• thanward_tentacles
      Apex is good because its community isnt autistic, it had titanfall to build from, and it runs smoothly and looks good and is an actual good game
      smile 9.9K reply 1.7K
    • Ru55ianB34R9000
      The scroll of hot tea: Fortnite is a fantastic title that showed the world how battle Royale, tiered reward systems, seasonal events, and constant updates are done best. But your unwillingness to be associated with the fanbase is tricking you into thinking it's a bad game.
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    • DominusMain
      OK but apex is actually a better game. No doubt it's gonna get over saturated as fuck like Fortnite but it's still better
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    • SmolJevil
      2018: Pubg gets stomped by Fortnite. 2019: Fortnite gets stomped by Apex. 2020: Apex gets stomped by Tetris 99
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    • JustBecaus
      I fucking hate everyone views these games. Fortnite was a lot of fun for a good amount of time and that’s exactly why most of you played it while you did. And now that everyone is hoping off the bandwagon, so do you. Just like fortnight give apex a couple years before people start shitting on it too
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    • Milk_Tea
      Shhh! If you guys all praise it, the autistics from fortnite will start to play it
      smile 8
    • Republisher_Is_My_Name
      You people have an unhealthy obsession with hating fortnite, its a game, chill guys
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    • IamMikeLindell
      Fortnite was popular because it was a massive change in gaming. People got bored of basketball, football, cod games. A 100 player survival mode where paying extra money gives you no advantage is why it was popular.
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    • SirArtoriasOfTheAbyss
      It’s almost like when something that’s made well and is free people tend to enjoy it a shit ton more. Look at Warframe and how fuckin great that game is, not to mention it’s completely free to play. Not a single dime has to be spent on that game and look how large it’s community is.
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    • EdgeLord141
      Apex: the only good thing EA has done since bf1
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    • ALKEBULAN_Def_Digital
      Honestly if AL wasn't free, I'd still buy it.
      smile 6
    • Weasetheevil
      Apex legends is actually good though because of graphics, style, gameplay and the fan base isn't whiny kids
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    • Zeno
      Fortnite was praised when it first came out. Apex legends is still less than a month old so it's got a little bit of time until people start thinking they're cool and different for not liking it.
      Zeno 5d
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    • jaminsjam
      Fortnite is basically who ever is better at building wins dont matter how good a shot you are
      smile 6 reply 2
    • FunnyShark027
      I mean, people are giving apex a big credit for doing better than fornite, but it’s not like the community sprang from nothing. It’s more than likely most people were fortnite players that got tired of playing the same game for over an entire year
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    • Yung_Lonk
      Apex is only popular because it's a battle royale game not because it's good
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    • ysboy
      Apex is like if Overwatch and Blackout had a child but it decided to be different, be free.
      ysboy 4d
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    • Leafa_Suguha
      I hate BattleRoyal, but even I like apex legends. I do wish it didnt come out though, as it has saved EA for their ever-falling stock prices and we wont get a titanfall 3.
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    • warner0032
      I just feel like they are 2 different games for 2 different audiences. Like fortnight appeals to kids because of the cartoony graphics and the emotes and stuff while apex appeals to a more mature audience due to the realistic graphics and violence.
      smile 5 reply 1
    • JoVo
      No other game has been able to integrate building into combat soooo it’s actually revolutionary in that aspect. Fan base sucks but the game itself isn’t anything to shit on
      JoVo 5d
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    • Good_Content_Unavalible
      I like all BRs but I just stopped liking fortnite when the battles stopped being battles and started being a race of who can build higher and better
      smile 5 reply 1
    • Sizzles
      Fortnight players: ApEx IsNt eVeN gUuD. YOuRe jUsT bAd At FortNitE.
      smile 5 reply 4
    • Emerald_Hero
      Overall apex is better than Fortnite
      smile 5 reply 1
    • G4vin
      Apex is good because titanfall movements is amazing, smooth, and easy, probably the best futuristic FPS available because it has many game modes, Apex is amazing because of this and the tactical style
      G4vin 5d
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    • Beastlycomedy
      It’s so nice to finally shoot someone and kill them instead of getting built a castle the second you pull a trigger on some guy
      smile 5 reply 5
    • PurrfectPussy
      Can we just stop with battle royale? Like just add it as a free DLC instead of forcing it down player’s throats as the entire game or a big portion of it.
      smile 5 reply 1
    • TheQuestionableHumor
      That new game anthem looks pretty badass tho.
      smile 5
    • BasedSatan
      Man, remember when games had campaigns and were actually creative instead of just being multiplayer garbage?
