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    • "But its my body"
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    • Why iFunny tryna be political this shit dumb as fuck it’s iFunny not iPolitics
      120 17
    • If you actually believe there’s such a thing as post birth abortion then you are straight retarded
      29 2
    • Stop. Fucking. Featuring. Controversial. Bullshit.
      Hilunny 19d
      24 3
    • I feel like an abortion really ain’t nobody’s business but the people involved
      19 9
    • This app is quickly going from funny memes to pure right wing propaganda
      15 6
    • “Late-term abortion” is infanticide. Change my mind
      14 3
    • fucking stop with politics and controversy on ifunny
    • Most people who have abortions are economically disadvantaged. The cost to raise a child is $233,610 in 2019. I would rather have them get an abortion than be homeless. If it's not legal they will do it anyways because they have to. This is why women do it, not because they just want killstreaks....
      15 31
    • I’m getting pretty fucking sick of these aggressive pro-life features. It’s not like anyone on this app has any chance of getting a girl pregnant anyway. This is like advertising weight watchers in Ethiopia.
      13 6
    • Better to be aborted than being forced to be carried to term in a family that’s either unwilling or unable to ensure a decent life for the child, but conservatives are only pro life until the kid is born
      15 7
    • Y'all heard about that 11 year old girl who was today and the hospital denied an abortion despite there being a law that if a child could cause serious harm yo the mother an abortion is legal? Yeah, that was fucked up but hey, good job Argentina for thinking of the unborn baby right?
      13 7
    • This dude is straight up lying. Fetuses have the functions necessary to feel pain early, but their brain is not nearly developed enough to actually experience it until the third trimester. Also the notion that doctors are killing babies after they are born is straight up fake news.
      14 10
    • You fucking people and your straw men. No one wants to legalize late-term/post birth abortions, we just don’t want the Drs. to have to jump through as many hoops to perform one at THIER professional discretion. And the fetus CANNOT feel pain before 20 weeks, the current cutoff in most situations.
      Crisbob 19d
      15 14
    • A man's version of an abortion is just fucking leaving after getting a girl pregnant. She's the one with the burden and it isn't always their fault. Things aren't this black and white. No one will ever agree on when a person is considered "living" because of peoples morals and religious beliefs
      13 4
    • why the fuck are we bringing politics onto ifunny, fuck off
      12 6
    • Baby can’t feel pain during 1st trimester. I don’t support abortions after 2nd trimester unless the mother will die. If you’re not at risk and the baby is 9 months grown, you had enough time to think about it.
      Shlorps 20d
    • Why the fuck do these shitty right wing memes keep getting featured?
      14 6
    • Until 24 weeks it has as much brain activity as a jellyfish, and third trimester abortions are illegal unless the mother or fetus’s life is in danger. “After birth abortions” aren’t a thing, it refers to taking out a mortally ill fetus before it would have been born to save the mother
      TBestIG 20d
      13 12
    • The features are just flat out conservative propaganda now. They don’t even try to be funny
      TBestIG 20d
    • If you don’t like abortion don’t get an abortion stop trying to spread shit on other people. Liberals and conservatives are the same fucking thing just different fucking focuses here’s an idea how about everyone shuts the fuck up.
      BjjLyfe 19d
      16 11
    • Tbh a lot of abortions can be avoided if everyone actually cared about protection and schools taught teens the seriousness of babies and child raising. Home ec and financial lit needs to be required
    • The fuck they gonna say. Goo goo gaa gaa don’t kill me lmao
    • Except.... none of this???? Is correct?????
      13 7
    • Jesus christ this app is obnoxious in its self validation echo chambers.
      11 1
    • It’s still a fetus which is just a clump of cells. Cows feel pain, chickens feel pain, we still kill them. So a clump of cells that can feel pain can be aborted. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one. Stay the fuck out of other people’s lives.
      11 13
    • I like how some people get all worked up about babies being aborted.but then they go home n decide they can’t handle their dog or cat anymore n just yeet it at the road side
      11 1
    • Stfu and quit bitching about this shit. I rather have 1 dead fetuses in the damn trash before seeing a child in foster care or worse. Arguing about abortion is one of the dumbest shit I think people could argue about.
