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When the gong rand out MJK101 grabbed the Messenger
bag near him and took off. He didn't risk heading for the
cornacoupia. He headed straight for the tall grass to his
left. He ran through the tall grass and tripped on a stone.
He heard screamed and cannons firing. He wasn't safe
here. He tried to get up but just couldn't. He looked down
at his foot to see that the rock wasn't a rock but
a trap. His
foot was entangled in the net. He wasn't very far from the
cornacoupia so he had to act fast. He flipped open the
messenger bag and found a sleeping bag,dried fruit,
matches, a pocket knife, and some goggles. He took out
the knife and tried to cut the netting. Every time he cut the
netting it squeezed his foot. His toes were going numb he
had to act fast. He pulled out the matches and set the
netting on. Fire while slashing. He got his foot out and
began to run. He realized how hard it was to run with
numb toes.
He ran until he reached a lake he could no longer hear the
screams from the cornucopia bloodbath. He decided it was
safe to look at the lake he saw fish he had never seen
swimming. He looked around. There was a cliff above him
and trees surrounding the tall grass. He felt around on the
grass and realized why it was so hard to run their was stiff
twigs on the ground from the forest. He piker the up and
decided to jake a spear from them by weaving them
together with grass. He cut off the pieces sticking off so
they were straight. He collected enough wooden pieces
and decided to get the grass. He was so caught up in his
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    • MJK enter the surprise challenge and if you win you can re enter the competition Sam with you brave
      Smeldor_UAH_2013 12 jan 2014
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    • Yes brave
      Smeldor_UAH_2013 12 jan 2014
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    • @Smeldor, can I be in the next one?
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    • Sorry MJK good luck next time! </3
      FusionFlows_2016 11 jan 2014
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    • Sorry MJK I might call you back don't loose contact either this profile he got 1 more vote you might be called back so don't worry you can be in the next one I will host another
      Smeldor_UAH_2013 11 jan 2014
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    • Well crap......
      MJK101_2012 11 jan 2014
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