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The CEO of Target: I completely support the protests
and am literally a billionaire I could rebuild those stores
ten times over
yall: ok well it's not fair bc what about lee rigby
Lee Rigbys family: we do not support the use of lee's
case to silence the black lives matter protests as we
support them and the two aren't comparable as one is
an extremist attack and one is police brutality
Yall at a VE Day party or on the beach: ok well what
about the infection risk
Central disease experts and health experts: *write an
open letter to the public supporting the protests as they
say "racism is a much deadlier and long lasting health
epidemic than covid 19"*
Yall: the cases in America are already spiking
actual doctors: well the time for symptoms to develop is
7-14 days so that spike is actually because of your
parties, beach days and protests that you couldn't get a
Yall: well rioting and looting doesn't do anything
Historians: the only thing in history that has worked for
the general public inciting change has been a riot a
protest or a looting like the civil rights movement,
suffragettes and stonewall
Yall: well violence isn't the answer
Historians: well MLK was peaceful and you still shot him
dead, and Britain is one of the most historically violent
countries in the world, how ironic
AND LEAVE instead of finding an excuse as to why you
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    • Big corporations dont care cuz then they can cash out on the insurance
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    • They kind of ignored the 100s of small business being looted or burned down, as well as the loss of jobs form the burning down of corporate stores, not to mention the cars, and people attacks by the organizations
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    • They’re so delusional. “We’ll target CEO said...” yeah but that doesn’t matter. That’s because you’ll get pissed if they don’t say that. How about this? What’s going to happen when the riots are over and Target doesn’t come back because it’s too risky? What’s going to happen to the small businesses?
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