      13 10
    • Why has iFunny just been featuring conservative political arguments? I come here for memes and jokes
      9 1
    • Abortion 👏 needs 👏 to 👏 be 👏 fucking 👏 legal 👏
      15 28
    • I don't think that's the actual position
      9 3
    • The one thing that makes me anti to a point is the inconsistencies with the laws. Say someone kills a pregnant mother. They would be tried for double murder for killing a fetus. But with abortion that fetus isn’t living? So, is the fetus only a life if it’s wanted? That’s pretty fucked up logic.
      cti323 19d
    • Fucking iFunny need to stop political b.s. Doesnt matter what side you agree with, we can all agree that this app is for fun shit, and not to project your political agenda. Atleast it should be on the feature page
      9 9
    • Nobody, is killing babies after birth. Grow up.
      9 2
    • I'm pro choice. But I don't excuse late term abortion that shits evil
      11 2
    • yo girls arent getting pregnant then at 8-9 months decide they dont want it and get an abortion. if i was pregnant and the doc said the baby wont make it, i.. dont want it inside me? i dont wanna wait 3-4 months to have a dead baby no thanks.
      10 18
    • Seriously who actually thinks this is truth, for fucks sake feature funny posts that aren't cheap political shots at either side, this app is just turning desperate and sad
      9 5
    • Ifunny needs to stop with the anti-abortions memes.
      9 2
    • Where is the killing babies after birth happening? That can't be real. Late term abortions are almost exclusively to protect the mother or because the fetus will die anyways..
      Sajuaro 20d
      9 14
    • How about we make birth control and other contraceptives even more accessible to make abortions less needed...
      9 5
    • Pro lifers here could give less of a shit about a baby after it’s born. Even less if it’s nonwhite. That’s what I’ve observed from accounts on this app.
      11 26
    • The issue is most of us don’t want to be alive anyway, so now we’re just sparing them a life with parents that don’t want them or life in an orphanage
    • I’m pro abortion. Only if you use it as a “hey if I give birth it’ll kill me “ or rape as apposed to “forgot condom lol”. I myself was almost aborted I’m glad I wasn’t but at the same time I don’t want to force people to do something that could kill them or leave them homeless.Just use a condom guys
    • Omfg get this conservative political bullshit out of here. For the love of god I just wanna laugh at shitposts not debate the intricacies of abortion with some edgy teenager named Kyle.
      10 6
    • Nobody cares about your opinion on this app, make us laugh damnit
      9 2
    • Hey, killing living children that might have loving families is worse than killing a fetus that won’t be loved/properly cared for by their birth parents
    • Stfu with all the damn politics
    • Hey guys this is a comedy app could we keep the politics elsewhere?
      Torxio 19d
      8 1
    • Abortions beyond 20 weeks are incredibly rare (about 1.3% of abortions last time I saw stats). Reasons for abortions after this length are due for mother safety or something is wrong with this fetus. People do not abort healthy babies after 20 weeks. I really am not pro or anti abortion butbe honest
      9 2
    • You’d have to be 1000% retarded to think this is even remotely true
      10 2
    • It doesn’t matter if someone has legal access to an abortion, because abortions happen illegally and legally. If you want to stop unwanted pregnancies, sex education and inexpensive/effective widespread contraception. A lot of pro-lifers blame abortion but don’t want sex-Ed until high school
      Reece07 19d
      8 16
    • Can we not have this politics in our featured memes? Like... this is for funny shit, not somebody's opinion on abortion.
    • People don’t have abortions for the sure thrill of it, any late term abortions are only because either the baby or the mother won’t survive and it’s necessary for the mothers survival
      10 4
    • Yall have no clear understanding of how abortion and consent works whatsoever jesus christ, go thump your biblical bullshit elsewhere and pretending to care about people when you clearly dont even care about yourselves
      12 11
    • God you people are stupid. If you're not the one shooting a baby out of your body then keep your fucking mouth shut. No one cares about your opinion. Trying to make a law to ban abortions is just going to stop SAFE abortions. I would think you people would understand since it's the same arguement as
      14 53
    • Why the fuck does every set of features have to have political shit in it
      yeti_7 19d
      8 1
    • Stop featuring pro life propaganda
      Maenzee 20d
      10 12
    • iFunny so obviously right-wing, and instead of keeping the features comedy-related it’s turning into propaganda
      9 5
    • First of all, still is illegal to kill an already born child. Second, it's illegal to abort after a certain point in the pregnancy. You can just say "fuck it" at 8 months. Third, this is a highly debated topic so posting your opinion on iFunny is just sad.
      8 1
    • Tbh all babies that are born and put into foster homes should have their parents pay alimony for all the years that they spend there. Would help pay for orphanages and give people an incentive not to be dumbasses.
      9 15
    • Who’s “we”? The single, pregnant, young girls that don’t want to ruin their own life, or their child’s because they can’t afford to start a family?
