• SicilyBall
      Which SCP is this?
      SicilyBall 6 dec
    • Bannana_Joe_
      Top comment and I won’t do anything
    • dinotawll2
      Advice to anyone who is doing or trying lucid dreaming, sometimes there will be “intruders” they may take the shape of humans friends or family. They can’t hurt you but they can make you go crazy. Just tell them that they are not welcome in your mind and in the name of god begone. Be strong
      dinotawll2 7 dec
    • PhoenixFeather1
      I had a lucid dream where I tried to control my dream but my dumbass didn't know how so I was just sitting there jumping over and over trying to fly
    • Strangled_Goose
      I was dreaming and halfway through I realized I was. I was hanging out with three kids and once I realized I was dreaming they all looked at each other and just said, “He knows”. Then they stabbed me.
    • ItsFrenzius
      I’ve had dreams where some shit went down and like a year or two later I get a serious sense of deje vu
    • _pushingmissdaisy_
      Once when I had a lucid dream, I told this old man "this is a dream" and he looked me dead ass in the eyes and said "I know"
    • stubaser
      I regularly get sleep paralysis. I used to have sleep paralysis visions. One night during sleep paralysis a shadow woman came in and sat on my bed crying, looked directly at me, looked across the room and said “he’s never waking up is he?”. I woke up and have never had sleep paralysis visions again
      stubaser 7 dec
    • crowned_leia
      Bro so I fell asleep in math class right and I felt my friend poking me to ask for help so I got up and we talked and I started helping her. Then I started shaking violently right and everything goes kinda hazy. So I shoot up and look around and my friend says she's been tryna wake me up for 10 minu
    • GleefulCynic
      I was dreaming and became conscious of it, but the moment I started to take control my brain’s countermeasures kicked in and I was catapulted into another dream in which I was telling a coworker about this lucid dream I’d had the night before.
    • Zml23
      I have these lucid dreams where I can't move a thing, thinking of you in my bed
      Zml23 7 dec
    • NoUploadsNoNothing
      Every time I realize I'm dreaming I wake up, so I always try to end the dream like a movie. Like the bad guy that you thought was dead opens one eye just before I wake up. It's like my brain is saying The avengers will return in part 2 bitch
    • holdingontomybeans
      I had a dream that my husband was chasing me and trying to kill me, found me hiding with my daughter in the trunk of a car, and told me that he's in control of my dreams now and not to try to wake myself up because I wouldn't wake up ever again if I did.. I woke up immediately and left the room.
    • Turdunkachud
      Welp, I've slept lucidly and aware before, but I've never had my fucking DREAM BECOME AWARE
    • HawkeyeG
      If you were lucid dreaming why not just send them away?
      HawkeyeG 6 dec
    • Esulcereht
      If you can’t tell the difference between a lucid dream and a demon attack, you probably shouldn’t be trying this. You’re gonna wake up with paralysis and then what?
      Esulcereht 6 dec
    • lowpez91
      The other day I had a lucid dream where I was walking through a mall and then I decided to buy some clothes and this cute girl came up to me and asked if I needed help find anything I said and she ended up helping me pick out a few out fits we laughed and had fun doing so. Then she was like I get
      lowpez91 9 dec
    • thegalaxy
      You were almost possessed.
      thegalaxy 7 dec
    • Antwan632
      I once started to dream and something weird happened so i was like "wait this is a dream, maybe I can imagine something cool to do while im here" then everything went dark and this giant menacing skull demon appeared out of nowhere and started giving off a horrific laugh and I was like "fuck"
      Antwan632 7 dec
    • wydo
      This gave me the chills. the way my subconscious acts when I announce Im dreaming, my projections "other ppl" accuse me of doing drugs / being high or something in a judgy way that makes me uncomftorable and I often get caught up in emotions/defending that Im not and forget that im dreaming.
      wydo 7 dec
    • Repubbqueen
      There’s actually some pretty interesting theories on this
    • xKDxx
      I had a dream where the guy who controlled my dreams was getting fired, so he decided to tell me bc he was getting fired anyway.
