• Tom Holland Accidentally Uploads Entire Avengers 4 Movie to Twitter - Lmfao this makes it even funnier
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    • icantrn
      Tom Holland accidentally leaked so much that he gets his scripts later than anyone else
      icantrn a month
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    • TaZoMasari99
      Me: Oh fuck I'm on time for features, does that mean I can get top comment? Porn Accounts: 😏
      TaZoMasari99 a month
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    • Insignificance
      I post half naked cartoon girls in the iFunny comment section
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    • Orcabones
      tom holland accidentally confirms he has entire avengers 4 movie on his phone
      Orcabones a month
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    • Reaper07
      This kid fits the role of Peter Parker, outside of playing the role Peter Parker
      Reaper07 a month
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    • DeltaJunkrat
      Oh really? I didn't realize the jome made it funnier. Thanks for clarifyin since I clearly don't even have a mind to think with on my own
      DeltaJunkrat a month
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    • nunu_135
      nunu_135 a month
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      Not even the amazing power of flex tape could stop Tom Hollands leaks
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    • Teneiryx
      This implies that he actually has the entire movie on his computer and no one thought that that was a bad idea
      Teneiryx a month
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    • hiko3218
      hiko3218 a month
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    • AZ0RAHAI
      AZ0RAHAI a month
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    • MaskedMenace
      Tom Holland is a really cool and funny guy but he's not cringy and emo like Tumblr tries to make him
      MaskedMenace a month
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    • TBestIG
      Don’t worry guys I posted a version without the caption before this got featured you’re welcome
      TBestIG a month
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    • iFail verified
      “loose lipped brit” lmao imagine if they came up with something like this for a black dude
      iFail a month
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    • boda_egg
      Yall remember when Jimmy Kimmel was asking tom about infinity war, and Tom goes "I've got to go. I-i think thanos is robbing a bank!" He didnt want to spoil anything!
      boda_egg a month
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    • RepubCounty
      RepubCounty a month
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    • kingofthebloodychallengbr
      I like how this implies that he HAS THE ENTIRE AVENGERS 4 MOVIE
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    • ImoralJ
      Ha, boy didn't even know the full plot to infinity wars till it came out because marvel studios doesn't trust him
      ImoralJ a month
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    • NoForMeDawg
      I read that in both his Spider-Man voice and his natural British accent.
      NoForMeDawg a month
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    • Ninjajayden488
      Tommy boi is the best spider man
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    • briethecheese
      briethecheese a month
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    • Dylan16
      Wait... does this mean that Tom Holland has access to the whole End Game movie on his phone and/or computer
      Dylan16 a month
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    • Ovum
      Ovum a month
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    • urfuturestepdad
      This implies Tom Holland has avengers 4 endgame in download and could potentially upload it somewhere. Quick squeeze it out of him
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    • DankWWE
      DankWWE a month
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    • Thundercougerfalconbird
      Tom... you were not my favorite Spider-Man, but you are getting extremely close
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    • MartyrDom66
      I bet tom hollands ass tastes like skittles
      MartyrDom66 a month
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    • AeroRomeo
      If he wasn’t a good Spider-Man, marvel probably would’ve fired him by now
      AeroRomeo a month
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    • Sir_Watzhizface
      The funniest part is that his comment could equally be a joke or he was serious
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    • Demon280
      Tom Holland IS Peter Parker
      Demon280 a month
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    • Teen_groot
      This implies that Tom has access to avengers 4
      Teen_groot a month
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    • IilliampumpernickeI
      at least it wasnt what mark did live-streaming in his pocket
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    • Admiral_General_Aladeen_
      Mark ruffalo: hold my beer
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    • I_love_weed_
      I_love_weed_ a month
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    • kwpf
      The fact that he questioned it suggests that he has the capability to do so. He has a copy on his phone, computer, or other device.
      kwpf a month
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    • AppleInc
      Tom Holland is a genius marketing gimmick on Marvel’s part. Everybody who thinks he’s just a geeky kid accidentally sharing movie spoilers is falling right into Marvel’s tactics.
      AppleInc a month
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    • kazuo
      I wonder if when he does things like this (spoilers and such) if they do legal action or if its just like a "oh tommy! You silly thing, try not to do it again sweetie"
      kazuo a month
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    • Hewitt22
      Lmfao that caption ruins it 😂
      Hewitt22 a month
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    • fuckoffff
      This implies he has the entire movie saved on his camera roll and I think that’s absolutely hilarious
      fuckoffff a month
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    • theantisaint
      After last time like they’d ever let him have access to it lol
      theantisaint a month
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    • brandileigh
      I would sit on Tom Holland face and cream so hard he would actually shoot web out of his fingertips
      brandileigh a month
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    • Lewd_Knight_
      Oh no Tom Holland found evidence that would lead to Hillary Clinton’s arrest oh fuck oh god
      Lewd_Knight_ a month
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    • Zillion
      Zillion a month
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    • MaryPopaPill
      I wonder how many people know that when Tom Holland “leaks” something, it’s planned?
      MaryPopaPill a month
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    • insert_clever_username
      The fact that he asks himself did I means he has it backed up on his computer or phone.
