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    • Jelloston 6 dec
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    • Not today aids.
      Laughing 6 dec
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    • N
      smile 18 1
    • Wow they caught her in the frame before she actually wrapped her hand around. Amazing photography
      smile 9
    • zzz <⌒/ヽ-、___ /<_/____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ∧_∧ ( ・ω・) _| ⊃/(___ / └-(____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ∧_∧ ( ・ω・ ) i hate negroes _| ⊃/(___ / └-(____/
      smile 8
    • TBH suicide solves every problem that you have, and you can't have future problems once you do it. Just saying
      smile 7 10
    • This picture was taken as she was in motion before the end result when she actually hugged her it is just media tricks to cause drama and problems generating buzz
      smile 7 2
    • When the African child is more fed than Taylor Swift
      ODogX 8 dec
      smile 6
    • We just exposing this bitch today
      smile 6
    • CSL72 8 dec
      smile 7
    • You’re not allowed to make depression memes before you’ve been on 2 of the 3: Zoloft, Prozac, Xanax, Lexapro, Abilify, Seroquil
      smile 5 2
    • That’s what media is doing, fucking with you, the original picture is Taylor actually hugging the girl. It’s all fake news
      Spero_ 6 dec
      smile 5 3
    • depression and suicide jokes arent even funny anymore theyre just LOLOL RELATABLE 😭😂😂 and everyone in the world repeats them
      toddzjo 6 dec
      smile 4 1
    • That’s little girl is so hype, her smile alone is wholesome
      smile 4
    • It was a picture taken while she was in the motion of grabbing the kid, her hand had not fully rested before the picture was taken. Turn off the news guys it's poison
      Z3R0_ 6 dec
      smile 4 1
    • Publicity whore...nothing more...she's a loser, to the core.
      IamAwesome 6 dec
      smile 8
    • They probably just took the picture before she put her arm all the way around, or Photoshop
      Aemiom 6 dec
      smile 4
    • Not that I ever was a fan of suicide humor, but having a sister that's actually killed herself, I now find it repulsive.
      The0Bandit 6 dec
      smile 5 23
    • Taylor looks like a creepy mannequin
      Kerpymon 7 dec
      smile 3 1
    • Its cause shes black right
      smile 4 1
    • Is that Taler swift
      smile 3
    • They’re not looking in this camera, so that means they’re looking at a different one. This photo was taken after they finished the original photo so she was taking her hand off of the girl. Whoever took this picture just used it to stir up drama.
      ExcuseMe 6 dec
      smile 4 1
    • It’s my personal belief that the right to life is more than just the right to stay alive and be protected from others who would take your life, it also includes the right to end your own life. Without that qualification you don’t have the right to life you only have a duty to live.
      alamandr 6 dec
      smile 3 7
    • Picture was taken too early.
      LoonyTicG 6 dec
      smile 3 1
    • Suicide actually fixes all your problems. Only once though
      smile 3
    • Taylor Swift being a f@ckin monster
      smile 3
    • It’s like one second sooner calm down. Haha.
      smile 3
    • fallin 6 dec
      smile 3
    • I wouldn’t want to touch a gross ass nigqer either
      ftgggg 6 dec
      smile 4 2
    • She's trying to avoid a sexual harassment case.
      smile 3
    • Fuck taydolf switler
      Thine_Holy 6 dec
      smile 3
    • Badass right?
      smile 3
    • She looks like the Other Mother in the 3rd
      smile 2
    • Is Taylor Swift racist
      smile 2
    • I’m kinda lighter than the little girl here but every white person I’ve hugged, who happened to be my fiancé’s family, has 100% committed to it chest to chest, with both arms super tight for more than 3 seconds lol
      Jotaku 9 dec
      smile 3
    • They took the picture before she put her whole hand down on her shoulder
      smile 4
    • Is it racist?
      smile 2
    • That's how I'd touch Taylor swift if I could
      idroid 7 dec
      smile 3
    • Fuckers to the frame of controversy from it to make it look bad, god this is so fucking annoying.
      smile 3
    • That conspiracy theory that she’s the devil I kinda believe not because of this meme just of how she seems to be.
      smile 2
    • I do get closer each day I’m with my family
      heDED 7 dec
      smile 2
    • Lasagna
      Mlemm 6 dec
      smile 2
    • Bitch
      PlateUp 6 dec
      smile 3
    • I feel personally attacked.
      smile 2
    • Gollito 6 dec
      smile 4 3
    • All these trumptards in the comment section saying this is an example of the fake news is bullshit just bc some stations have produced fake news doesn't mean every station that says something negative about trump can't be trusted
      Inner2deep 6 dec
      smile 3 4
    • I mean she was raised country
      smile 3
    • She’s doing it because she doesnt want ligma from the black kid
      asarod 6 dec
      smile 2 2
    • I wouldn't hug black people. They smell bad.
      ToxicHaze 6 dec
      smile 7
    • The picture was just taken before she actually hugged her.
      MyBad 6 dec
      smile 2
      rafikat 6 dec
      smile 2
    • they legit took that mid pose
      ecstasia 6 dec
      smile 2
    • Name a badder bitch than Taylor Swift
      smile 3 7
    • The only thing stopping me from killing my self is the fact my father would probably become depressed as fuck and I don't want to do that to him or my brother
      smile 2 5
    • She was probably mid way taking the arm off or arm on
      Quintin611 6 dec
      smile 2
    • The baddest bitch right
      Breath__ 6 dec
      smile 2
    • So Taylor isn’t that bad after all. Possibly redeeming herself.
      boknowsjb 6 dec
      smile 2
    • Dodging the aids like
      smile 3
    • This is all the "depressed" teens on the internet
      W_0_K_3 6 dec
      smile 2
    • She not getting that Ebola shit
      smile 2
    • There's no one badder
      Greg_lol 6 dec
      smile 2
    • Taylor the baddest beech
      smile 3
    • At least she'll only have to cut of her finger
      smile 2
    • Yep
      iRaditz 6 dec
      smile 2
    • content not available more
      Montana__med 11 dec
      smile 1 1
    • I wouldn’t touch vermin either
      Rismark666 10 dec
      smile 1
    • Nah lol I’ve tried and the only reason I haven’t tried again is because the mental facility you legally have to go to after was fucking traumatic
      smile 2 9
    • I'm that fucking close too fam
      smile 1
    • I can't commit suicide, I promised my brother I wouldn't die
      Kreamie 8 dec
      smile 1 1
    • I’ll do it bet I won’t
      smile 1 3
    • This close to it....just barely...
      tyler_c_m 7 dec
      smile 1
    • Idec if it's real or not, Taylor Swift sucks
      smile 4
    • She doesn't want to catch the black
      Vyzro 7 dec
      smile 2
    • Aye were on the same page... But I think I can do better..... Everytime I succeed in life I cut myself
      smile 1 2
    • Why is she sticking her neck out like that
      smile 1
    • No black on the hands
      smile 1
    • Bitch ass Taylor swift
      Vengence11 7 dec
      smile 1
    • Racist af
      smile 1 1
    • Bitch
      smile 1
    • Badass
      Ahooty 6 dec
      smile 1 1
    • Taylor swifT rasict?!?! Click find out more
      smile 1
    • It’s an Illuminati thing, in order to be successfully you have to do some pedo or anal stuff in public to show you are shown approved. Similar to molecism where you make abominal sacrifices like how they would eat children’s...they all do it supposedly. It’s probably a coincidence though
      pml8 6 dec
      smile 1
    • Taylor swiftly touched my privates Me too movement
      myEmmy 6 dec
      smile 1
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