• guardianace
      Will they need a man to stab him in the back of the knee first?
    • skoldpaddashell
      They gonna wait 53 years and then decide to say he raped them when he tries to run for office
    • Cirrus
      See this is what happens when you make false sexual assault accusations. You get made fun of for it. And when women are actually sexually assaulted and report it, no one believes them.
      Cirrus 7d
    • What_Depression
      They had to kill the male characters off just to make a female avengers? Damn feminists ruining everything.
    • LetMyNutsHang_
      See this is the propaganda bullshit I knew was going to happen. If a bunch of female superheroes take out thanos I’m robbing that theater and getting my $8 back
    • JaiI
      Havent see captain marvel yet but tell me if I'm wrong: I predict there will be a seen where a guy says/does something to underestimate her because shes a girl and shes will 'proves him wrong' to show how 'fierce' girl are
      JaiI 6d
    • bigpopy17
      Women don’t make good super hero’s. Change my mind
    • awesomemanvin
      Avengers: the complete undoing of everything that happened in infinity war
    • MattressFirm
      The only woman still alive in the mcu with even a chance against Thanos is Captain Marvel
    • _OfficialGod_
      Thanos lays a finger on captain marvel* Captain Marvel: Omg! RAPE!!!!!
    • hetero_harry
      Only two of them can make any difference or impact and it's not because they're women it's because theyre badasses with super powers
    • 100100
      Wow, kitchens look so much better in Hollywood
      100100 7d
    • softcore_prawn
      The fuck is Scarlett Johansson gonna do to him?
    • AllanAp
      Literally only 2 of them are useful here and thats Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel, the other two are just highly trained normal ass women
    • beesummoner
      It's pretty obvious when a villian says "no man can kill him" he means human not "my Achilles heel are women"
    • Corziba
      Feminists gon lose their shit when captain marvel comes out, I ain’t looking forward to it
    • freshaf94
      No speak to his manager😂😂
    • deliciousb8
      They will marry him, then divorce him, and take half of his infinity stones
    • spoderbou
      Hey lets make a bad ass multiverse. and for 10 yrs introduce new characters and storylines that all build up into a nail biting cliff hanger. ... oh bring in op girl that kills bad guy and saves world cause u know. girl power.
    • Memefiasco
      Lord of the rings already did this and did it better
    • Titanoh
      fuck this feministic shit they cram down our throats. I’m all for women empowerment but come on now it gets too much sometimes
    • GandolfTheMulticolored
      Ok but if we’re being completely honest, Squirrel Girl is going to fuck him up
    • SeaEnemily
      This is basically that lord of the rings scene where the witch king was like “no man could kill me” and then Eowyn was like “I am no man” and killed him
    • NotDegenerates
      But like... Thor
    • iiconfuseSeal
      Scarlet witch dead tho
    • fdf4
      He literally already wiped the floor with 3/4 of them gtfo w this feminism bs
      fdf4 7d
    • Soup3r_S1ay3r
      Those are some weird looking aprons.
    • L0N3W0LF529
      Nah, they gonna lure him into a false sense of security before the rip it away and leave him as a husk if his former self with absolutely no self worth left
    • iphilyaa
      When Thanos killed 50% of the people on the planet he killed all the men except one. Can this man save the world? Brazzers music starts playing
    • CaptainAverage
      Honestly the whole "we're completely different BECAUSE we're women" trope is tired and overrated
    • Tolkien
      Could have sworn these exact lines were in Lord of the Rings way back in 2003. “No man can kill me” “I am no man” *stabs him in the fucking face*
    • RetiredUnderdog
      When you rip off a Lord of the Rings quote to make a feminism meme
    • willthewalrus
      Shit if he said no woman could kill me and Bruce, tony, thor, and cap said “we are no mere women.” Their would be an autistic screech so loud the world would shake.
    • Savagemyname
      “With just one snap ima see dem titties”
    • CodyLarsen
      Actually miss marvel makes thanos her lil bitch
    • tyezooma
      Ripoff of Lord of the Rings when Merry and Eowyn took down the Witch-King of Angmar
    • A_Box_of_Memes
      So they’re gonna be assaulted, then casually bring it up 50 years later like a conversation during a family dinner
    • infern0
      Shut up, Wanda. You’re dead.
    • IFuckingHateWalgreens
      This isn’t even a quote
    • PrivateFrost
      They gonna play with his heart and stab him in the back THEN accuse him of sexual assault....then do the dishes
    • BlockingSomeoneIsNotAWin
      Scarlet witch is gone
    • Cosco458
      Poison the sandwich they make him
    • LennyTheLobster
      Two of them are just women with special fighting staffs
    • TheGreenTomato
      There is nothing wrong with women being physically less capable than men. No need to overcompensate, you have other strengths men dont have
    • the_dildozer76
      This girl power shit is getting old. People that are “strong and independent” don’t have to constantly tell other people they are.
