• Toxicnuggets
      But you have to believe in Jesus to believe in Satan.
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    • SirMaxon
      Ronny is going to hell
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    • Dazure
      Dazure 10d
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    • 7Riot7
      7Riot7 10d
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    • Coolguyisme
      Ronny gives zero fucks
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    • Lostforce
      Ronny stopped believing in imaginary friends last year
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    • rexetvictorum
      I used that school curriculum until sixth grade and it’s set me back worse than anything else. Creationist propaganda and not much else :/
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    • carlosspicyweinerjr
      Society is making Hell and demons seem more polite then they really are. They are just making demons seem cool to influence our younger generation into satanism,You think prison is bad? How about Lucifers 9ft cock up your pee hole, demons are fucking scary fam.
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    • FabulousShawn
      I don’t have to prove to you that God is fake. You have to prove to me that he’s real.
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    • ItsStillPasta
      I grew up in a Christian household but I'm no longer religious. I still have some basic beliefs built into me though, so when some dude approached me at the mall asking if I would listen to him about God the MOTHER, I said fuck off
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    • theonlyDeadpoollover
      A.C.E. Sucks
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    • StomachHead
      This is from ace home school, it’s got a bunch of comics, by high school Ronny drives a motorcycle smokes cigarettes and fucks bitches, and by graduation he gets in a wreck and dies
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    • OhSnapYoo
      God isn't real lol
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    • RebelCoonG59
      This is a work book for a private Christian school, my group home was a private Christian ranch called the light house ranch for boys, these work books are called PACES, personal accelerated Christian education. I hated them, I'm not even that kind of Christian.
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    • TheWheelTrain
      Fucking paces...
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    • thebradoflife
      The PACE system was in every way a fucking joke
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    • topcommentmachin3
      Yo I too grew up on the PACE system.
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    • ZachMCman
      This is a Christian home schooling book for kids I remember doing it years ago
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    • A_SauerKraut
      Religion is fine, just keep that shit to yourself. You can talk about it, explain why you like it, all that shit. The second you tell me I'm wrong for disagreeing is the second I stop listening.
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    • bocephus94
      My school used to use these. Which was dumb because it’s homeschool material and you can easily buy the score keys online (to cheat). The seniors used to pass them down because the social studies PACES for 12th grade were crazy hard to pass. So we all just cheated lol
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    • Jasonvorheesisabird
      I remember these books
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    • johntron
      A. C. E. baby! Fucked up my life
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    • Username666
      God never existed in the first place
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    • PsykoGoddess
      Wait no but that's the same strips in the books from the school curriculum I think called A.C.E. I had it in elementary school holy fuck
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    • JOEtheWelder
      My dad literally works for A.C.E and does a bunch of the graphic design work for them and the make there employees kids do the school work I’m Christian but damn if those comic weren’t the stupidest most annoying thing I ever saw hated every second of it
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    • TeslaGod
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    • rishbish
      I read that as Jesus and I was like, " Damn Ronny, you a racist motherfucker."
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    • I_love_cringe
      Jesus was a Jew just saying
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    • _highfructosepornsyrup_
      Don’t be like Ronny
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    • ongawd
      This program is called A.C.E I go to a Christian school that has it and Ronny is my favorite dude... he ended up putting the other boi in a wheelchair tho
      ongawd 10d
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    • Lightning_L3N
      This reminds me of when I went to a Christian private school and the "atheist" kid was a kid named ronny snd he just owned a motorcycle and that was it
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    • g0_Diego_g0
      Ronny says Christianity causes violence and oppression but also says Islam is a religion of peace
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    • coffeecakee
      Am I evil for not believing in Jesus? Or not wanting anything to do with him?
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    • thor_official
      smile 3
    • thetrashpanda
      This was my actual education. A.C.E Christian academy.
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    • vibrationalfrequencies
      Omg i remeber doing these paces in high school
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    • LunaRanger95
      If u think Jesus isnt/wasn't real, you might as well be a believer in a flat earth
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    • ArrowStrike117
      I'm already like Ronny.
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    • kennethudut
      Beware the sales pitches, bitches.
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    • Gidgetz
      This was the worst education system I’ve experienced.
      Gidgetz 11d
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    • OhManMyBad
      PACEs, shoutout to all the kids who were tragically brainwashed into this crap.
      smile 3 reply 1
    • bocephus94
      For those wondering this is called a PACE they are a textbook type thing private Christian schools and homeschooled kids used. It stand for accelerated Christian education packet (yes really lol)
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    • NixonsLeftNut
      People who try to make others believe in god are the absolute worst
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    • OFFICE_quotes
      But Jesus is low-key the coolest you know something interesting is that every single religion recognise God as the one true ruler. They just have their own names for him but it’s still kinda cool knowing everybody reveres him and stuff
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    • LazyButTalented08
      Fuck Ronny, he doesn't know what's good for him.
