• When your real life friend joins the party when you playin with the online homies and suddenly everyone starts learning about your other personality
      556 11
    • They’re called circles of friends cause they make a circle and block the entire hallway at school
      271 6
    • When your two circles of friends become a vinn diagram
    • That’s so true
    • I went to the 3 filter schools of my middle school and seeing all the different schools communicate was fucking weird
    • Jimmy Timmy power hour
    • Having a friend you barely ever see come to a party is like having a guest star
    • I like to prep them by telling them the other group thinks I wear an eyepatch
    • And being a part of two different circles of friends is like being a reoccurring character on both
      Tterbo 7d
      5 1
    • I was a member of the weird kids group (basically just non-athletes who like geeky things but weren’t scholarly) and I was always able to talk to the jocks like they were best friends. I even helped thee school quarterback break up with his abusive girl.
    • This happens all the time wtf
    • And they end up liking eachother better than they like you and you realize you fucked up.
    • Literally just happened to me. Yes. It be like that.
    • I like how most redditors won’t get this because most redditors don’t have friends
    • Lmao I have a few friends who are friends with me specifically, i dont even have one circle of friends and some of you people have more than two? 😣
      Xundus 7d
    • Imagine having that many friends
    • I am the floater friend who travels amongst so many circles. I am the crossover episode.
    • Some friend circles I barely talk, and others I talk my mouth off. It would be pretty awkward if they met, and I would just stand there not knowing what to do
    • Not sure why but I don’t like mixing friend groups, probably because I’m afraid they won’t like each other and it’ll be my fault they met
    • Remember when having circles of friends was a thing (older iFunny users)? Now I’ve literally got 2 friends, that I talk to regularly, and one lives out of state.
    • Until your friend leaves your circle of friends to go chill with one dude from another group and that leads him to completely abandoning you and joining track instead of crew
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    • What is this, a crossover episode? -Mr Peanutbutter
    • You guys must all be freaking popular. I have like one friend
    • Who has circles of friends? I have one person I hang out with outside of work. He don't hang around with anyone else either. Circles of friends don't exist
    • When I was 21, I introduced Mark (friend from high school) to Joe (friend from camp). We hung out at the bar a lot, and it was cool. A few months later, I found out Joe called Mark to go skiing. I was stunned. I didn’t know they could be friends without me hahaha
    • What is this? A crossover episode?!
    • when my dog gives attention to my friends and not me
    • This....
    • That’s why I made a power move and got the numbers of the friends I’ve made online, and made a huge group chat consisting of all my gaming friends and all my friends from school. Now everyone is like they’ve been friends for years and it’s awesome
    • Guys how should I go about ending a 3 yr old friendship....
      mcs3 8d
    • I had two friends from one circle and three friends feom another go over my house and I was just like wow
    • There’s this one dude who used to be in our friend group until he stole from one of us, and I had a really difficult time not hanging out with him anymore. Like yeah, he stole from one of us and so he was a piece of shit, but it still didn’t change that up until that point he was a good dude.
    • Then they become closer friends than you were with either of them and you wind up alone
    • It would be my friend Carlos talking to a mirror.
    • When your work friends meet your nonwork friends
      Hirid 8d
    • That why I’m not sure if I want to invite my crush to my prom. He knows my real self (I withhold some of my humor) but I’m a little ghetto at my school. I don’t really want him to see that
    • I dont have friends....
    • Someone recommended me a movie on Netflix or hulu
      mcs3 8d
    • When both sides of your family meet for the first time
    • I used to go to one middle school for 6th and half of seventh and another for the rest of middle school. Both of the schools merge into one high school. Now that’s a crossover.
    • Damn mr. peanutbutter running shower thoughts now
    • Is this a crossover episode?
    • Like Green Arrow and Flash
    • Imagine actually having two circles of friends
    • Especially when there's contrast like my bdsm friends mingling with my church friends at my grandma Joes wedding.
    • Dumb top comments will be removed or any of my comments
    • Flash and arrow crossovers
    • The concept of having multiple friend groups is crazy to me
    • #wetwonderings
    • Not me. I'm the same all of the time. I treat everyone the same an that's why
    • I am a connecting rod between the stories of stoners and the tales of football players
    • I never told my mom about parent teacher conferences because I always talked about going fishing and playing baseball with my dad... but he didn't live with us
    • Back in primary school when someone from your class was talking to someone in a different class
    • when two youtubers that you watch but don’t associate together talk in the background of a video
    • What is this, a crossover episode?
      Craven 8d
    • I have 7 circles so
    • And then they become better friends and make you the third wheel. Good night,
    • I don’t get it?
    • No, it's like watching world war one.
    • #ShowerBasedErection
    • what are friends?
    • It's a beautiful thing
    • what's a friend
    • Wow
    • Even crazier when you see one of your friends talking to your boss at an I interview for a job u been at for months
      yezzey 8d
      1 3
    • I dont even have one circle of friends....
    • Must be nice to have friends
    • I’m like a nomad I don’t have 1 friend group I move based on who is available
      1 1
    • Why watch when one can join?
    • In high school I was on good terms with lots of people but friends with few and all the friends I had were opposite types of people and I'd practice different mannerisms and moods while around them and found alot of satisfaction with it. Never got on bad terms with any of them all the way through
      1 1
    • Yo, my band friends meeting my football friends is fuckin wild. They have no idea how to talk to each other
      4 1
    • Yeah i was the goth kid in high school. But i grew up in ghettos ass areas so my friend groups wildly differed
    • I'm part of 4 different friend circles but it's absolutely horrendous when ALL of them get together
    • I mean i cant argue with that
    • What is this a crossover episode
    • I only have 1 friend
    • You guys have more than one friend group? Ha
    • I was that crossover person to one of my friends. Met at work and we like all the same shit. Eventually invited me to drink at his place with his f2f and out of work friends. He got drunk enough to say in front of us all he thought it was the best crossover he'd seen
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    • What is this? A Crossover episode?
    • One time this girl and I liked each other, and stuff, and we talked everyday for like a year. I moved away and one month later she tells me she doesn't like me anymore. 2 years later she's married do a guy she met at my going away party. Be careful introducing friends to each other
    • The day my real friends meet my gaming friends is when the world ends
    • I'm always in different circles so I'm never really invited to anything. I just kinda bounce between everyone during school and then at home I got my Video Game buddies that I play with
    • # water based introspection
    • When you introduce your high school friends to your college friends
    • This is me. I’m basically friends with everyone but not such good friends that they ask me to hang out so ya...
      1 1
    • Fag
      Roob 8d
    • its also terrifying while you're like "what if they hate eachother"
    • i’m so isolated that i forget that the two or three people i talk to actually know each other
      Ukt3na 8d
    • It’s like watching the jimmy neutron and fairly odd parents crossover.
    • Come on ifunny, where is the picture of Mr. PeanutButter?
    • Real quick does anyone have that napoleon dynamite feature from a few days back?
    • Those hashtags though.
    • That’s actually accurate as hell lol. Literally like a perfect analogy.
    • I don't even have two friends 😩
    • Honestly
    • Damn. Usually these "shower thoughts" are corny af. This is a good one tho.
    • Mean Girls ft. Emo the musical
    • I forged all my groups into one, they started calling me the ringleader afterwards. Feels good.
      Cabl3z 8d
      3 1
    • Was this made by a high schooler?
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