• I'm in this picture and I don't like it
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    • My life story
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    • No, you are just lazy
    • No I’m just lazy
      flyOS 8d
    • I grew up always being told I was so smart and talented, now I’m a junior and realizing everyone is better than me and I ain’t shit
    • I feel that.
    • Being sad or bored isn’t being depressed
    • Humblebrag
    • Himblebrag
    • They should stop telling kids this. It just made us cocky and now basic things like studying is way harder than it should be
    • Can't relate I'm just fuckin stupid
      vjdf 9d
    • “Gifted” at 10, “advanced placement” in high school, just means “average intelligence with no preparation or studying skills” in college
      breeza 9d
    • Relatable. I literally had better reading skills in third grade than I do now
    • They say if you aren’t challenged as a child you are more likely to develop depression and anxiety later in life
    • How come the average IQ is 100 and everyone in the comments suddenly turned into Jimmy Neutron, boy genius?
    • I don’t remember making this(not actually mine)
    • Holy shit, literally my entire fucking life
    • Every kid now a days has depression. God you all make people who have depression look so bad because you feel a little down today. Stop self diagnosing and grow up. Also a good cure to depression is forcing the person to do shit, the meds help BUT they only help you need to push yourself too
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    • Every 10 year old who flexed being a highschool level reader just fell right the fuck off
      Beavis 9d
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    • I want to die
    • Is that what they call them now? Gifted?
    • Im still waiting for school to get hard tbh
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    • I was this kid but here's what I'm not afraid to admit I thought I'd ALWAYS be ahead so I stopped trying thinking I'd be fine until like 8th grade when I realized I could barely keep up so instead of blaming depression I had to work moral is some people are lazy and blame a disorder they dont have
    • I was like that, now I’m barely passing college lol gifted my ass
      ty808ty 10d
    • I hate how people act like they have depression and then blame it for everything. Unless you’ve been legitimately diagnosed with depression, don’t go telling everyone you’re depressed you big bunch of pussies, Grow up.
    • I was a great student until I went from procrastinating to straight up conciously not doing assignments because I would rather do literally anything else. This is how I went from a top 1% student throughout grade school to barely graduating high school in the top 30%
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    • Me but my dad took me out to homeschool. He's not a very good teacher.
    • The depresion just got worse
    • Story of my friend who went to meth instead. Just makes everything worse
    • Facts though
    • *gifted early on in school* *building no work ethic* "I'm about to end this man's whole career"
    • I got into a GATE school in the fourth grade and in the fifth I got bullied by everyone to the point that the teacher suggested I transfer back to a regular school since I was wasting a space there
    • Real shit in 3..2...1... Kids who grew up with these skills were constantly told they were special, unlike the others, and can do anything they want. But hardly any of what we were told was true because were all just like anybody else. Everyone may be unique but we arnt special.
      asdoo 10d
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    • Lol then when u get to high school it turns around u read horribly
    • All those gifted kids kinda sucked by their 20s
    • This was actually me
    • For "gifted" kids, you're all pretty retarded.
    • Ah you let your self diagnosed sadness derail your potential. Pitiful.
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    • Its like how i always say, the smartest kids in school end up the dumbest with no clue in life.
    • i didn't ask to be attacked
    • Aight but we finna act like the damn education system ain't totally fucked tho?
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    • I remember in grade 6 my teachers were telling me i was able to work 2 grades ahead of me. In the end I barely graduated without skipping those grades. Stress mostly, but anxiety and depression played a big part in that as well.
    • Fuck depression. Just say fuck it
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    • Why the fuck are 10-year olds depressed?!!!
    • I think there was a study on this and it’s extremely common for this among people in our generation
    • So am I the only one who had bad grades in middle school and turned it around and had good grades in high school
    • Fuck, I can’t believe you’ve done this.
    • I’m in this picture AND I DONT FUCKING LIKE IT
    • We were told we were so talented and special, so we didn’t feel like we needed to try, now we are struggling to keep up.
    • This is me except the match i have a 12+ reading level but i don't even read but math is fucking torture
    • Fuck this dude, it hurts,
    • I didnt make a C or below an 85 until 8th grade 2nd 6 weeks. I almost failed the 4th
    • i was that kid now im asking my school to put me in easier math classes
      KeaBz 10d
    • Why does everyone have depression am I on the wrong app?
      Asdqwer 10d
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    • *whips ironically to mask the pain*
    • Ignorance is bliss, that must that that the lack of is ....?
    • That’s me (-depression bc I’m lucky) (jk I have anxiety instead)
    • It took me until I was in ninth grade to realize I wasn’t unique. And even now, I’m pretty sure everyone else knows it too. We can’t even be unique in knowing we aren’t unique
    • Someone stole my life story
      SageAna 10d
    • It's too real
    • And then every "smart but depressed" kid comments..
    • I hate this format.
    • I'm not sure if I've just been depressed for a long time, or if being antisocial and cynical is just my natural state.
      D3ZR0 10d
    • Pussies. Dont let your so called "depression" stop you. Choose to be strong
    • All y'all be like "Wow this is so me" yeah ok retard that was elementary school
    • Just because you are in these gifted classes doesnt mean you'll be successful
    • I'm on spring break from college and you never truly realize how much you hate your home until you go back
      sazuto 10d
    • Why are these memes describing my life exactly it’s kinda scary..
    • Out of all my posts WHY TF WAS THIS ONE FEATURED
    • Bro, I'm legit not having a good time
    • I honestly don’t like how well I can relate
    • Unpopular opinion: Most millennials who say that they have depression don’t have depression
    • Depression is beatable you just got to fucking get some willpower and get over it
    • Pre-high school: “You have a lot of potential to do great things!” High School: “You’re actually really smart and you’re getting a ton of experience!” College: “Hi everyone did the same shit hope you’re happy being barely average.”
    • You know I came here to laugh not remember why I always have a flask on me
    • Think about it, if we all met in real life we’d be great fuckin friends
    • I relate to this
    • It’s not about being quirky. Fuck that, it’s just people being to obsessed with technology so in the end they have no friends to talk to thus separating them from other people. Thus causing loneliness and likely depression because of it
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    • Literally me but without the depression. Depression is a label for really sad, which could cause people to end their lives. To me, being depressed is a mood, not a lifestyle.
    • Bruh why is my life being summed up by a meme
    • Me omg I read puppy place one a day when I was like 5 and now I'm in middle school and i read adult books and I'm in the ap classes AND OMG I HAVE SERIOUS DEPRESSION THAT CAUSED ME TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL
    • Why were we all in gifted classes what the fuck
    • Fuck the fuck off bro pls
    • Literally me
    • Wow the amount of people agreeing to this just shows the lies the education system is telling
    • Can you remove this please, i never gave you permission to use my life story
    • I can fucking relate
    • So quirky everyone has depression 🤣🤣
    • I mean I got depressed as hell too but I still got my homework done paid attention in class because I knew if I didn't I would end up at like Walmart or some shit
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    • Same :,)
    • Weakling
      Barduck 11d
    • Haha another depression post... Yay....
    • Lol i have depression am i cool
      Mcccddd 11d
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