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    • Reedboy6
      I did ACE growing up, those sketches were the bomb
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    • Acri
      Currently having to go through these PACE things with the comics n shit, Susie n Ronny are my moods
      Acri 11d
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    • iswallowedawholewatermelo
      Bruh I grew up doing pace books
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    • anomaly_
      I used these books to finish my last two years of high school, they are horrible. The little cartoons are ridiculous and kinda make you feel bad about yourself.
      smile 3 reply 1
    • banallpitbulls
      I actually remember reading this comic in one of my lessons. This is called the A.C.E. program. It’s for Christian home and private schooling
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    • namethatisfunny
      He must be racist if he won't meet Jesus. Probably won't meet Juan or Miguel either.
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    • AGCM
      AGCM 11d
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    • I_done
      That is from the ACE pace curriculum. I do that at my school. It's a Christian school if you could not tell. Ronny is the asshole of the group but the kids constantly try and win him to God. I'm in 10 grade and they haven't won him yet, he is the biggest to be continued ever
      I_done 11d
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    • panicpop
      I believe in God but not religion because honestly, religion is fucked up
      smile 2
    • Ominous_Red_Balloon
      Why is the Catholic Church still allowed to exist after such a disgusting history of covering up child molestation cases. Guess it’s no surprise considering the violent history of Christianity in general 🤷🏻‍♂️
      smile 2 reply 10
    • Gohan35
      What most people don’t know is that Ronny gets into a car wreck which kills Susan ,the girl he’s with and grew up with, and his life ends up on a downward spiral and he ends up homeless. It’s pretty sad actually.
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    • AssforLunch
      Jesus is trans
      smile 2
    • ____Lucifer
      I agree
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    • KawaiiMartianTits
      The funniest thing is I know what that's from
      smile 2
    • EbayWhy
      This is a comic strip from an ACE pace (accelerated Christian Education) I went to a school that taught with these “paces” for 12 years
      EbayWhy 10d
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    • LokiIntoVikings
      Yes, be like Ronny. He paralyzes one of his friends in an accident, loses his motorcycle and his license, then in another accident his girlfriend dies (technically her fault since she forced him to drive) and he breaks his arms. Then gets saved.
      smile 2
    • dumbhats
      Ronny actually gets someone killed and goes to jail in later books
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    • ChefBoyardeeznuts
      Me when people in my small Tennessee town are shocked that the other 72% of people that aren't Christian also exist
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    • TheBigM
      Ronny's a smart dude, his friend was about to yeet that car off the side of the road
      TheBigM 10d
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    • 21illiterate
      This comes from a Christian school packet. Used to write god is dead in these and still got a's. Gotta love Christian education.
      smile 2 reply 3
    • jojos_nightmare
      Oh I get it JFK was shot in the head
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    • Lostforce
      He knows Jesus is a Mexican name
      smile 2
    • The_realJesus_christ
      I say fuck Ronny
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    • andrewtyler
      If heaven is real, I'm earning my way in. I'm not begging to be let in by devoting all my time to an afterlife we aren't even gurenteed. I'll be a good person cause that's how I am. Not cause I want something out of it.
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    • theofficeluvr
      Jesus is my best friend too
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    • Drum
      Drum 10d
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    • 8600K
      8600K 10d
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    • Takaroku
      Stopped believing when I was 13, I was like, “church is bs.”
      smile 5 reply 6
    • sudancarib
      The Bad News: Adam sinned for us. The Good News: Jesus died for us. In Adam, we all die but In Christ, we shall be made alive. If you repent and believe the Gospel 1 Corinthians 15 1-4, Heaven is your destination. If you reject the Gospel then Hell is your final destination. Your Choice 😕
      smile 4 reply 6
    • briethecheese
      Well based on the shape of Ronny’s face he’s retarded
      smile 2
    • JesusDaSonofGod
      Well fuck you too Ronny
      smile 2
    • JesusDaSonofGod
      Well fuck your too Ronny
      smile 2
    • Vimmier
      Vimmier 11d
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    • Tiwaz_the_Tuchux
      Religion is low-key crazy
      smile 2
    • meme_critique_
      👆 top comment pointing out how you can't be atheist and worship Lucifer at the same time.
      smile 2 reply 2
    • Jewigi
      ⁴₄⁴₄⁴₄numbers lol
      Jewigi 11d
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