      xKDxx 7 dec
    • givemelegs024r
      I once had a lucid dream where I went to school for the entire day completely normally, then at the end of the day just kinda flew over the crowds of kids and relized "oh fuck i can do this?" Then my alarm went off. I was so pissed
    • metal1998
      I once had a dream in which the boat I was on was sunk by Captain Crunch
      metal1998 6 dec
    • un1qu3u53rnam3
      Why don’t you make them stop? It’s a lucid dream
    • MysteriouslyDank
      Last time I lucid dreamed I was trying to tell people that they were just in my head and they didn't exist and they tried to kill me because they couldn't handle the realization that as soon as I woke up they would cease to exist and killing me would keep them alive
    • Bestbeg
      Everyone talking about how they've had lucid dreams and they proceed to explain what they saw/experienced, but howcome I'm the only one thats fought a damn ogre? It was fucking huge, swing a chain at me, i was athletic asf in the dream and i ran up its arm but after that i don't remember much
      Bestbeg 10 dec
    • fapdu
      If you read about experience lucid dreamers experiences, the fear you harbor will manifest in some pretty horrid ways to keep you from venturing to far. Its a big jump to get over them
      fapdu 9 dec
    • Max_Rockatansky
      Is there a surefire way to get lucid dreams? cause there are some things i want to do.
      Had a lucid dream where I was with this hot chick and I realized I was dreaming so I was like aww yeah gonna beat it up and said hey girl let’s have sex and she said no and walked away. which woke me up.
    • StimpakMiz
      I had an accidental lucid dream once and I had to fight big boss for some reason. I couldn't die, so I just kept getting better and eventually I killed him, a few day later some kid tried to punch me and I legit used judo and cracked his skull open.
      StimpakMiz 7 dec
    • jaanun
      There is actually a lot of experiences condemning the control of a lucid dream.
      jaanun 7 dec
    • zerogravity2222
      I just had a dream where I beat the shit out of my little kid self because I believe he doesn't deserve to be alive. The whole dream felt like a purgatory of all my material possessions with me and myself, but I'm too selfish to let anything go, come, or stay
    • 1111116j
      I almost always have lucid dreams when I do dream, but it’s always in a fourth wall breaking way. Like, something bad happens, and I just go what? And just reverse time a bit and fix the event to my liking
      1111116j 7 dec
    • Yoshee
      A guy lost his virginity to a jar of peanut butter
      Yoshee 7 dec
    • Tyfighter0427
      I do it a lot actually usually in small bits tho, like every morning I will wake up shower then jump back into bed but then I’ll dream I get up get dressed and do everything it’s so real but then I will suddenly wake up
    • Dendro
      I had a dream that a living stop sign murdered my mom
      Dendro 6 dec
    • skittlessecret
      I tried to lucid dream, I had all these plans about what I was gonna do but when I finally did it I went to find a mirror to "look at my soul?" And man I looked wrecked, scared and distraught. I'm a very anxious person and I never thought about it but that mirror did show my soul man, it changed me
    • KiraRyuKage
      Some people believe that when you dream your soul leaves the body, or astral projecting, and you travel to other dimensions, through time, etc
    • MoonManFanClub
      Sounds like your own subconscious fear of taking control manifesting itself in your dreams, pussy
    • burlapbadger
      Lucid dreamers are the Thanos of the dream world.
    • introdouche_yourself
      Dont let t series win sub to Pewdiepie. T series fucking sucks
    • cacophonicArtisian
      I used to be a frequent lucid dreamer, but I try to avoid it ever since I began seeing demons. What began as a lucid dream about Astaroth and Belial turned into visions and sounds during my waking hours. I’m convinced I dreamt myself into a dark place
    • FedEx_Ground
      Love lucid dreams. Only time i can do the sex on a girl
    • PatheticCheesy7
      Ok once I had a dream that I was falling asleep. A static like voice kept saying "don't do it" I fell asleep in my dream, had a regular dream and woke back up the last thing I hear before waking up is a threatening monotone voice saying "you've done it"
    • epicjake35
      epicjake35 6 dec
    • implodingcringe
      How do you lucid dream i wanna do something stupid like this
    • LilCoulier
      That’s a fucking movie idea
      LilCoulier 8 dec
    • southernbelle_tea
      The first time I had a lucid dream where I told the other characters I knew this was a dream they acted so genuinely confused and looked at me as if I’d gone crazy I still think about it. Maybe the brains that complicated and creative but...damn
    • Flannel_Churchill
      lmao ive been lucid dreaming since birth. every time someone told me to wake up i made them dissappear. one time it was a skeleton chasing me with a sword. and i just looked at him and said poof as i made him dissappear
    • The_King_Of_Rooks
      Maybe ghosts are just people in another dimension dreaming
    • Mortifer0323
      Shouldve tried to control it just to see what happens. Once you take control of a lucid dream you dont lose control generally so you can do what you want.
