• Manyalf
      It should be easy to dodge a mere handgun.
      Manyalf 12d
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    • Cyborg_Boat_Unicorn
      Stupid people. He's not gonna shoot you, he's going to protect you. That's why he owns the gun. To protect himself and others in case of a life threatening situation where a gun would be the solution. I'd feel safer if I were 2 seats away rather than far away.
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    • wAlLeE
      Safer because if something happens I'd have someone sane enough to operate a firearm to help with a firearm
      wAlLeE 10d
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    • UtterZen
      How would you feel knowing that everyone has access to a knife with various distances from your child?
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    • _Funny_you_should_ask_
      I don't think anyone who open carries is the kind of person to shoot anyone unless they were being attacked.
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    • ThatClosetnaruto
      Listen the fuck up Karen, if the man wanted to shoot the fucking place up he would’ve done your ass in a long time ago. He’s just having a fucking meal, so shut the fuck up and eat your Denny’s you whore
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    • Linnes16
      If you feel uncomfortable around him that's on you. Dudes just trying to eat a meal in peace.
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    • motocross_boi
      Hell that makes me feel good. If a bad guy comes in and shoots some one. This guy will he the first target giving me plenty of time to pull out my concealed weapon and cap the bad guy
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    • dabockz
      Bruh if somebodys publicly strapped, that USUALLY means they're licensed to use it. Those assholes getting guns for crime wont holster it on their person like that.
      dabockz 12d
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    • Invaderchaos
      This bitch is crying about tan “slacks” when the fucker didn’t see the fucking denim double combo what the fuck
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    • imnothererightnow11
      I would feel safer
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    • Queso98
      100%. A man who open carries has nothing to hide, no hidden intentions. If he had plans to go on a rampage, he wouldn’t let it be known he has a gun until he starts
      Queso98 12d
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    • MetaNinja
      Liberals hate him! Learn how this one weird trick caused significantly lower crime rates in the immediate vicinity of this man!
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    • PokeSh6698
      You be thinking differently if a robber walks in
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    • teva_batoon
      I would feel safe because he is clearly qualified to have a holster and gun
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    • HeyitsMoe
      Displaying your gun makes you the first target... psh... freakin rookies man
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    • AetherPriest
      If he wanted to kill you he wouldnt be brazenly displaying his firearm in a public place. Open carry can be a useful tool for confrontation avoidance and is completely legal in most states. You should be glad hes there and feel safer eating as well. Liberal cucks
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    • jussaying
      Being so afraid of violence that you wont learn it to defend yourself is the talk of a sheep.
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    • ZacharyIttel
      I funny has gotten more conservative and I like it.
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    • biachpuhleaase
      I mean yea? If he is just flaunting it as such he is it's unlikely to get used and I doubt hes the only one there that has one
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    • TheNomadOfSomewhere
      Im mostly liberal and id feel pretty fuckin safe. Hes minding his own business, why sgould i give a shit? Hell, he'd probably stop anyone with malicious intent via presence alone.
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    • ICEMAN22727
      id much rather know an individual is carrying a firearm rather having to guess if they do
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    • Goon8899
      I’m more worried about the person with the a gun that’s not registered and not visible, as long as you fallow the rules carry on
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    • cessna09
      I Guarantee if a shooter looking to shoot you the place saw that in the window before entering the building he’d think twice about doing it
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    • johnbrain
      In order for a civilian to carry a weapon in public they have to pass stringent background checks, take classes, and prove themselves on the shooting range. Basically he’s a certified first responder/ Good Samaritan. The world is safer because of him and my kids know and respect that. End of speech.
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    • phun70
      Well, since I’ve carried concealed for over twenty years, Id feel perfect comfortable sitting in there. I don’t agree with open carry though because it makes you a priority target for the bad guys.
      phun70 12d
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    • bluefire655
      Liberals acting like he would start blasting people away if the waitress brought him Pepsi instead of coke
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    • TheTardTales
      Meanwhile in RDR2: Carries around a shotgun, rifle, two revolvers, a plethora of knives, some dynamite, and a rope (just in case).
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    • billybobjoe141
      I would because I know I can trust them to protect my kids If o can’t reach my Handgun in time
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    • FaucksBoi
      I would feel safer if this man was sitting there
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    • EyeFunny_Democracy
      Most definitely support local citizens carrying guns. Crime is suppressed from it.
