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    • thatusernameisgay
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    • Avengers_Endgame
      It’s gay
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    • shapiro_ben
      I'm just being honest guys, can we all admit Fortnite is a very well designed game and a very successful franchise? Just because the community surrounding it is cancer doesn't mean the game itself is. Have you guys played Fortnite? It's fun af if ur not obnoxiously obsessed with it.
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    • DankFrankReynolds
      Fortnite is actually way better than pubg. The cartoony graphics are stupid and the community is fucking cancer but the game itself is extremely well crafted. Pubg is fucking dog shit in comparison.
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    • CaptainClaymoar
      "Did you name it?" "Yeah he's Fortnite" "Well it's gonna a lot harder for you now because he's going the fuck overboard!"
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    • isnsoskwlsnwownwkslbsosbd
      Don’t u dare bring minecraft into this. Minecraft is still 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than fortnite.
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    • Biohazard75
      I was going thru features and saw this and was like who the fuck reposted my shit, then my heart skipped a beat and I was like oh I got featured, thanks guys!
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    • Funnythoughts101
      Minecraft will always be the superior game. Fortnite and PUBG are dust in the wind compared to Minecraft
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    • MasterYumi
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    • supersucc7
      Y’all don’t hate fortnite, y’all hate the annoying ass little kids who play it and do the dances n shit
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    • _Komi_
      _Komi_ 11d
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    • shulk_
      Minecraft should be the elephant, it has more monthly players.
      shulk_ 9d
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    • Team_Kaliber
      Don't disrespect minecraft like this again my g
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    • TheZombiegg
      Don't you dare associate Minecraft with those two
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    • pusseh
      Im not a fortnite guy but ive played it before. Its not a bad game, its just the retarded ass 10 year olds and a couple cringey emotes that make it look bad. The game itself isnt bad
      pusseh 10d
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    • Commander_xbox360
      “Haha guys I hate fortnite am I cool.”
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    • inurfaceinc2
      It's a cool concept but the community is cancer and the gameplay is repetitive/annoying.
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    • Rio_Kenway_
      How dare you compare Minecraft to either of those games
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    • MLGGODZILLA420_2
      Minecraft is actually a good game
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    • MNWalleye
      In the show their both dudes
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    • BadoncaSauce
      Please tell me the penguin wasn’t the girl. The elephant would have wrecked the poor thing
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    • Let_Me_Space
      I love how people say that kids these days are “pussies” and “cancer”, but them doing fucking dances and enjoying a game makes you wanna freak the fuck out. Get the fuck outta here.
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    • iRaditz
      Fortnite is a decent game, I rarely see any valid reason to dislike it except for people just not liking the genre or gameplay, people just say it’s a bad game and force their opinions on others. If it really was that bad why does it have so many players including professional ones
      iRaditz 10d
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    • lTheGoodSuckl
      Fortnite will die within a few months anyway
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    • KOIBamboozled
      The fanbase is the only thing wrong with fortnite. And the planes. And the consistency... it's just fun to play okay?
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    • Cuvilgamer05
      Minecraft is better than both combined change my mind
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    • Yeeteryeet
      Honestly people who saying fortnite is bad are more annoying than fortnite players
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    • dommie
      This would be funny if fortnite didn’t come out before pubg
      dommie 6d
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    • GhostKid355
      Fortnite>pubg but fortnite
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    • Nerdageddon
      PUBG:*fucks minecraft*
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    • the_forin_poster
      I like how the next line is well your gonna have to kill it
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    • ZanderSchoeman
      It annoys the fucking hell out of me that people say fortnite is bad/cancer because the game isnt that bad it is the fuckin kids doing fortnite dances in public and dumb memes that makes it bad
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    • corncereal
      Actual trash and deserves to be treated as such
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    • Teeeeeeeeeege
      We're really still making memes ragging on fortnite instead of letting people play games they want and leaving them alone?
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    • mememacjine267
      You mean roblox
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    • Unexpected_abolishment
      Pubg is just as cancer as fortnite, fortnite just happened to be 1000x more popular
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    • WildeHont
      Why is pubg the big one? Minecraft is much better and bigger
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    • taviarnold
      I mean I like Fortnite but I like PUBG way more
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    • Blacc_n_Mild
      It’s going the fuck overboard!
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    • pftcommenterr
      Fortnite is way better than pubg it’s fanbase is what makes people hate jy
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    • da7b01
      da7b01 10d
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    • Co0l
      Co0l 11d
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    • JoseI64
      The real question with this picture is who was pitcher and who was the catcher
      JoseI64 11d
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    • OfficerDiggler
      Fortnite is trash
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    • TouchTheBad
      Well, I hope you didnt name it.
