turned out.
    • America, the only security member to actually do anything to enforce un rules, then get blamed by every other country
    • Look up the Kellogg briand pact tho
    • The UN is useless because of the veto system and power, change my mind
    • Then what the fuck was the Korean War?
    • United Nations to Russia, (hey don’t do that) Russia - (you mean this)
    • Try and stop a nuclear war TRY BITCH
    • if y’all dont think that joining a U N I T E D N A T I O N S A R M Y would be badass, i dont even know what to tell you
    • Sanctions.
    • My proposal, if they want war, then the world leaders who propose it have to fight to the death, that way theyll be less likely to do it because itd actually be their ass on the line, and only one person would die, rather than thousands
    • One world government. Beginning of the end times.
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    • Flat Earth tho
    • Let’s talk about federalism
    • I'd work if humans weren't all assholes. Unfortunately, the morals of any one person are unreliable and will also clash with another person's morals. A warless world sounds beautiful and I want it so fucking bad, but it's ultimately utopianism. This isn't to say that what the UN is doing is usless
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    • “If you go to war, we will sanction the hell out of you”
    • *Cough* America *cough*
    • BTS is part of that-
    • Cuz, money doesn’t work to motivate people?!?
      opiip 7d
    • I love the NPC meme we gotta bring it back
    • League of Nations
    • "By banning the loli's"
    • our european friends can’t see this meme
    • When you think about trump pulling out of the INF treaty...
      prize 7d
    • Ohh say can you seeeee, by the dawns ear-ly liiiiight
    • It’s purpose was delegitimization of the only decent country in the Middle East (Israel)
    • Ah yes, those fucking NPC loser cucks and their "peace"
    • By kidnapping a bunch of kids and selling them into sex slavery, also enforcing communism into a possible democracy breakaway country *glances at pretty much all of Africa
    • Maybe if the UN actually did something about Russia in Ukraine, China in the South China Sea, and genocides in Burma and Rwanda people would respect it
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    • What does this even mean that’s like saying we shouldn’t of stopped loser because the only way to stop him was to fight him but war is bad even when it’s necessary?
    • *calls U.S.*
    • "How will you enforce that" is the professional version of a child saying "what're you gonna do to stop me?"
    • Fuck. You.
    • loser pointing to surrounding countries: I want that. League of Nations: you can’t have that. loser: *takes surrounding territory* League of Nations: fine but no more.
    • The UN is a joke, if the US pulled out right now. Then the whole thing would fall to pieces.
    • Honestly fuck the UN. The whole thing would fall apart if the US backed out
    • By using America as their number one enforcer
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    • And this is why the UN doesn’t mean a damn thing. All talk and nothing to back it up.
      abomb3 8d
    • Simple, send in america
    • NATO has a stronger military
    • “U.N. , you got problem with that? You know what you should do? You should sanction me. Sanction me with your army. Oh! wait a minute! You don't have an army! So I guess that means you need to shut the fuck up! That's what I would do if I don't have an army, I would shut the fuck up...” - Black Bush
      Jeebuz 8d
      1 1
    • What is that
      zxasy 8d
    • I did NAZI that coming
    • you can really teach anyone in meme formats such as shit like this, history and other things
    • It's only a war crime if you lose
    • There are global conflicts, but there has not been a World War since the United Nations formed
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    • U.N.involved in peace
    • This has a certain validity to it
    • Don't do war otherwise we'll fucking kill you there best solution
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    • Everyone outside of the US knows, if you see a UN soldier in their light blue uniform, run like hell because they will either rape, kill, or abuse you
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    • The UN is damn near worthless anymore with the US supplying most of it's military power and it inability to enforce anything
    • Yall havent heard of peacemakers? They have been use a good amount of times with a high success rate so far.
      Raji 8d
      1 1
    • Leugue of Nations 2
    • _WAR 8d
    • War
    • Fuck the UN
    • I hate to say it, but the UN us just a modern version of the League of Nations...
      Shon_w 8d
    • Who else is hoping for WW3
      2 1
    • with war of course
    • War
    • War helps end overpopulation and soldiers will actually have a purpose instead of being thrown away
    • Maybe we need the opposite. Maybe we need, Outer Heaven
      2 1
    • War is needed. As long as humans exist violence will exist. This isn't some fantasy unicorn land where everyone lives in indoctrinated harmony like it's The Giver.
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    • Does anyone else realize politics doesn't mean SHIT to the point where you get the acronyms EU and UN mixed up? I mean they're both terrorist organizations but still...
    • UN Peacekeepers in Sarajevo basically just ended up getting sniped by Serbs half the time, couldn‘t snipe back or anything. Just occasionally very via armored cars
    • They used to do something. Now it’s basically the League of Nations concept
    • I mean, the world hasn't had a giant world war since the 1940's so I'd say they're doing ok so far
    • The UN sucks in every way
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    • Aye this is how Spartans happen. Elon about to be the new Halsey
    • By watching many die unless provoked. Hotel rawanda
    • By WAR
    • The UN is absolutely useless. All it does is hold any on the security council as Hegemonic Powers. As they can never be removed
    • They had noble goals, but in the end the human desire to kill our fellow people wins out over humanitarianism.
    • model United Nations students can confirm
    • With war
    • That moment when you have enough time to demolish a nuclear plant before getting inspected for any evidence of making nuclear weapons
    • The UN doesn't do anything
    • You un-dictate.
    • You just don't
    • Just call america to do the dirty work. We have the money and military for any job. But it would be nice to get to stay out of stuff and spend more on making the country better for once.
      chase3 8d
    • The UN is a front. War=Profit, and the government is too greedy to pass up the opportunity. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, it's true.
    • "Make peace, before war". Never promote, "Make peace, not war". Pacifists is the prey of terrorists.
    • We will send peacekeepers to observe.
    • Sounds like the League all over again
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