• To be fair, an entire road being shutdown for an extended time in a metropolitan area would be really fuckin bad compared to a pothole in a suburban road
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    • It’s almost as if one of those is a little bit more important than the other
      3174 8d
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    • It's a little different
    • I mean they have to repair a big ass hole while Russia can live with a larger sized pothole
    • Cute lady
    • thats really cool how they fixed it so quick tho
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    • Neighborhood Historic piece of land.
    • I'm pretty sure they had colored photos in the 90s
    • So what you're saying is not a single rock or branch on that tree moved in all those years? Doubt
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    • Now this is what I call a feature I've seen twice
    • Ah yes because a tiny pothole in a random rural town is equatable to an entire city street fucking collapsing 30 feet deep
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    • this was already featured and debunked as false, cmon IFunny
      Frae 5d
    • So In the USA construction companies get more money the longer it takes to fix it cause they get payed by the hour
    • Im calling bs... first: 1991 had color picturing. Second: the stones inside the pothole are the exact same in both picture like they havent moved. Third: you could easily take a picture of a kid an put a filter over it and say that without proof...
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    • So glad I was born in the 2000s and not in the 90s. Never had to deal with black and white television and photography. 90s kids know the struggle.
    • Second one is BS... all of the details are the same. Rocks in the pothole are in the same place, edges are the same. Background is the same. They just changed perspectives and girls and added a black and white filter.
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    • Why is 1991 in black and white
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    • I seem to remember this same post only the bottom one was Russia not hometown
    • Ahhhh. America
    • Wow, for a 24 year difference it sure looks exactly the fucking same
    • What 15 isnt a month
    • You're telling me a pothole went untouched for that many years and didn't become wider/deeper at all?
      Cereal 6d
      3 1
    • Well I think a mildly inconvenient pothole is a bit lower down on the priority list than an entire road no longer exists
    • Spray a penis around it city will fix it fast
    • I love the bottom one, black and white, and all the dirt is in the exact same place, life is crazy
    • Funnily enough, a very large hole in the road and a small pothole (if you can even call it that) have different levels of importance
    • Wow Japan has a lot more months than we do
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    • It’s a fake ass bottom picture
    • You’re prioritizing is wonky
    • Why the fuck the 1991 pic in black and white
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    • Then fill the hole already, it ain't gonna do that itself.
    • Come on a major road compared to a street... get ouuta here
    • Those dates AREN'T AMERICAN!
    • This is fake as fuck.
    • So like 21 years vs 7 days I mean they could fix it in like an hour
    • The dates had me so confused
    • Still took 7 months to fix
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    • People who put the day, month, then year are weirdos
    • Yeah they fixed it in 4 days, but it fell apart again soon after
    • This was already featured a few months ago
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    • I don't think y'all get the joke..
    • The same shit happens here in Texas, especially in the east.
    • Well no shit
    • Holy shit they fixed that in four days
    • Hmm I wonder why yours hasn't been fixed, oh I know, IT ISN'T A MASSIVE FUCKING HOLE
    • These two things are nowhere near comparable
    • In all fairness, that’s an entire road in a major city. Not some pothole in a podunk road.
    • Why tf is 1991 in black and white. IS NO ONE ELSE CONCERNED ABOUT THIS
    • I find it hard to believe that the hole didn't grow at all in all those years.
    • 1991 had colored camera ya know
    • You want me to believe theres 15 months in japan
      2 4
    • that’s why godzilla destroyed your asses
    • I seriously fucking doubt those rocks in there havent moved an inch in that amount of time
    • Lowkey wholesome
      RCALIT 7d
    • This bitch says 15
    • What if I were to say both of the pictures were taken at the same time with one being in black and white with a child and the other being in color with an adult.
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    • Yeah one's an inconvenient ugly pothole in a small town and another is a massive section of roadway cut out of a bustling metropolis in a country that's both used to a prepared to deal with major environmental disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes
    • Wasn’t the Japan one a street painting?
    • I just got a ticket
      jofomo 7d
    • It’s funny how the trees haven’t moved at all, or how the hole hasn’t gotten bigger.
      2 3
    • They've good at repairs after all the Godzilla attacks, you know.
    • Pictures weren't fucking black and white in 91.
    • How tf do you fix a sink hole like that in only 7 days??
    • What month is 15
      2 6
    • So in 20+ years the pothole hasn't changed in any capacity? Fake.
    • Damn, how did they do that in 7 months
      1 1
    • The pothole one has to be fake, both pictures in the background look way too similar
    • Ohhh nooo a pothole better act like its a fucking sinkhole
    • Wow I didn't know we only had black and white cameras in 1991 look at how far we've come
      1 1
    • They just put a black and white tint on the picture.
    • How is that pothole the exact same size after all those years? Clearly no one ever drives on that road.
      JJPx2 8d
      5 1
    • Wow the rocks didn't even change in the pothole after all those years?!?
    • “We can’t fund road repair because that would be socialist/communist/Marxist/etc”
    • Former Soviet nation civil service be like
    • Man that second set is actually fake
    • Wow so impressive that that pothole has not increased an inch.
      Happ17 8d
    • This is clearly a pic taken by like her father outside their house on her first day of school. What kind of person lives with a pothole for 25 years without doing something about it. Fill it in for goodness sakes. Learn how
    • Wow, Japan is so advanced they have 15 months in a year
      Sinjo 8d
      4 1
    • Fake
      tvrs 8d
    • Isn’t the gas tax supposed to fix this shit
    • Oklahoma
    • Cleveland Ohio has been under construction since 1865.
    • Day.Month.Year
    • So you’re telling me Japan fixed this road in one week? I think the fuck not.
    • is it day/month/year or month/day/year?
      qwe304 8d
    • I mean I think one is a little more sever then the other
    • Man it's almost as if the priority was the civil danger
    • Bottom pic is fake
    • That road started to sink again right away because they did a shit job of fixing it
    • Let’s see a giant fuckin sink hole isn’t the middle of a main road vs a small blemish on some backroad
    • Why is it in black and white its only 1991
    • What’s more amazing is the second pot hole never got any bigger after all those years....
      Nryxes 8d
    • Marchtember 11th
    • Throwback to 2014
    • Damn Japan started that in August and didn’t get done until Marchtober
    • The one on the bottkm is fake and photoshopped, it was debunked several time by reddit
    • Why the fuck a picture from 1991 black and white???
    • Maybe one is a crater and the other is like an inch difference in elevation
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