      smile 5 reply 8
    • TheRealMvP421
      Holy shit do you all forget when Fortnite came out and everyone loved it? You’re just hating now bc it’s mainstream
      smile 5 reply 2
    • bubblewitch
      The apex bandwagon is equally annoying and unbearable as the fortnite bandwagon. You guys became the very thing you swore to defeat
      smile 4 reply 2
    • Saggy_Weenie
      Eh no, not really, if a free game is shit people won’t play it nor will they watch it, especially not to the extent everyone has. So fortnite was a good game and that’s what made it popular
      smile 4
    • DankFroggo
      Apex is already getting cancerous players
      smile 4 reply 2
    • Fairplayer916
      I mean....while I don't personally disagree, I think it's too early in the games life cycle to say that. Let's give it a few months to see how they do with content updates and whatnot. Fortnite, for all of its cringey flaws, does have a solid non-predatory monitization model. I don't play either.
      smile 4 reply 1
    • Wolphram
      The Apex community doesn't have the opportunity to be toxic cause there isn't that much cheese in the game at all. There's no emotes or dumb flex moves or even memes of features within the game.
      smile 4
    • GrumpyFroge
      I cant wait until ALL battle rotals die off so companies will make games with actual content again....
      smile 4 reply 1
    • KKoner
      Look at all the Fortnite roaches crawling out of the woodwork to protect their new playground, Apex.
      KKoner 5d
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    • TylerEnvy
      I feel like people hate on fortnite the same way most people hated on Minecraft when it was at the top. Also I feel like save the world is slept on 👌🏼
      smile 4 reply 6
    • _Volunteer_
      Or, maybe, hear me out... people enjoyed it? Also, if a battle royale game is gonna cost money, it better be a hell of a game
      smile 4 reply 7
    • Kermunism
      My favorite thing about apex is all of the people saying it won’t last because they personally don’t like it
      smile 4
    • DanieltacoRich
      They're both pretty good Fortnite just has a really retarded community of kids just like cod has toxic people and R6 and Overwatch have sweaty tryhards who think every casual match is a World Tournament.
      smile 4
    • Delta2735
      False If that was true what happened to Realm Royale
      smile 4 reply 2
    • GreatRepublisher
      The only people who play apex legends is the same people who genuinely liked fortnite but jumped the bandwagon and started hating fortnite
      smile 5 reply 4
    • DxD_Rabbit
      People came for free. They stayed for quality gameplay.
      smile 4
    • mds6103
      Tbh fortnite isn’t a bad game it just has a fucking cancerous fanbase
      smile 4 reply 2
    • Minatoo
      Fortnite was and is still popular because of many things. The concept just worked out and the game ran smoothly. Sure there were Battle Royale titles before but tell me what 12 years old kid would play something like H1Z1? Of course Apex Legends is gonna be more liked among you all because. . .
      smile 4 reply 4
    • IvaraUmbra
      I dont care much for any of the royale games but can we take a moment to appreciate the fucking A+ looting & auto-attach system they came up with for apex?
      smile 4
    • Scottastic
      Apex to me at least feels like a completely different type of game to fortnite and in fact feels more like pubg.
      smile 4
    • VaginaFace
      If fortnite never existed everyone would be pissing on AL
      smile 4 reply 1
    • Sinjester
      What I think makes it great is that it doesn't have cancerous emotes/taunts, but does have these badass executions. If only it had a solo and duo mode though. hopefully those are soon to come
      smile 4
    • uItrainstinctshaggy
      Unpopular opinion but apex isnt that good. Its not that different than any other fps except the shooting is pretty shitty. It's basically halo and overwatch mixed together in battle royale. The only reason it got popular was because of the fortnite hate
      smile 5 reply 1
    • TheSquidyBoi
      Ok guys, let’s be honest here. It’s only a matter of time before the streamers move to apex legends and the game is flocked with millions of screeching 8 year olds.
      smile 4 reply 1
    • killerrabbit23
      Aye.... Apex is dope. All the communication without a mic is fucking amazing and they force teamwork witch leads to friendships with random players and not only that......there is no fall damage.... Let me repeat THERE IS NO FALL DAMAGE
      smile 4 reply 2
    • Twindo
      Apex is good because building battles were gay.
      Twindo 2d
      smile 4 reply 3
    • VictimIsASateOfMind
      Apex is alright. It's has all of the autistic players in it that have 24/7 and do bong rips every five minutes so at least they're occupied.
      smile 3 reply 1
    • ToxicLBC
      PUBG and Minecraft are still the best
      smile 3
    • dcatena
      Apex isn’t based around a nine year old fan base
      smile 3
    • WackHannibal
      Fortnite is a solid battle royal I don't get the hate. Newsflash 10 year olds play every game you play
      smile 3 reply 2
    • Owner_of_the_White_Sedan
      I’d argue fortnite kind of ruined itself. If they had left the game in the season 3ish state and didn’t overload the game code with planes and other complex shit it wouldn’t have had such a rapid downfall and would be more recognized for its nostalgia as one of the first solid battle Royale modes
      smile 4 reply 3
    • Andante
      Apex is my first battle royals I’ve played and it sure is hard but it’s fun
      smile 3
    • mrneko
      Wow all y’all saying “apex is so much better because there no cancer players or little kids” so if fortnite dies then what games dick they gonna hop on?, apex. Stop the hype
      mrneko 4d
      smile 3 reply 4
    • BonnyAbomination
      First match i played on the game, didnt know wtf i was doing and the guys in my group were actually nice and explained things to me, in fortnite i just got told to delete the game and that i sucked when i first started it
      smile 3
    • Veers
      Veers 4d
      smile 3
    • N4N4N4N4B47M4N
      The problem with apex is I’d actually consider paying for it.