    • Republier
      The fuck is black widow gonna do? Go at Thanos with a taser? Oh wait, she did
    • Garfunkle
      If they actually make captain marvel kill Thanos it would be the most devastating thing ever, all those years of build up just for a character introduced right before avengers 4 to be the one to finish it, let us pray
    • AlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia
      Dude killed half the universe and all it takes to defeat him is a few women, for no reason other than theyre women?
    • CalliopeAndTheMuses
      Can movies/writing please stop doing that? If you want a strong female character to defeat the big and bad evil that "no man can defeat," don't let the reason she can do it be her gender. It's lazy and, honestly, incredibly annoying.
    • HylianCrusader
      When people say that, they mean the original definition of men, which was just another word for person. This phrase has nothing to do with gender
    • AshCat
      Wait why is Wanda there? She died during Infinity War with Vision. Dusty.
      AshCat 7d
    • JackNHodges
      Thanos made hulk look like a bitch, I'm sorry but black widow might as well just stay home
    • Xchamber
      Natasha and the woman to the far left would literally be able to kick thanos while he fights the others and he wouldn't even feel it.
    • TheJokeExplainer
      the joke here is that they are technically women but thanos meant mankind
    • MysteryMeme
      Why do I think of the fight against the Witch King in The Return of the King?
    • LHAvenger
      I'm not trying to start an argument here but why isn't Nebula included here? If the fans who want women to play big impact in the MCU, shouldn't they at least include Nebula? Think about it: She lost everything, tortured as a girl, and now she's out for a comeback against her abuser. I'm just saying
    • Thatguy3133
      He meant man as is mortal so yall are all included calm down
    • IcePit
      Someone watched LOTR
      IcePit 6d
    • myles5
      Who’s the nigga in the back flying away
      myles5 6d
    • Samster1
      Didn't loard of the rings do the no man can kill me already
    • Whacka
      Wtf is blackwidow gonna do her kicks are gonna be flicks to him
      Whacka 7d
    • jasongerhmms
      Marry him then divorce him and get half the infinity stones GG
    • the_FBI_
      Its literally impossible to defeat Thanos. He has infinite strength, knowlege, control of reality, space, time and souls. The only way he can lose is giving up himself. Marvel is gonna piss me off if captian marvel some how kills him.
    • Matthewf39
      2 of them can do something the other 2 are just gonna die lol
    • JustCallMeDaddy_
      Men's only weakness: false rape allegations
    • AmericanRasputin
      No one is cheering for you
    • chocapic
      They’re gonna call the manager
    • CeilinggFann
      “No mere men can kill me” great English my dude
    • questionsofscience
      What the heck is Black widow going to do? Kick him?
    • over_sarcastic_Floridian
      Tf black widow gonna do? Smack him with a stick?
    • mitchmatt
      Its a shame no one in the commets seems to realize its a LoTR joke...
    • CrownlessKing
      What the fuck do Okoye and Natasha bring to the table here?
    • WeddingSnack
      "We are token supporting actresses with shallow character depth."
    • Natedogg380
      Avengers 4 is gonna be a movie about feminism
    • BlakeARamirez
      No they're just going to stab him in the back and break his heart
    • Melon_Muncha
      RaCiST FacISt WhiTE mALe
    • Milky28
      If avengers 4's finale is just all the remaining women beating down on thanos as some attempt of women empowerment, I'm gonna be pissed.
    • DongB0ng
      Dude’s, Tolkien did this shit way fucking better
    • kmwright
      Lord of the Rings called, they want their script back
    • MrMeep_Meep
      I don't like that Black widow dyed her hair blonde including the eye brows. Kinda makes her look like she doesn't have eyebrows
    • DachiePlush
      They’re going to start hitting him and when he hits them back there’s going to be a white knight to the rescue. I’ve seen it 100 times
    • SlimeKing2222
      I remember when infinity was was about to come out my friend was like "tf is Black Widow gonna do to Thanos? Hit him with her bag? Pepper spray him?" It had me dying. 🤣😂
    • boysenbeary
      Why do all these game, movie, and tv companies try to push an agenda. I don’t want no liberal or conservative agendas being pushed in my media. I just want a film and game to enjoy.
    • ChickenIsTheBest
      Why is everyone so salty about this? It was a little empowering image or whatever and a funny comment, like jesus, everyone is so butthurt.
    • bitchcrafter_V1
      They gonna kill Thanos by doing his laundry
    • MeetraSurik
      Two of them are absolutely useless against Thanos
    • KingtripleD
      This quote worked much better in Lord of the Rings.
    • YourLordJose
      They are going to pussy trap him, then bitch at him till he kills himself. AKA marriage.
    • flipy619
      Feminism ruins movies
    • TachankaTheHoly
      Women having is no doubt very real, but the reason why women are known as weaker is because of body structure. A strong woman is equal to an above average man, while if he were a strong man, she'd be completely outclassed. It's just the facts.
    • SchrodingersDog
      When you care more about the worst villain of the marvel universe than you do about believing sexual assault survivors.
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