    • Zamiaku
      I had a lucid dream the other day where I had God like powers and I could do anything from destroy the world and recreate it to bringing people back to life. then someone that was like the grim reaper on scary as FUCK came out of an ocean i created and starting killing my family and friends.
      Zamiaku 7 dec
    • TheSauce812
      If everyone could control their dreams then no one would want to ever wake up because you could be your own god and do anything you ever wanted and have it so vivid
    • DarkNola200
      Bro bad shit happens when u try and control ur dreams. I tried twice with scary ass effects. I one witnessed one of my friends literally falling apart in my hands because I tried to reach out and touch em, just because they were acting funny. I’ll never forget it. Sh00k
    • Slapotruth
      People act like it’s some phenomena, you are just sub conscious so you have the ability to think, basically just your brain playing out a story that you design not much different from a daydream don’t really know why people freak out like it’s a great spiritual journey, this crap is not that excitin
      Slapotruth 7 dec
    • Thotty_fingers
      I had this one dream that was basicallt a LSD trip without the LSD. Fuck that shit was so much fun i was depressed when i woke up
    • semeMdaeD
      semeMdaeD 7 dec
    • DuckSauce027
      I looked at the stormy clouds and saw a small hole exposing the blue sky. Later on, I fell asleep, got stuck in a dream and saw the same clouds with the same small sky opening. I thought in order to escape the dream, I was supposed to get through that hole. I couldn’t reach it. I finally woke up. 😬
    • Carrington135
      I had a dream where i was in a room with people that i care about getting killed and beaten around me but then i realized it was a dream but I couldn’t control it so i was just watching it and i got scared because I couldn’t tell what was real anymore and i woke up sweating like hell
    • jwestcott
      That’s how they’re trying to control us I promise you. You can do anything in your sleep but they want you to be trapped in a weak ass body. The sleep paralysis demon is just a gatekeeper to the astral
      jwestcott 7 dec
    • How_Bout_Get_Yeeted
      Dreams are a different plane of existence
    • AntiBureaucrat
      one time I had a lucid dream.. what happened was that a nuclear bomb went off.. All I had time to think was "They finally did it..." Before my entire bedroom started shake like an earthquake getting more and more intense with each passing second and finally there was a flash of white, then I awoke
    • Gslick357
      Really dont try it! I had been doing it for a while until one incident. I woke up in the dream but I was in my bed. I got up and went down stairs because it was morning. And I saw my family siting on the couch in the living room, which I thought was fine until I looked down into the hallway that Lea
      Gslick357 7 dec
    • YeetethDeleteth
      I had a dream where my mom texted me showing me my missing assignments, and I woke up so fast, and checked my phone. Worst dream ever.
    • NiceToSeeYaQuesadilla
      I would like to try lucid dreaming this weekend. What's the simplest way to do it?
    • StolenDreams
      Sometimes lucid dreams get really really fucked up
    • super_high
      Dawg, lucid dreams can be scary at sometimes, thats just your anxiety about lucid dreaming manifesting. Id suggest to fly straight upwards if that happens. Because they most likely wont follow you.
      super_high 6 dec
    • WeedLordvegetable
      I had a dream where I did crack and felt really good, then woke up groggy with my head pounding and stumbling around, then woke up from THAT dream just fine. Like a dream within a dream type thing.
    • Mc_lick
      My Theory is that when you dream you get a sneak peak as to what is happining to your alternitive self in an alternit reality in real time. You ever get the feeling some is watching you what if that was another you in an alternet reality seeing through your eyes at that moment.
      Mc_lick 6 dec
    • ImNotsuprisedMotherFucker
      All yall niggas lying about this lucid dream bullshit ya just possessed.