      smile 3
    • Jayy81
      I give Apex 2 months till everyone bitches about how bad and repetitive it is
      Jayy81 4d
      smile 4 reply 2
    • memesislif
      Fortnite used to be fun before epic games ruined it change my mind
      smile 3
    • I_dont_want_this_username
      Fortnite it's succesful for it's appeal. It has no blood anf gore so parents are ok with it. It's accesible, free, easy to play, literally you can play it even on phones, it looks like cartoons and don't forget one hell of a marketing team.
      smile 3
    • NuminexTheSlayer
      I like it because I can actually focus on shooting and taking cover instead of trying to build over my opponent and grind for materials.
      smile 3
    • Donderoism
      Other games are free and not popular lol
      smile 3
    • MemerDreamer27
      Give my dog top comment
      smile 3
    • Aye_rockLord
      In my opinion apex is just really fun. The popularity of it so far had no effect on whether or not i chose to play. Its just a really good, really well made game and if you say otherwise i highly encourage you play a few games and get to at least top 3. Its very well made
      smile 3 reply 27
    • God_church01
      I think fortnite is a good game for being free but, the community is cancer.
      smile 3
    • CheeseBo
      Apex is a solid shooter from the ground up, in fortnite when you shoot someone they become a building from the ground up
      smile 3
    • thatboybillybob
      Apex is better than fortnite because you can slide down hills and it’s fun
      smile 3
    • Sp00kyStarWars
      I’m just ready for this battle royale fad to go away
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Nataries
      I’ve never been a fan of battle royale games. I only played fortnite because it has cross platform play for pc and consoles so it was really the only game I could play with friends. But apex is actually pretty fun for me so far. There’s stuff to do and not endlessly running around
      smile 3
    • AirBigBlack
      Omg who gives a actual shit they’re all good games idgaf about what anyone says we all played fortnite at a time stfu and grow up
      smile 4 reply 5
    • RunsWith3Legs
      Just wait a year from now when everyone starts shitting on Apex because kids pick it up, screenshot it
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Astral_fns
      I can't wait till people shit on apex in a week
      smile 4
    • BosnianBaguette
      All battle Royale games are decent, but the community and the people that play it are the things that make it bad
      smile 3 reply 1
    • thomasthetankgod
      Nice bash everything that’s popular honestly so that people can be made fun of for playing certain games like Minecraft
      smile 4
      Apex legends won’t become fortnite because it takes itself seriously. It’s not a gag-based game with all these cartoonish bm dances, it probably won’t last forever but it certainly won’t appeal as much to younger audiences as it’s much less forgiving.
      smile 3
    • Lexus
      In apex you can literally win a match with a full team of randoms, in Fortnite it’s usually some 5 year olds who barely know how a mic works
      Lexus 5d
      smile 3 reply 3
    • Umbris
      Can’t believe y’all forgetting about Roblox
      Umbris 5d
      smile 3
    • AlgernopKrieger
      Would rather have titanfall 3 though
      smile 3
    • loserStrikesBack
      Can we all stop hating on fortnite? I dislike the game, but as long as both games are popular, the toxic people will stay on fortnite and apex will over all benefit. Also, the reason apex is popular is because it has less bugs and runs smoother than a $60 game. All apex proves is that respawn
      smile 3 reply 9
    • TheRealBruceLee
      People from Fortnite are hopping over to Apex. Really going to say Apex isnt trash cause of the community? Just wait lmao.
      smile 3
    • snipergang109
      I dont know why everyone hates fortnite. you can be allowed to hate the kids who play it but to hate the company who made the game is stupid. they’re just a company making money
      smile 3
    • Urinal
      *cough* it's just hyped up by streamers but it's flaws will shine through soon *cough*
      Urinal 5d
      smile 3 reply 2
    • Swordbreaker925
      Who else wants a new Legend that’s an ex-pilot that still has his jump kit so he can double jump and wall run?
      smile 3
    • The_Anti_Mainstream
      I like it because it isnt based on building
      smile 3
    • DoctorPep
      Apex is good because the TTK allows for actual shootouts instead of RNG fights.
      smile 3
    • Anthony_x
      Lets be honest, ppl hate fortnite because they can. Ppl will soon start to hate this just like things that came before. Ex: Minecraft, Terraria, etc.
      smile 3
    • RyanFromTheFeature
      Can’t wait for people to start hating on Apex just like fortnite.
      smile 3 reply 1
    • hhhhh58839
      There is nothing to say about this post except that it is completely untrue. I don’t even play fortnite but it used to be an extremely good game for the first 4 seasons and you should be shitting on the fan base not the game
      smile 3
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