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    • bigtony741
      Lmao! The caption made sure I laughed harder at this🤣
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    • InjectableChrist
      “The loose lipped Brit”
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    • SuperBagels23
      There’s no way anyone would accidentally post a whole fucking movie on Twitter
      SuperBagels23 a month
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    • Thethiccbooty
      Thethiccbooty a month
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    • fuckyouthatwasmyusername
      To be completely fair. If I were in Tom's position I would probably do the exact same shit he does
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    • Dr_HerpaDerp
      He has to film not knowing what's going on most of the time
      Dr_HerpaDerp a month
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    • Elementio
      Love tom and his forgetfulness
      Elementio a month
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    • TheMarshFox
      TheMarshFox a month
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    • univex
      So he actually has it then
      univex a month
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    • digdeep257
      See you know he didn’t actually, but there is a slight chance that he could have and that is the essence of comedy
      digdeep257 a month
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    • GoddessBelle
      I have a friend that was an actor on a show that was waiting to get picked up and he literally told everyone what the show was about and what happens and shit and even played the trailer before it was released to the public.
      GoddessBelle a month
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    • LuffyvsPopeye
      𝓣𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝔀𝓸𝓾𝓵𝓭 𝓱𝓪𝓿𝓮 𝓫𝓮𝓮𝓷 𝓮𝓹𝓲𝓬 𝓲𝓯 𝓲𝓽 𝔀𝓮𝓻𝓮 𝓽𝓻𝓾𝓔
      LuffyvsPopeye a month
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    • 123scam4free
      Yeah that fuckin caption made it worse. Just leave the meme as it is please.
      123scam4free a month
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    • GarrettZuma
      GarrettZuma a month
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    • d3adie
      this is something Tom Holland definitely would do on accident.
      d3adie a month
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    • DailyDoseOfAss
      Does this mean he already has a copy of the movie?
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    • imaginedragons
      Sorry for the caption guys, I posted the top part yesterday so the caption was more commentary for my subs who saw it then. Totally didn't plan on it being featured 3 hours later
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    • FoodOverPeople
      This > being religious
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    • Clark_Griswold79
      Except he didn’t and couldn’t seeing as how video length on Twitter is two minutes
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    • Alltwinkiesgotohell
      Marvel funny guys
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    • VelocityRaptor_
      Tom holland is British? He sounds American in the movies, damn
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    • Easy_Tech
      Y’all really think they don’t tell him to do stuff like this
      Easy_Tech a month
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    • AL_TheUnforgiving
      Tom: FUCK WAIT
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    • ASmallYouTuber
      The text on the bottom is very unnecessary
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    • DietWatr
      I mean... wouldn’t it take a long time to upload. It’s an entire movie.
      DietWatr a month
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    • JT_basic_bro
      Thanks for explaining with the caption
      JT_basic_bro a month
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    • JonathanAroz
      "Accidentally." 😤
      JonathanAroz a month
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    • Faccc
      There he just confirmed that it’s finished
      Faccc a month
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    • NYWallCrawler
      Because he probably would
      NYWallCrawler a month
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    • NerdWorld1
      NerdWorld1 a month
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    • Bugattiblue
      I don't know Tom Holland as an actor, so I can't make any relevant jokes. But it seems he is doing fine on his own.
      Bugattiblue a month
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    • DailyCommentor
      Is he saying he has the entire avengers 4 movie already?
      smile 3
    • Disgruntled_Vulpine
      Never change, Tom. Never change.
      smile 3
    • redAssGuppy
      where’s benedict when yo need him
      redAssGuppy a month
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    • IgotU
      His accidental leaking is a marketing ploy that they aren't even trying to hide anymore.
      IgotU a month
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    • Ominous_Red_Balloon
      Tom Holland: *Acts like Spider-Man* Everyone: “OMG Tom Holland is Spider-Man in real life!”
      smile 3
    • brainlessterror
      2013, is that the year he was born
      smile 3 reply 2
    • The_Ghoosh
      The caption has me dying!!!!!😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂👌👌👌
      The_Ghoosh a month
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    • sixth_robin
      It may be funny, but if he wasnt so popular then I'd question how he still has a job.
      sixth_robin a month
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Koruption
      I remember many moons ago, when rage comics had just gone out of style and captioned images were all the rage. The captions actually added something funny instead of just pointing out the obvious.
      Koruption a month
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    • King_coitus
      Lmfao the caption made it even funnier
      King_coitus a month
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    • tfthis
      All these retards trying to say which Spider-Man is better like anyone actually cares
      tfthis a month
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    • JaydenJAMZ
      Spider-Man... more like Spoiler-Man
      JaydenJAMZ a month
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    • AesthDEADics
      Yeah I’m sure he “accidentally” uploaded the ENTIRE MOVIE. TWICE. I’m suuuure it was an accident twice. I’d fire the fucker quicker than he could say “I don’t want to leave Mr. Stark!”
      AesthDEADics a month
      smile 4 reply 3
    • WhoCanSayWhereTheRoadGoes
      He’s better than Andrew Garfield, who is a Jew btw. But he’ll never be a Toby McGuire. Toby was born to be Peter Parker
      smile 3 reply 11
    • 0m1n0u5
      Does that imply that he actually has a copy of it? Paparazzi you come in from the east. Fans create diversion, you, flash your boobs. No not... ok him too. Pirates you flank from web... web 😏. Alright ready? GET THAT COPY!
      0m1n0u5 a month
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    • MonsterOck
      Tom spoiled like one thing a couple of years ago and now it’s pretty much his motto. Poor dude.
      MonsterOck a month
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    • LaboratoryMoron
      Captions are just modern laugh tracks
      smile 3
    • CRLM107
      Tom Holland is precious
      CRLM107 a month
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