• An Avengers and suicide reference yup this is getting featured 👌
      BenisShapiro 10 jan
      3.9K 34
    • MeMe_Svpreme 11 jan
      3.2K 145
    • 5 likes and I'll delete iFunny. Not joking, it's broken.
      Zetsel 11 jan
      18 4
    • What a fucking power move
      ExAcTBeast 12 jan
    • I wrote a 20 page paper in college on why we should speed up executions, why we need them, and how to low cost them. Got a 110, cause I turned it in early.
      Apevia 12 jan
      10 23
    • This is what happens when the government shuts down 😭 prisoners are forced to pick up the slack
    • Pathetic how there's delay after delay, all at the tax payers expense.
      SteveParker 11 jan
    • Imagine each day you think you’re about to die- then all of a sudden your guard goes psych bitch NOT TODAY! I can see how that’d be mentally exhausting
    • I may loathe him for his crime, but I admire him for his commitment and willingness to resolve an issue.
      Crower 11 jan
    • "Get on with already, I haven't got all morning!"
      8 1
    • Death row inmates can have their sentences delayed multiple times which causes psychological stress as they never know what day will be their last, just that it’s coming. He probably killed himself just to get it over with
      MrMister 13 jan
      7 1
    • Isnt that the guy who killed his own cellmate because the dude today kids?
      iShenker 13 jan
      7 1
    • He was going to be the first person executed with fentanyl for death row, but then they cancelled. He was at peace with it, they had a short video about it. But when they cancelled he committed suicide.
      7 1
    • It would honestly suck if they constantly kept telling you you were gonna die tomorrow but then just wouldn’t do it. All that mental preparation for nothing. That would be worse than dying.
      willy2js 12 jan
      7 2
    • Supposedly the the state he was in was going to abolish the death penalty ,instead of living life in prison ,he took he’s own life . Real American
      KrustyHoe 12 jan
    • Good for him. He saved a lot of tax payer dollars
    • “I’m pro-life!” “I support the death penalty”
    • Everyday you sit there waiting for your known death date to come the day gets there and just when you are at almost acceptance, they say you have another month
      baitedbitchh 11 jan
    • I mean if my executioner kept telling me "todays the day" and it never is I'd imagine I'd go insane with anxiety.
    • I can understand imagine coming to term with death and then on the morning of you’re told it’s been pushed back and then again. It would suck the life out of you.
    • Why did Doctor Strange want Tony to turn the ship around if he could’ve just open the portal back to earth?
      Fat_Dongle 11 jan
      6 3
    • content not available more
      Violence 12 jan
    • Man I remember seeing him in interviews. He was sentenced to death but since death penalty was outlawed in his state he couldn't die. He didnt want to live in a cage his entire life. Sad he was actually a really good person.
      5 3
    • This is the guy that was supposed to be the first person to be executed with fentanyl, but the company sued because they didnt want their product being used to execute someone (Ironic, I know). Which is why his execution kept getting delayed.
      Cobain 11 jan
    • If you want something done right. You gotta do it yourself.
      jwc87 11 jan
    • Image just sitting in a cell day after day knowing that you will die soon. Fuck that
      Bleach23 11 jan
    • It's seriously fucked how long their wait times are. Spends too much damn money. They need to have a maximum of one month.
    • Well can you blame him? Imagine living with the anticipation? It would make you a nervous wreck.
      JAMES___O07 11 jan
    • Don't blame him, I hate anticipation
      Lufthansa747 11 jan
    • Lmao i have a similar meme
      BomburDwarf 11 jan
    • I mean I don’t blame him, at that point he’s just waiting for an inevitable death and that’s probably a horrible feeling. Might as well get it over with sooner
      Cactopopolis 11 jan
      5 3
    • saved 2-3 million tax payer dollars
    • I had a dream last night where I got sick and was put into quarantine by the government but I escaped and was like ‘see everyone? I’m fine’ but then within 2 weeks the entire population died.
      5 1
    • Saved tax payers money in the process. A true hero.
      AceEnigma 11 jan
    • Dude had like 3 dates and 2 of those days his execution was delayed like the last hour. Like he pretty much begged the state to fuckin kill him ans they didnt cause they couldnt get a good lethal injection mix.
      TheCalebGuy 11 jan
      5 8
    • I mean the anxiety from constantly thinking your going to die today then getting that feeling moved to the near future must have been tourture
      k_cunnane 15 jan
      4 7
    • In the end he got the last yeet. They must be mad😂
      Manny3813 12 jan
    • You know you can ask for your execution to be pushed forward.
      Loner4Ever 12 jan
      4 1
    • Isn’t that the guy who was supposed to get lethal injection by fentanyl? I coulda sworn I’ve seen a vice doc on him or something like that
      HerbanCities 12 jan
      4 1
    • I saw this guy’s video in youtube. He was smiling when asked about his death penalty and saying he was looking forward to it
      GerryBuckets 11 jan
    • It shouldn’t be a policy of a civilized country to end someone’s life for any reason. Not because what it does to them, but what it does to us. Stare into the abyss and it stares right back at you.
      garrmack8 11 jan
      5 7
    • Yeah if I was being kept alive to be milked for taxes I’d probably just finish the job myself
      Dank_Vader80 11 jan
    • *Execution delay* is a fancy term for "let's not kill him yet we can still milk taxes off of him"
      SuperTumor 11 jan
      4 4
    • What can I say he didn’t want to end up as a d class
      Adaptive 11 jan
      4 1
    • Saving us tax dollars
    • Save the taxpayers some money, good job 👍
      4 1
    • Well they shouldn't be sitting on death row until they're 65 anyway. Take em out back after the trial, and have a firing squad right there ready to go
      4 2
    • I kind of get why he’d do that just imagine prepping yourself mentally to die but it doesn’t happen again n again even thou it’s there.