    • hornydepp
      I used to lucid dream all the time. I still kinda do. It just got boring so i decided to let my dreams go wherever the fuck they want unless they get too freaky
      hornydepp 6 dec
    • Misthios
      I dream about ancient Aztec ruins probably once a week and I don't know why because I've never been to South America but I'm pretty sure now that I'm supposed to go see them and some freaky shit is gonna happen
      Misthios 6 dec
    • OttoVonBismarck_1898
      You know, I would give my soul and everything I have just to be able to travel through dreams and shit
    • Master_Shark2000
      Lucid dreaming is amazing, you can basically be god.
    • Boston_George
      "The Tibetan yogas of dream and sleep" is a great book for those wanting to learn more about understanding and controlling your dreams.
    • AmonAmarth682
      I got this bad cut on my neck that needed stitches.. well I had this dream a couple nights after being stitched up, and it was a woman climbed on top of me and clawed at my throat then stabbed it, I woke up with me and the sheets covered in blood because the stitches broke...
    • ItsTheFarSide
      This an important announcement: GO SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE; We need to keep an individual creator as most subscribed, not a corporation.
    • pharmacydrivethru
      I had a lucid dream where i was getting head at this chicks house who was smoking hot and it felt so fucking real it was insane but it was like in the future
    • BROLY1044
      I say fuck them, I can control whatever the hell I want. It's my dream after all.
      BROLY1044 6 dec
    • HellBoyrrito
      I’m a lazy ass lucid dreamer. I only change the course of my dreams when they start turning into nightmares
    • IndianTechSupport
      I’m taking a monster shit right now guys wish me luck
    • Psycho_CatLady
      I had a neuroscience professor say we have no evidence that lucid dreaming is possible. But sometimes shit gets scary in my dreams and I'm like, "Wait a minute this is a dream" and change that shit or force myself to wake up. So yes it is possible
    • fapperpie
      Had a wild dream where all of a sudden I knew I was in a dream so I took the first person I saw and started humping them, someone came and said "your banished" and I haven't drempt ever since
      fapperpie 6 dec
    • M4GN0L14
      I don’t really dream anymore. When I do it’s just sad nightmares
      M4GN0L14 9 dec
    • Teziutman
      "Demesion" holy shit that spelling hurts
      Teziutman 8 dec
    • caspbeans
      I've had a lucid dream and there was a blonde woman who said, "I know you know you're dreaming, but you can go anywhere you like." I started thinking of things, then she said, "but dont think too hard are you might never wake up." So I woke my ass up lol
      caspbeans 8 dec
    • DiviniS
      Oh shit. I had a lucid dream recently where I was walking down a city street with a friend and they warned me to not try to control it, because bad things would happen. Of course I didn't listen, and when I tried a couple times, cars started crashing into buildings, and the world started folding in.
      DiviniS 8 dec
    • gator_hunter
      This post made me tiery eyed bc it’s so real and I got scared
    • Happythensad
      I think that when we don’t remember our dreams it’s because our deceased loved ones visited us in our dreams and we are not able to remember
    • OkeezRawr
      I tried lucid dreaming once and ended up with nightmares for like 4 months
      OkeezRawr 7 dec
    • OrsonsNigga
      I regularly have lucid dreams where I rip out my own teeth in front of people and they tell at me in horror to stop, but I just say "don't worry, this is just a dream." But once I was feeling exhausted and tried to rip one of my premolars out with a pair of pliers, whilst awake. Before being restrai
    • GosuNoKami
      If that happened, then what you had was not really a lucid dream.
      GosuNoKami 7 dec
    • Radicrash
      I remember one time (in a dream) i was walking through a train and something suddenly clicked. I realized that there were no consequences in this world, and just "had fun" with the female passengers on board.
      Radicrash 7 dec
    • loveispureyetevil
      How do you lucid dream? Only time I’ve been able to control a dream is one time I felt myself going into s nightmare and was able to stop myself.
    • Alaw_2006
      I don't believe in lucid dreams, we all know if a guy controlled his dreams he we fuck literally anything even fucking trees
      Alaw_2006 7 dec
    • 2ManyMemes
      they disguise themselves as friends and family sometimes and notice when you go lucid and fuck with me
      2ManyMemes 7 dec
    • speed_yesterday
      How do you try to lucid dream? Is there a technique
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