• 12 y/o me: *walks into a new friend’s house* friend: you can leave your shoes on friend’s mom: you can call me by my first name 12 y/o me: thank you both but physically i cannot do that

    • stupidmunk
      No one cares about late features
    • Nesbeez82
      I put the turtles in the ass
    • TattooedImagination
      Fuck, I'm 25 and I still physically can't do that.
    • Neil
      It’s honestly fucking painful to walk into a house and keep your shoes on
      Neil 18d
    • RangerFett
      Why would you want to keep your shoes on
    • That_Dude9000
      I remember the first time I heard my friend have a convo with his mom and he told her to shut up. Almost had a heart attack. Turned out to be something he does on a regular basis when they joke around. Shit just made me hella uncomfortable even when I knew he didn’t mean it.
    • Dostoyevsky_2
      I’m sorry madam, I simply wasn’t raised that way.
    • Astra_Sparrow
      I honestly can't do that. It's a "I'm in a new territory, I must gain the trust of the pack leader" feeling
    • Khafaji
      If you keep your shoes on, you’re an animal
      Khafaji 18d
    • OmarThickNuts
      Yeah, I remeber when my homies mom said I can smash her but I ended up smashing the dad
    • Argenlus
      Wearing shoes inside is a sin in Asian families
    • Montana__med
      content not available more
    • AntonioDeOliveiraSalazar
      Meanwhile in New York, Shlomo Goldsteinwitzbergman browses LGBT posts on Tumblr before heading to Stormfront to "debate" White Nationalists. He loses another argument, so he bangs his head against the computer, but his long nose goes through the screen, electrocuting and killing Shlomo instantly.
    • spooce
      I walked inside my asian friend’s house with shoes on on accident while his parents were unloading their car to come inside, I looked at him and he looked at me and we both had the same look of dread, then I booked it to his room and he was like “run! Hurry!”
      spooce 17d
    • PewDiePie verified
      I'm PewDiePie y'all
    • rawrziol
      “You can just come in whenever”
    • La_Autism
      I call my friends mom “mom”
    • Ashton_Kutcher
      I loved 2018. I graduated high school, got a perfect girlfriend, became a Marine and left in time for Thanksgiving, and then graduated Marine Combat Training and got to come home for Christmas and new years. 2018 was suspiciously good looking back
    • DatOneBrownGuy verified
      Happy New Years my West coast peeps!
    • AnimeRomance
      If I walked into the house with shoes on, my mom would beat my Japanese ass
    • Sassaphrass
      Friend's mom: "You can just call me Susan." Me: "Yes, Ms. Susan."
    • Mad_Hatter49
      Yo for real. I was always hungry as fuck and I could never ask for food or a drink even if my throat was cotton dry. They didn't offer, but like only once said "whatever you want is yours so root around the fridge" my mans you have no idea how many times I wanted gogurt but suffered in silence
    • fickets
      22 still don’t know how to address friend’s parents. I’ve been avoiding addressing them by name for 4 years
      fickets 18d
    • MrJack
      Okay Mrs. Karen
      MrJack 18d
    • underrated_music
      I used to be popular. All the popular and pretty girls used to talk to me. I was liked by so many people. After I gained weight every fucking thing changed. Only weird fucking people talk to me now and even they leave me on read now. I feel like nobody fucking cares about me
    • AcheChoo
      House rules are so different from place to place never quite sure if I'm supposed to leave my clothes on or sleep in your bed
    • PewDiePie verified
      Happy new year 🎊
    • AntonioDeOliveiraSalazar
      Meanwhile in Detroit, DeTyrone shoots his mom in the face before raping his hooker sister Latishaniqua. The police show up, and find DeTyrone holding a gun sideways like a chimp, forcing them to shoot and kill DeTyrone. His dying mother's last words are, "He a gud boy, he dindu nuffin".
    • SpmbSamson
      One time when I was 8 I stayed up all night on Christmas Eve to see if when Santa would come and at 1:43 am I heard noises downstairs and I looked into the kitchen and there Santa was giving my mom anal.
    • GunsAndAnthro
      Wearing your shoes inside your house is disgusting
    • JamaicanJreams
      Pretty sure if you do either of those things you get sent to the shadow realm so..no
    • TimeBender
      Oh Mrs. Robinson! Are you trying to seduce me?
    • HappyAndYouDontKnowIt
      I usually call my friends' parents mom and dad cuz I'm weird
    • coldtuna
      I feel like taking your shoes off in a friends house is more of a privilege because you’d feel like you’re at home
    • dunlupe
      Call her by her first name...cum on her face later...same thing
      dunlupe 18d
    • CrangisMcBasketball
      1 like, 1 nut before midnight
    • Angrysplashmountainlady
      2019 already fucked
    • Chimmy
      Not with my friends. Their mom will start rambling in Mandarin if I dare step a foot inside with my shoes on
      Chimmy 17d
    • armandobolanos7
      I guess cuz hispanic families dont have carpet that you care about we dont take off shoes coming inside. So for us taking off shoes is like comfortability of your own home. Its rude to take off shoes in their house unless they ask you to cuz of their flooring
    • GangreneGangster
      I prefer not have my shoes on inside
    • soap
      Why would you leave your shoes on.. some people would be insulted by that
      soap 18d
    • TaxiBoo
      I relate so much, to me it's like a LAW to take shoes off at front door, and calling a parent by their first name, umm no
      TaxiBoo 18d
    • VladimirDelToro
      For me it's usually when you feel comfortable enough to take your shoes off in someone's home unless it's a rule from the start
    • MadSnailDisease
      Guys I snapped a girl I like 8 hours ago and now she finally snapped me back and tbh I’m shitting myself somebody give me emotional support
    • truebmac
      Nigga i walked around my buddies house in my underwear and we was cool
    • CNN_News
      As a first generation polish-american, that shit would never fly. I'd be dead immediately if I called my parents by their first names and left my shoes on. Or worse hungry.
