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    • Well I mean no. It’s illegal to do that everywhere because it’s a motor vehicle and that classifies as a dui
      CrabMan 13d
      1.2K 70
    • Who?
    • Then the whole population of kansas clapped
    • loser
    • That's why I'm becoming the next loser. So nobody will forget me
    • I wont allow my Great Grandparents to be forgoten
    • That's what fame is for
    • Poor loser
    • Modern medicine has now entered the group chat...
      ADOZ008 11d
    • My great great great uncle burned down a church and then ran(literally ran) home and went to sleep, when the police arrived he told them he had been asleep the whole time
    • Say that to my great grandfather, the judge who told Elvis he couldn’t shake his hips in Florida
    • He has a point
    • My great uncle brought a pistol back from WWII because he killed a German and looted his corpse
    • My great uncle x4 was a WW1 ace who had two pet mountain lions
      Corziba 11d
    • If he wasn’t dead
    • My mom is the reason Abrams Tanks are the "almost" unflippable tanks.
      Sayda 11d
    • Tell that to my mother's great uncle by marriage, he was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald point-blank as the assassin ran from his hideout
    • Fuck that guy's uncle. He's the reason I got my liscense suspended and am no longer allowed to drive without taking a breathalyzer
    • I mean Abe Lincon
    • Tell that to my Viking ancestors who fucked with the english
    • Tell that to my great great great aunt who is celebrating her 100th bday today
      kml4of4 12d
    • Ahem you mean loser
    • My great grandma is the reason handicap people can get full time jobs and benefits is Dallas Tx. She’s deaf.
      ccccx 12d
    • (X) doubt
    • Leonidas kicked some bitch into hole and you tryna say my mans was forgotten?
    • I had an old relative that threw an alligator at a cop and got charged with assault with a deadly wrapon
    • My great great uncle was governor Pappy O'Daniel, can't forget him
    • My family records who out ancestors were so I know all the way back to about 500 years prior to Jesus’ death.
    • I can trace my family all the way to a badass knight from the 1600s. You just gotta go big.
    • That's why you gotta make as many memes as possible so you're dumbass descendants will know they come from greatness
    • I agree completely. My great great uncle started the civil rights movement. He’s the one who told Rosa Parks to get her ass to the back of the bus.
      iTrump 12d
      1 2
    • As someone who lives in Ohio I can confirm.
    • Omg I'm literally listening to "Disappear" from the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack. And if you don't know what that song is about, its pretty much about how nobody deserves to be forgotten
    • I was thinking about this in the shower 2 hours ago. Like im fortunate to meet my great grandma but who was her mom? And my grandmas grandma
    • I live in Kansas, that asshole
    • My name is a legit Google search. My name will live on with my family. Plus I’ll haunt the shot out of them when I’m gone.
      1 4
    • I think about how I will be forgotten alot but I understand that it just happens
    • That motherfucker. I cant hop on the old deer with a cold brewski because of that motherfucker. FUCK
      Nimitz 12d
    • One ride changed his life
      wezley 12d
    • Thats a fuckin legacy
    • My great great something uncle was one of the people who burned down the first white house.
    • That’s three gens next gen will most likely forget
    • Whooooaaa Kansas man strikes again! We making a name for our selfs
    • Not if your name is Stanley Yelnats
    • Your influence will last until the end of time.
    • i’ll make sure to teach my children about my great grandma and great aunt so they’re never forgotten
    • May be illegal but we still do it
    • I mean one of my many great grandfathers convinced Lincoln to purchase Alaska and i haven't forgotten about him
    • It’d probably take me one gen. I’m not having children ever
    • I always wondered what would happen to those people in The Book of Life...
    • Tell that to my no good dirty rotten pig stealing great great grandfather
      1 1
    • @Arceus
    • What a lad
      Lyve 12d
    • Tell that to my great great great (and so on) grandfather, Jefferson Davis. Pretty sure EVERYONE in the US knows him
    • Tell that to me, who is already forgo-... wait...
    • And that is why no one will remember your name
    • It is illegal to drive anything while drunk dip shots even forks vehicles
    • Jokes on you I have no kids! I'm already forgotten
    • That's actually sad
    • Jonathan and Joseph joestar would like to have a talk with you
    • I have a family tree going back to the 1400s
      Glyndwr 12d
    • Or my sweet auntie peppie who slept with most of Ohio and has a descendant with 1 of every 100 people
    • My great great uncle on my dad's side passed away with 400 cars in his backyard. In his will he stated he wasn't giving a single one to anybody
      dcpally 12d
    • Newton,Einstein,loser,George Washington Abraham Lincoln.... do I keep going?
    • What a way to go
    • Unless you’re Elvis, or loser, or George Washington. Basically, just be famous or a world leader and you’ll never be forgotten
    • Not in my family my cousins made the first motorized plane. (Firestone side) and then on the raymond side our great grandad told the witcher of Germany at the outbreak of the first world war to go fuck himself and fled to america. Aperintly he also owned a castle.
      jpjosh 12d
    • They say you die twice. Once when your life ends and again when the last time someone mentions your name. Which is scarier
    • My great great grandfather sold granite mountain for $20 and a pair of shoelaces. Largest piece of granite in South Texas, that is now mined and distributed everywhere.
    • Also I'm the reason a few walmarts in wisconsin stopped selling himalayan salt lamps
      HavikTV 12d
    • Try 3 minutes
    • Who really cares tho
    • My great×3 granfather, Guy Holt, is the guy you see riding the bucking horse on the Wyoming quarters and license plates. Pretty cool :)
    • Well true but not
    • and we still learning about pythagoreas shit in history class
    • We went over ancestor names at thanksgiving and mocked people from probably five or so generations back, they had horrendously funny names!
      Br44n5m 12d
    • Great great great grandfather owned the first brothel in Montana.
      sirz345 12d
    • I've been forgotten by this generation... is all good, fuck them anyway
    • How do you get tc like who chooses who gets it?
    • Tell that to mad Jack Churchill. That man is a legend
    • Some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold..
    • My great great grandmother left her wealthy plantation-owning family to become a poor farmer because she was an abolitionist and against her family owning slaves
      JayeK 12d
    • Tell that to my ancestor Alvin York who we read about a couple years ago in school
    • Tell that to my great grandfather whistling Pete who had no fingers just thumbs
    • Fuck you, I loved my great grandmother
    • Wtf did he do
    • My grand fathers grand faster was hung for performing illegal abortions. I was told he killed over 300 babies.
      2 1
    • My great grandad killed a man outside a bar with a Revolver in 1934. I have his name.
      3 1
    • I think my great great uncle or grandpa made it allowed to smoke marijuana in Washington
      3 3
    • That’s almost exactly what the characters of Coco were trying to prevent
    • Never forget Mikhail Kalashnikov
    • Jesus, loser, Kahn, etc.
    • You know who we shouldn't forget? Vasili Arkhipov. The man who made the sole decision to not launch a nuclear torpedo that would have led to the destruction of most of the earth.
    • Nobody even knows I exist now so what the fucks the point
    • Tell that to my great great grandpa, John Wilkins Boothe
    • What about george Washington
    • I mean... hes not wrong.
    • If Stan Lee becomes forgotten I'm bringing hell to earth I shit you not
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    • Ya no, I’ll def be telling my kids that their great grandfather once threw a bear in the ocean
      2 9
    • Unless you’re loser
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