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    • LiqidStarfish420
      Yes I would because he had to earn a permit for it and henis wearing it for protection and not to shoot kids you fucking idiot
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    • The_first_Dragonborn
      Why does cum gotta be red man it freaks me out every time I nut
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    • Rowdehus
      Honestly I feel super comfortable around armed people.
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    • beardedmanbaby
      You shouldn't be afraid of the people openly carrying a gun you should fear the people hiding their guns
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    • Rtownhockey_88
      Any other people here who actually feel SAFER knowing they’re in an area where there are responsible gun owners
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    • JojoAckerman
      It’s open carry. He isn’t concealing it like a would-be murderer or a crazy psycho would. Not to mention he has it in an appropriate holster and probably goes through all the safety procedures (safety on, finger off trigger until ready to shoot, etc.).
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    • PapaLouie_
      Well if someone is going to shoot up a diner they aren’t going to have the gun in sight before hand. And they definitely aren’t going to sit down and eat
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    • Recon_Detachment_Alpha
      Open carry is retarded. It just puts a target on your back, as the attacker always has the advantage of surprise. If you carry concealed he won’t know to prioritize you
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    • Funnysauce11
      More people conceal carry than you think I don’t know why you’d feel uncomfortable with that
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    • MemesKnowDaWay
      Concealed carry is better but if you bother carrying a handgun exposed on your hip in its holster then you’re more then likely not the local gang banger packing his heat in his crotch with the serial number scratched off
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    • dondolicus
      I can't be the only that actually feels safer when I see someone carrying in public can i. It's kinda weird but it does make me feel safer
      smile 8 reply 3
    • DuckyDuckDuckDuck
      Should be concealed... 10 times out of 10 these guys are just doing this shit to make themselves feel tough. All it does is cause panic in random people, so conceal your weapon and use it as necessary, not as an extension of your penis.
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    • Captin_Obvious1
      You should be more worried by the fact that anyone can be hiding one in their waist. Him having it holstered means he’s ready to defend himself and others if needed
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    • FoxxMann
      Of course not, he’s carrying a compact, man should grow a set and carry full size if he’s open carrying.
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    • Specific0cean
      Would you prefer that he was hiding it? I’d much rather know it was there :)
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    • Magister
      Idiots like this don't realize that's the guy that would save your children, it's the people that don't look armed that are dangerous
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    • Guns_reloads_murica
      Honestly the dude who wears his gun wherever you can see it isn’t the one planning some sketchy shit
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    • HankRuthufurdHill
      My only issues with open carrying is that it does frighten some people and aggravates others. For that reason I conceal carry. Never had any issue doing that. Although it’s everyone right to own a gun we should meet somewhere in the middle with those that oppose it. We are a society after all.
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    • The_Mitch_Guy
      People who open carry are generally not shooters. Most people who are try and hide the guns until they open fire
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    • KingErectus
      Open carry is for cocky morons who like to show off, most holders conceal so they don't make themselves targets and people around them nervous and anxious
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    • duncanstives
      I open carry a .40 all the time in KY and never once been hassled about it. Once when my car was in the shop I walked 2.5 miles to Wal-Mart with an SKS with a bayonet over my shoulder... Bought ammo for it and walked home. Was passed by a total of 3 cops and no one said a word. I love America.
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    • tardsville
      It's almost as if people carry guns to protect themselves and other people...
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    • drheinzdoofenshmirtzz
      In my opinion we should conceal because in an incident a shooter may identify someone open carrying and target them first.
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    • suckmydefaultpicture
      I mean open carriers are usually people that really know how to handle a gun
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    • The_Candyman512
      If someone’s open carrying, it’s usually safer to be closer to them
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    • Sluzzyy
      Retard. Open carrying makes you primary target and you don’t get a chance to use the fucking thing. Conceal it dumbass
      smile 5 reply 5
    • FeetIFindHot
      People that have a problem with this grew up in the city or something, cause in rural America this is everywhere.
      smile 5
    • happyman69
      Although I believe legal conceal and carry is better than open carry it is his right to do so. Open carry seems to make you the first person who is gonna be a target of something does go south because the threat can see your armed.
      smile 5 reply 1
    • Isaacus_Spartacus
      You should better trust someone who’s well trained AND has his holster visible on the outside
      smile 5
    • TheCitizenZ_2016
      Am i the only one who would feel safer with him near? Shit goes down I'm near the person who can fight back.
      smile 5
    • MrUnicycle
      That man you’re so afraid of is likely to protect you in the case of an actual shooting.
      smile 5
    • its_me_emmi
      He isn’t hiding his gun or treating it recklessly. I’m a liberal and still would feel safe around him. Anything could be used as a weapon. If guns were banned, then they would move to something else.
      smile 5 reply 1
    • hackle547
      Anyone willing to show the gun has no intention of using it unless necessary
      smile 5
    • mechanicalguru
      I prefer concealed
      smile 5
    • SLURPe
      It’s funny too cause people who openly show they have a handgun in a holster aren’t the ones shooting people up.
