• They need to update the stats and how many porn games you've downloaded
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    • 1.2K 27
    • _WAR 20d
      63 1
    • Steam:
    • Task manager more details startup steam disable boom fixed
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    • Legitimate explanation here. It's the way how Steam deals with closing. It's not an update 90% of the time, it's checking if the files are valid or corrupted because when it closes, it force closes like a crash. Not sure why they refuse to fix it, but it's ridiculous.
    • “Thats why you turn off auto update” well genius then when you start up steam it Lazers with updates
      Haykguy 20d
    • SSD gang dont have these problems HDD plebs
      Silk_ 20d
      3 6
    • don’t go to the next one, it’s a lady with period blood smeared on her 😷
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    • Opens Gmod. Attempts to open another application while Gmod is loading. Gmod:
    • I legit just downloaded steam for the first time today to get into PC gaming, 4hrs later when I restarted my computer, I now understand this meme.
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    • Outdated software that connects to the internet often has small updates to quietly fix network issues or security flaws present in them. Even then, steam doesnt normally ask to update itself or games unless you tell it to. These updates will only take a time if your on wifi
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    • Steam can’t go 1 day without an update
    • (Me): so I bought this game (steam): yes. m:And this game doesn't require internet? s:Yes. m:Therefore I have all right to play the game? s:yes. m:it requires internet to automatically update? s:yes. m:so why cant I play my game even tho I've been offline for 4 weeks? s:STEAM CLIENT MUST UPDATE NOWW
      anna96 20d
    • Y’all rarted, just leave your PC on sleep wtf
    • Mandatory restart occuring in 2 minutes
    • For every game that’s free, I make ur computer slower
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    • Who wants to do comp with me on overpass only?
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    • Security updates which happen daily, as well as updates to the store and probably other stuff
      1320f 20d
    • Orange Game Bad
    • It says it's updating but it actually checking the validity of your installs
    • Guys just unpin from start. Not that hard
    • Not too often for me tbh
    • I deal with steam, twitch, razor, discord, and normal boot up
    • I know the pain.
    • I just got back yesterday from visiting valves office in Bellevue. Coolest shit I’ve ever seen.
    • Steam spends like 2 min updating ANY time I open it. Even if I launch it, wait for the updates then immediately close and reopen it. Shit pisses me off
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    • "Don't smart mouth me heathen"
      Millard 20d
    • I don't understand why people hate updating their programs so much. Updates are extremely important. You should always make sure everything is up to date. The most common problems people have are because of outdated software according to Microsoft.
    • Yo I feel this
    • You gotta
    • Just disable Steam on Startup, duh.
      Moetus 20d
    • Windows:YOU DIDN’T UPDATE!!!
    • You can go to your computer's options to set steam to turn on when you click it and not right when your computer starts
    • Mhm and fucking discord
    • Just turn off steam on startup lol
      Gazico 20d
      1 1
    • Anyone have the npc template?
    • Turns on Xbox Xbox Live must update tries to load game after xbox update game must update
    • Thank god, I thought that was only me
      MDubz 20d
    • Discord: Hey friend, remember me?
      _UvvU_ 20d
    • You can literally update steam and discord, restart your computer, and they will want to run an update again not 1 minute later
      KKoner 20d
    • I dont turn my pc off in the first place. It has almost 60 day of up time.
    • content not available more
    • PornGif 20d
      2 1
    • Poppi 20d
    • Minecraft should be on steam
      1 1
    • top comment and ill post a pic of my dog
    • Npc be like
    • Fuck those updates
    • They just need some Steam to boot up
    • Stem
      Chitoge 20d
    • I need help. My pc isnt working properly. I turn the pc on and it just stays as an orange light. My monitor works but nothing happening. Whats wrong with it?
    • *Skype open up, can’t close
    • Considering that HIV/AIDS mostly kills rapist ꓠiggers and their partners in crime the Spics, disgusting feminist sluts, deviant pervert gays, and worthless drug junkies, why would anyone want it cured?
      2 18
    • Facts I turned on my pc today and instantly steam started updating after I updated it fucking yesterday
    • Orange man bad
    • Im glad its not only me 😂
      MikeDz 20d
    • *disk write error noises*
    • On my computer, EVERYTHING OPENS
      1 1
    • If you read it it only says its checking for updates
    • Imagine having an ass PC
      Speed6 20d
    • EarthIs 20d
    • Steam takes like 5 seconds to update. No exaggeration and I have decent internet
    • Every single time
    • I've never had this problem so I don't understand this
    • This only happens to people that have a hard drive switch to an ssd your problems should go away
      1 1
    • I don’t see why people have so many apps on startup
    • Fuck valve
    • Funny, my android phone does something like that.
    • Unrelatable. Post made by ps4 gang
      1 6
    • Pc is gay
      1 7
    • They should be self upgrading without you asking while it’s shut down
    • top comment and i’ll delete my account
    • I love this format
    • Anybody got any good recommendations for steam? Got 20 dollars
    • Hey guys
    • But you won't be updating metro
    • Pls some one save us.
    • That and discord, teamspeak, razor synapse, skype, xbox, and windows for the third time today
    • Literally scrolling through features as my computer starts up and steam is checking for an update as i fucking type this lmao.
    • I had steam for about a year, and it tried to update every day. What I downloaded as about 80Mb updated over the course of a few months to 2.1Gb.
      Mewpowa 19d
    • I thought this was just something I had to deal with
    • orange man bad
    • Anybody else have to "reinstall" steam every time you restart?
    • The power of eyebrows
    • Steam updates like 4-5 times a day for security reasons I guess I really don’t know
      TheSpoi 20d
    • Actually that's more like Windows. Slows down your computer like crazy.
    • New crappy games
    • Task Manager > Startup > Enable/Disable Start Up Processes
    • *Commences 98% load on my poor fucking CPU*
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