• 200 Questions to get to know someone
'questions to get started
\tyoustdnt have step what would you do wth the eta ine? your lce of ting yu / woutd yu atd money ween an ue? int woull yur prec ron ok tha?
How ten do you ley sportst
Wat retonat place would you most he
Wiatjob would you be tere
Wen the you re?
tyou at ny winning into an sport wht would you kave pood
'hance at winning meal for?
the mast anoying tat ther prope nave?
Winatob do yu thak yor'd be realy good a?
wel you the to mate?"
would be the most adventine to
uds houve that ou woule infor the est
Me what would he hause be he?
Wats your faverite ok?
Wat state or country you want to go back
'iatsons have you comietay memorized?
Wat game omvi iver would you most he
Wiat doyu consider to be your best
'Ae you usuaty
Wnat pets you have whe youweeprowing
'Winen pele come to you what do the ay want ep with? ina takes up toomoch of your tine?
do you wsh you knew more bout?
Wnate some hing that ke your eter? is your ot tit whe you on to sten the best way the
are yout?
nat TV ehannel doet east but ey shoul
you mos with theyve ccompled?
Wnat TV show ormovle do you to wath
'wnat would be way to send the
Whats youre
'Wnts soehing yu te the slond way?
\wnats your of book or mie?
How fen do you people
'Wat have you ony recy formed an epnon abut?
'Wats the bes singe yon the clendr?
inate you ntetete in hat most people havent of?
How do yourla aera
was the best book or series tht youve eve
Wats the artes youve ever Ben fom hone?
the moxt heartwarming thing Youve ever
Wats the xt annoyina question tat you?
youve 240 minate revetatin on wth absolutely of smal ation wha eeator wuld you do?
'Whats somathing you thnk everyone shoul oat leat once the oes?
Would yourather go hang whitevater rtng?
nats your ream
Whats worth spending mor on to tthe best2
ats somthing tat tn but ge the point of?
are you est king frwat inthe est 10 yeas? the most lace you've been?
Wnats sometting youve een meaning but ast ve around nats est ting that nappened you ast
Wnat place of enterarmen do you ish you coud erace tom your mind that you couldeperence forthe rat tne agaie?
the sane pay Nours, what ob wou yout amating ting you do that was ound see?
ow terent was your one yer
would yourate
'What youhope comes
the ost Intresting fat youve
What hind fart do you eoy nst?
Wnat do you nepener chinges?
at cy would you most he to
at movie bet descies your te?
ny you do the Wok you ae deing now?
nats best way persen can spend
Myousuddenty came amter at woodwerking wtut ou the most rang place youve ever ben?
Wats the ckest ing has happened to your
Wiatare sme tines youve ad to
you coming monts?
ina website do you vist moxt often?
Wnat one hing do yeu realy want but ant afford?
Wineredoyou ususly whenyou when you hve tine of?
Winee wouktyouspend al your you cou
'Wits pel about the pce youre
nat do you want
you mout bacome fr?
'What are you absahitey determine to do? the ost impressive tin you how
'at do you wish you knew more bout?
nat question would youor the answer to?
'Somewhat personal questions to get to know someone
nat question can you the os atout a at yu change your / lt abost someting aler?
Wnat wasthe best comglinent you've received?
'As the only Eah, what woud yu do? moises you tobe better?
'wnat do you want your etanh obe?
you thnk you woul grow out of but have?
Inwhat sation or pace woud you fel he most eut of pace
\Wnts the dumbest thing you dane out prelty wel?
'They sy that everyone book then What your book be abut? nats somthing you NEVER
What oyou spend the ost ie thinking about?
\Wnatare sme ofthe events in youre tat made you who youre?
\wnat do you wish yourbrain was beter t dong?
'Ther aeto types of peopen his world Wht ethe ro types? nats the strangest thing yauve come across?
Wints somthing you ate ceta yout experence?
dun aecomplishment ate you mest poud of?
you could make tat everyone hat wate wuld mahe?
Wat you to?
Wt do completely Ive up
semething you can eve
-As you get oder hat are you becamng mae and moe of?
Wats one of you
\Wnat would be te you could apna?
nat song at but sty hing?
\Wnat woud you de youknew you were going to
book pcte you the mont?
ehange our wuld you changett?
the sme poge sy, what he les?
was your most interesting end?
Have you eve evento any
sometting that your ends woul coiet you"?
iss are wort tain?
nat you how many es ou ty?
tyou could eavinen everyene in the doone thing at one pot tine what wou that thing be?
nat oou take er rant?
Wnat woul be seme of tht most anoying things about vig yoursell
Whats stng youre sei -conscious about?
\What personalty alt o you value est and which do the
What srl gestre rom astranger made bl impact on ou?
Wat ets you ted
Wnt hing ae you worhing ough these
nat irational ar do youve?
inats best nd wes ace of you've aver recive?
a you that countown tary ane event of yur chosing whit woull you want countdown
Wintas god te? nat doyou stony suspect but haven
Whats the ast advene you wanton?
en do you el yale"?
asthe most memate pit youve
Wnt oyu the mont about our
Wht doyeunope your ast woes lbe?
'Whut stt for you te woud you most heto see?
Wratare tee ofthe most sigicantrbers your ite?
nat coud you do wits dors most amount of
youee ulat sotay continent fr stumonths, what woud youdo sane?
Wats sometting tht everyone shoud try at at once? tact your resend to?
Have you ever saved someone's iter
ware some of the uring youre?
inat woulda mizr oppose yours be
Wnat are you ety abut hat you are god
\Wnat ae tee lntresting bout ou?
ile of yur sears asthe es story bein
'Whats he tle othe cre hintr of Youle?
'Whats he hardest asn you leare?
Wht you keep maling
do people thinks wee about you?
'When pele ok t yu, wat oyu ink thee / hik?
nat have you created that you re mos rout of?
ttyoucould make 20 cal you phone would you at any pat inyourNe present
'or fture when would you cal and what woud youy?
\nat annoy you mast about te ae part oft dayounave doubts about?
Wins you want remembee for?
Winatave sme of your that you never do youreee ot ding or starting when you were Younger?
you cold have wart cae hat he anythirg you wanted, what trapance you wart tobe?
'Wats the bes ting bout you? bends your every you tik about
Whats the best tng you got om your parents? nats one repeny realy wih you thave? ints the ly of your tet
your eidhood hada what woul it be?
'Whatare the top ve things you watt ccomplsh before you le? How close ae yout ecomplshng them?
Wint do you wish you al rom 10 yes What do you thik you want you erent 10 yeas rom now?
nyour sroup of lends, what ole do you poy? you ends wht are you for?
Whats the pest lesan you never
nats the most irmature tat you do?
youre ea book, what woull te be? the best and wes thing abowt geting ler?
oneting thit hppened or emething that someone sald tht change the wors?
Wnat ae you nst very rone about? youh przona what be
'Wnat iteste ctarge have you bren meaning to make for awhile row? nat would be your spit
the rand stron phion or do you ave that compety unimportant the rand scme of tires?
tehe ercounter hanged youre ever? tyou havea veo fay ne even what went woul you choe?
what 10 minutes of your ite would you chose?
Very perzonal questions to get to know someone better
om you change pesoninthe
Wat hee youu at igh
at th most suprising seaton a?
Whats he mot legal hing youve done?
'Whutle do you ttimost ten?
Wint oou regret not dln?
'Wat ves youre meaning?
you most often lock down on fo? Wst do you think ook down on youe?
nat ries do you not nate youmost sbout
do youret inthe way ot our succes?
Wats thing ou youreay wish you cou tackand atare you people vee when they look t
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