    • taijitu
      “Hey umm Jared’s mom do you have any juice”
      taijitu 18d
    • The_meme_knight
      Ooooohhhh my God. I just felt a connection stronger with you than I've had with anyone else in just 5secs.
    • Xx_Rafael_xX
      Me: *walks in* Random Family *who are you?* Me: *screams*
    • imalreadytacer
      If you drive by horses and don’t say “HORSES” you are a sociopath
    • jadeebugg2234
      But if it's an old friend, I bust the door down screaming "I'M HOME MOM!"
    • injunAP1
      Who tf calls their friend's mom buy her first name?
    • SophSimpl
      I hate the feeling of taking things for granted. I don't care if I'm starving to death I'll only get like half a plate of food
    • mcniggy
      I call my friends mom, mom and she's cool with it
      mcniggy 18d
      Friends name is bob: hello Mrs.Bobs mom
    • Zombies
      or when they say you can raid the fridge whenever you want and you still feel the need to ask n make sure its okay 😔
      Zombies 18d
    • tyezooma
      Or when they say you can come right in whenever, I still always knock
    • zombie123123123
      I'm 17 and I still can't physucally do that even with my best friend I just never address his parents by name . I usually just say hey or wait for them to talk first
    • coolcat_tom
      If you’re on a first name basis with your friend’s mom, you’re hitting that
    • Waffe
      alright so this girl i went to high school with has like a 1 year old baby even tho we’re both around 20 and she posted a pic of it on facebook saying “my kid isn’t any less beautiful because he isn’t vaccinated” bruh💀👏
      Waffe 18d
    • Curly_Brace
      Haven't seen you guys since last year!
    • KerryonJohnson
      I feel like if a kid takes their shoes off it's a test of whether they are respectful or pure human garbage
    • So_I_stole_a_Timelady
      I’ve know my best friend for 9 years, and I still call his parents Mr. & Mrs. ______.
    • logantheawesome
      If you allow people to wear shoes in your house you’re a dirty whore
    • Wob_Wob_Studios
      I have never called a friend’s mother by her first name and I’m 22 years old.
    • un5070
      Sounds like an Asian going over to a white friend’s house (true story btw, i’m asian and moved to MN, a predominantly white state when i was in high school, so i def experienced this with my white friends)
      un5070 18d
    • PewDiePie verified
      Y'all should subscribe cause I'm PewDiePie
    • LewisPattJr
      Ahhh, the good old days when respect for others was ingrained...
    • hypractiv
      I kept reading. "You can leave your shoes on" thinking leave them on what? What do I leave them on!
    • kilkrin
      EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE who grew up in the south, y’all know these are like the two things under yes or no ma’am or yes or no sir!
      kilkrin 16d
    • SecretBat
      I've been friends with my best friend for a good 14years and they consider me family and I still can't do that
    • promethean_2016
    • HiddenFemaleUltima
      Same but even w/ my friends that I've had for like a thousand years
    • atomicCupcake
      IDK about your carpets, I just don't like wearing shoes all that much. So these motherfuckers are off as soon as I'm mildly comfy with you and I think I'll be there for more than 10min
    • ThisCouldBeHeartbreak
      I’ve known my best friend for 8 years and I STILL keep my shoes on and call her mom Mrs. House instead of her first name lmao
    • GroundZer0
      1. I could be in a tux and still be comfortable, I’ll be just fine with my shoes on. 2. Bold of you to assume I would someone remember my friends last name....I mean I don’t remember they’re parents first names either but whatever
    • EdgyFrick
      I call all my friends moms “mom”
    • RateMySchlong
      You were raised right if you’re like this
    • BreadIsJustHardenedJuice
      Being raised with manners. Real ahit
    • forevermymoonlight
      Im 18 and im still like this
    • lostallcool
      *10 years later* WHAT'S UP FUCKERS
    • boomshakalahka
      I've known my friend since I was 4 and still cannot do that
    • BruceChillis
      If someone’s mum told me to call her by her first name, I’d take it as a come on
    • AsheVelos
      12 fuck off I'm 19 and I still cant do that
    • Diamond_Account
      Dude I never knew what to call any of my friends moms even the ones that I was chill and cool with. I'm just like hey you, how you been today.
    • RedRaven05
      Old school manners, you always leave your shoes at the door, always address your friends' parents as Mr/Mrs and always say yes/no sir and yes/no ma'am...
    • Millard
      It's 6 am my sleep schedule is completely fucked
      Millard 18d
    • ecchi_gawd
      Cuz we all traditional ancient japan deep inside
    • AnthonyHopkins
      content not available more
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