• destiny, destiny2, pic

      I have the feeling this was made by a hunter
    • MrFuckNugget
      Hunters have the best mobility in the game and can avoid most of these thing if they're remotely competent, and blade barrage is the most powerful and versatile super in the game, vastly out doing warlock and titan panic supers, and do I have to remind you of wormhusk crown?
    • OneSaucyUnicorn
      “Most OP exotics” ok retard
    • Miso
      I cry when I see a titan with 1 eye mask, not forgotten, and shotgun, all while titan-skating
      Miso 11d
    • marshmello66
      Warlocks have the best super* not supers. Titan now only have one eyed mask now that ursa has apparently been bugged this whole time and shoulder charge without skull fort is pretty balanced.
    • Random_game_posts
      People complain about the dodge? It's literally the worst class ability
    • SkI11BI11Y
      what’s that hunter wearing for gauntlets?
    • A_Roach
      Warlocks and titans have best abilities hunter has best supers and exotics
      A_Roach 11d