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    • FSTIX007
      I almost didn't notice the awful crossbreed
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    • Locust_lunchtime_tech69
      Fornite isn't cancer cause sometimes cancer can be cured
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    • Trip7
      Which one was the girl?
      Trip7 9d
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    • Tueaday
      It’s save the world, br is where all the 10 year olds steal mommy’s credit card and max it out
      Tueaday 10d
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    • Davoded
      Davoded 10d
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    • rustyboi1_____
      I thinl minecraft is WAYYYY bigger than pubg
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    • wtfOscar420
      Did you name it?
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    • Anime12345
      Don’t you dare compare Minecraft to that garbage
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    • TH3F4K3SL1MSH4DY
      Dont bring Minecraft into this
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    • Resolved_Cavity
      New meme format?
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    • MemeHen
      I used to love fortnite but I’ve lost all interest in it because it bores me the only reason I’ll play it is because my friend doesn’t have Bo4 ( which I mainly play zombies on and not that battle royale shit) so I play with him to be a good friend
      MemeHen 10d
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    • meum_nomen_est_Jeff
      Pubg was much worse than anything that fortnite was/is/can become
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      Minecraft was a wholesome, deep, well made game. I still play the shit out of it.
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    • Nova_Corps
      Minecraft is the only good one up there
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    • lsnodgrass57
      “Did you name it?” “Yeah, it’s fortnite” “well now it’s gonna be a lot harder for you cause he’s going overboard!”
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    • mannyg
      mannyg 10d
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    • RealHeaven
      You better watch how you’re talking to Minecraft, god.
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    • MoonMoon06
      Hating Fortnite is the new hating Minecraft
      smile 5 reply 6
    • Detinc
      Pubg date-raped MC.
      Detinc 10d
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    • HussiesDisciple
      Wasn’t fortnite originally a tower defense game and then they released the free battle royale part?
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    • racoons_are_cute
      Its an okay game but it was ruined by 5 year olds
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    • overreactingforeigner
      I too love to call popular games gay and cancerous because I am a contrarian, but simultaneously a sheep who listens to all the other contrarians on this app
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    • GoodVibesfrench
      People hate fortnite because fortnite is a trend, yet they don’t realize hating fortnite has become the bigger trend
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    • Caesars_Legion_
      Nibbaz whomst grew up on Minecraft and CoD unite and shit on nibbaz growing up on fortnite
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    • green83arrow
      I don't mind the game...I just hate most the people that play it, but it is fun making 10 year olds cry when you kill them
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    • DxD_Rabbit_Vo5
      "Haha fortnite bad"
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    • Deadgunzw26
      True tho
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    • JohnMcCormick
      Who here has paid even a spec of attention to the fortnite save the world mode? It would not even be noticed if not for battle royal.
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    • TheChocolateDealer
      Everybody aproves that penguins are much cooler that elephant, right?
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    • acedce
      acedce 11d
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    • Sesert_
      Did the elephant fuck the penguin, or did the penguin fuck the elephant. These are the questions that need to be asked here people.
      Sesert_ 11d
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    • ThelocalMemeDealer
      Death to Fortnite and it’s users.
      smile 3
    • Its_Tom_Cruise_Bitch
      How dare you put Minecraft and Fartnight in the same meme
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    • KingKurffuffle
      I knew someone would steal that off reddit
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    • TheEncryptedCode
      Too bad that fortnite isn't that bad of a game, but rather people just suck so they hate on it and the majority just follows.
      smile 4 reply 10
    • AlphaDoge
      I enjoy playing fortnite, other people enjoy playing other games and that’s okay. Why is all the hate necessary?
      smile 3 reply 7
    • Faith_connor
      Gotta love those edgy people in the comments hating on something popular thinking they’re cool while doing it 😎
      smile 3 reply 3
    • Verifier
      I got fortnite this morning. I'm terrible at it. But it looks good, has so many different concepts, and has a fun feel to it. I really don't see why people hate it.
      smile 2 reply 8
    • HeYiSsMe
      Super smash players are the only ones making fun of Fortnite. Can’t spend time playing their own trash game that has always been the same so they go make fun of a more popular game
      smile 3 reply 2
    • SlimeKing2222
      Pubg trash as fuck. At least fortnite fun sometimes. Yeah it's really cancerous now adays but still better than that shit.
      smile 3 reply 8
    • Ideriom
      I hate fortnite but what I hate more Is how people compare it to minecraft????
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Irvin5555
      Uh yea his name is faild abortion
      smile 2
    • Uberwatch
      Pubg wasn't first tho
      smile 4 reply 17
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