      SLURPe 11d
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    • kankal
      I would be afraid of my kids eating at Waffle House regardless of if their is an armed man or not.
      kankal 11d
      smile 5 reply 2
    • iReybae
      I feel 1000% safer with someone like that in the building.
      iReybae 11d
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    • BD101
      Hell I would ask him what caliber he is packing. And I am a Californian.
      BD101 11d
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    • ______Not_a_Doctor______
      The fact that it’s in the holster and he looks (though this doesn’t mean much) like he is a sane person is comforting. If it were a rambling lunatic waving it around, that would be a different story. Also the fact that it is out in the open and hes not hiding it means he probably has it legally
      smile 5
    • Gunslinger1911x
      I will never open carry because it puts a target on your back. Conceal carry all the way.
      smile 5 reply 1
    • DarkStar2012
      Always conceal if you can. The bad guy is going to shoot you first if they know you have a gun.
      smile 6 reply 1
    • JohnathanWalters
      Yea I'd feel safe hes the first to shoot any dumbass in the store
      smile 5
      I mean why wouldn’t you feel comfortable near him? In alot if states a decent amount of ppl carry concealed weapons anyway, you just don’t know cuz it’s concealed
      smile 5
    • DillonBishop
      Why everyone against carrying firearms?
      smile 5 reply 2
    • i_typed_this_with_my_nose
      I'd feel perfectly safe because he's carrying it open on his hip instead of concealed and if he was up to no good it would definitely be concealed
      smile 5
    • Gucci98
      One person in my dads church open carries so my dad makes sure to sit next to him. Do you want a guy with a pistol or an old lady with a broom defending you?
      Gucci98 12d
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    • GilfordTheLegend
      That's so dangerous and unacceptable! Somebody could steal your keys with relative ease if they're clipped behind you like that.
      smile 5
    • NyssaRaatko
      Yeah I’d feel safe. If he starts shooting the bullet only goes 565 mph, I can easily dodge it.
      smile 5
    • Keep_Er_Goin
      I’d sit right by him
      smile 5
    • PycoticGinger
      I mean.....what? I guess who cares it’s just a guy with a gun.... if he had bad intentions wouldn’t you think he would hide it?
      smile 5
    • Unconfirmed
      Honestly visible weaponry makes me feel very comfortable
      smile 5
    • ferraripilot
      Every able and mentally stable human should pack some heat. Now just find me some mentally stable people haha.
      smile 5
    • marbezy11
      Only someone who is going to do something illegal would feel uneasy
      smile 5
    • Probablyyesterday
      Do people think he’s just gonna turn around and shoot your kid in the face?
      smile 5 reply 3
    • Taldaram
      I’d feel safe. Guys with guns scare off bad guys with guns lol
      smile 5
    • IndiaGolfNinerNiner
      No man planning to rob a store or kill people in the store would walk in with the gun openly displayed. He’s obviously just doing it as a power move to let people who DO plan on doing something bad know that he’d kill them immediately and that they should back off.
      smile 5 reply 2
    • A_Baby_Ate_My_Dingo
      I’d be more worried about the creep next to him wearing double denim in this day and age
      smile 5
    • fantasyrpstuff
      Definitely. Shootings rarely happen by guys just openly carrying a legal handgun. It’s more likely for that guy to save your life than take it
      smile 5
    • NewVintage
      Open carry should be more prevalent. Everyone should open carry. Pretty soon there'd be a lot fewer dumb people and just the wiser crowd remaining. Then open carry could continue and there'd be even fewer criminals getting away with crime. Pretty soon we wouldn't have much news on the tv.
      smile 5 reply 1
      Open Cary isn’t the smartest, you’re a target, not only for self educated liberals, but for shooters because they take out they people they see as a threat first, me personally I’m fine with it, I’ll ask em what it is, caliber, brand, model, etc, I turn 21 I’m getting a Carry permit and a 1911
      smile 5 reply 4
    • Construction_Paper
      I dont think someone with bad intent is gonna wear their gun like that.
      smile 5
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