    • I'll ask crush out if I get tc
    • Power move
      iRaditz 11 jan
    • SpaceBall_1 11 jan
    • I mean, psychologically it'll be frustrating to not know when you're getting executed, especially if it's constantly rescheduled. So I get that.
      towipion 16 jan
    • It has to be a total mind fuck when you are told the date your life will end and then they just postpone it.
      KiloLOL 14 jan
    • The service here is terrible
      3 1
    • This happens a fucking lot
      fetuck 12 jan
      3 2
    • Cop: Hey- HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? Prisoner: Bitch, I'm in here for homicide, I'm already gonna die, no use waiting! *Chair toppling* Cop: Holy shit... Cellmate: Power move...
    • Good. Doing us a favor. Euthenasia is bullshit. A bullet costs a lot less.
      SilentWolfe 12 jan
      6 3
    • That ain’t a meme that’s a mood
      Devil 12 jan
    • I don't blame him. Imagine the anxiety of waiting years for the death sentence.
      Euterpe 12 jan
      3 1
    • When Caveira is about to interrogate you so you leave the match
      Cornmitment 11 jan
    • Thats a fucking power move
    • Proof you cant rely on anyone anymore.
      Terminater4d 11 jan
      3 3
    • That should be a punishment. Death row for life. You think your dying today. Ooopsie it’s postponed in 2 weeks. Today’s the day. Nope I think 3 days. So he’s constantly having the fear of dying soon.
      4 4
    • Ultimate power move
    • I actually saw this guy in an interview about being pissed about execution delays like 3 years ago
    • From what ive heard, waiting on death row is hell.
      huntandrebel 11 jan
      3 1
    • This guy literally wanted them to just inject him with a fuck ton of fentanyl because companies refuse to make the drug used to kill people, and they wouldnt even do that. Such a waste of time and money thank God he did it himself
      Marksmen244 11 jan
    • Well, I suppose he saved taxpayer money
      RustyAndroid 11 jan
      3 1
    • Why not bring the firing squad back or electric chair and speed things up this lethal injection is taking too much time
      Saturnia 11 jan
      4 9
    • that’s the dude who opted to be executed from Fentanyl overdose because the state of Nevada couldn’t find any lethal injection drugs to import. His name is Scott Dozier
      Flaggot 11 jan
    • They keep so many death row members there for years. Constantly giving them dates, then canceling. It must be so stressful. They should just inject them in the court room
      yaboisaber 11 jan
      3 4
    • Sucks that any of us could be put in jail or prison off a faulty case but we all joke about prisoners lives being taken either through long terms or death sentences. The “hole” as they call it literally drives people insane and then one day are put back out side with no hope for rehabilitation
      spiderman 11 jan
      3 1
    • What a fuckin power move. That's real big Dick energy
    • Lethal injection is crazy expensive. We need to bring back old execution methods
      Nigging 11 jan
      3 5
    • Why is it is a female gets convicted of murder they get like 7 years but if a dude does it, they get like 30+ years?
      3 5
    • We need to expand the death penalty to rapists, pedophiles, repeat violent offenders, and politicians.
      MrSwerve 11 jan
      3 6
    • I hope God sorts that out , but he was probably scared.
      LittleNikki1 11 jan
      3 1
    • Probbly just tired of hanging around.
      Funyuns 11 jan
      3 1
    • I just realized, if he had the gauntlet way back then, he must have killed the dwarves and shit way before asgard was destroyed. They really did drop the fucking ball on that one
      Srhuevos 11 jan
      3 1
    • Bruh they were going to execute him with a fentanyl overdose I would have noped the fuck out of that too
      Number1Incel 11 jan
      3 3
    • LardAss 11 jan
    • I just saw a documentary on this guy and the drugs they use for the desth sentence
      2 1
    • out of all the fake headlines this ones true
    • Out standing move
      nakedthanos 13 jan
    • Idk why we don’t just get the whole lot of them and throw them in a volcano. It’d be cheaper and time efficient. And if you get completely covered in lava it’ll hurt for like 2 seconds before every nerve in your body is burnt out. So it’s not inhumane.
      2 5
      ThatNut 13 jan
      2 1
    • To be fair that is kinda cruel. You are told you are going to die today, you made peace with whatever you believe, then they say you will be killed later on. And they repeat it again and again. Dont know if you will die that day or the next.
      scruffles 13 jan
    • *gets fined*
      itall 13 jan
    • We should bring back firing squads
      The_Didddler 12 jan
      2 4
    • Modern problems require modern solutions.
      fap_overlord 12 jan
    • Fuck man I never thought how repeated execution delays would mess someone up
      StarPladium 12 jan
      2 1
    • Government cant make money off the dead. That why executions take so long.
      BD101 12 jan
      4 6
    • 3 3
    • “This is taking too goddamn long. Hey Alexa how do you tie a noose”
      saytin 12 jan
      2 1
    • They were teasing him, how cruel.
      Nicknamer 11 jan
    • Wouldn’t that be some shit if the execution was going to be cancelled due to evidence or something lmao
      NagaseEdge 11 jan
    • Does this mean Thanos did the nidavellir thing BEFORE Asgard went to shit? They promised to protect it. Seriously asking.
      aproy 11 jan
      2 2
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