      12 60
    • Idk I think if it took you 9 months to figure out you want an abortion you’re just shit outta luck and also shouldn’t be allowed to procreate
    • Hey Ifunny? Can you fuck off with all this controversial and political shit? This is a meme app
    • Nobody ever said "Ok, it's murder". That's not something that has been agreed to
    • Honestly, we need to kill more babies
    • Lol its funny how we view loss of life.Like miscarrige vs abortion.Yes one may be intentional but the loss is the same and yet miscarrige evwryones like meh well it wasnt born yet
    • This is so staggeringly wrong I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn't reading it wrong
      7 1
    • Can we keep the political bullshit out of features? Regardless of which way you lean, we come here to laugh for fuck sake, not spread contraversey.
    • Fun fact: Planned Parenthood was created for the intention of thinning out the black population
      8 1
    • Okay this dude kinda goes off on his own path. Like the pro choice movement does not say its a baby, nor does it say it’s murder. This guy is literally putting words in other people’s mouths. Its like me typing, Republicans: “All conservatives are violent murders”, and then going “see they admit it”
      8 33
    • Yep another agenda pushing post. I dont care which side you agree with, it's disheartening to see iFunny featuring political bs that isnt even funny
      jongo 19d
      8 3
    • If you read any science literature or legislation you’d know 2 things. Firstly; It can’t feel pain before 12/13 weeks (3 months), and the average abortion takes place before then. Secondly, every bill limits it to the second trimester (6 months) EXCEPT when it threatens the mothers life, or will die
      8 22
    • Imagine deciding another human is to much of an inconvenience to be kept alive before it can do anything
      12 5
    • I honestly don't care about abortion . Idk why people are so offended by it. I also advocate for execution of death row criminals not keeping murderers in prison for 60 years. Both help overpopulation
      8 6
    • If you disagree with abortion theres 2 steps to follow. 1: Dont get an abortion. 2: shut the fuck up
      9 4
    • “Don’t kill animals! Don’t eat meat” ... gets abortion
    • First term sure, second term Hmmm, third term isn't okay
      7 5
    • Late term abortion is evil but this sounds like some narrow minded bullshit to me. In the very beginning stage before it even develops, abortion is fine.
      8 6
    • Everybody on this site thinks one way until they think the other way. Y’all so confident that ur right, but ur just an asshole
      7 3
    • I'd share my views on abortion but this app is so severely right winged that the icon should be red
      7 6
    • Idc bout your religious beliefs or if it’s murder, we have too many people in this damn world, and kids who are thrown into orphanages or are raised to be shitty because their parents are shitty, aren’t helping
      8 7
    • IFunny is officially run by brain dead conservatives
      10 5
    • These arguments are pointless. If you’re against abortion don’t have one. If you want one and can live with the moral implications you should be free to do so. It’s when so called “moral” people want to control what others do that we have trouble.
      SR33666 20d
      8 3
    • Dude you can’t force someone to have a kid. It’ll hurt both parties involved
      8 9
    • Nobody with a brain is arguing for abortions after birth.
      jyounge 20d
      7 3
    • Abortion is justifiable. I'm sure no woman ever has gotten an abortion just because. Every woman I know has not felt good about having an abortion. But if the woman was today, it unable to give it life it deserves, it's justifiable.
      8 13
    • Thus is the dumbest shit I’ve seen all day
      Aegis_ 20d
    • people who actually believe this is happening are so fucking stupid. like really? god the propaganda created in recent years is ridiculous.. ON BOTH SIDES
    • I mean, they literally admitted that as the woman was dilating, aka the baby is fully formed, that she would be valid for asking for an abortion, under that bill. So this is not an exaggeration at all.
    • Wow grown adults out there actually believing that doctors are aborting new born babies on the reg
      7 2
    • Right wing social justice warriors
      7 12
    • Here’s the thing. I had a friend who was grossly pre-mature. He was born 20 weeks before his due date. He was expected to be blind, deaf, and lame if he lived. He did, and became one of the strongest most intelligent people I know. He’s in collegenow, a swimmer and a water polo player.
      6 1
    • Use. A. Condom.
      7 16
    • Literally nobody said anything about killing a baby who is already born. Nobody. Well, except Republicans
      Zzyphyx 17d
      7 20
    • Nothing wrong with first trimester abortions.
      7 38
    • You gotta be a special kind of fucking stupid to actually believe this bullshit
    • How many fucking times do i have to fucking ask to not have political bullshit shoved into the featureds?
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