He's real dammit!! - He's real dammit!!
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    • I never said I support Obama Care. I was focusing on how corrupt US media is and how brainwashing it could be. Theres no need for me to help make this app iPoliticalView much more than it already is, so I'm done explaining and I'm sorry that you have to pay a little more, most of us do.
      yakoyak05 16 jan 2014
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    • Much did you gross last year?how much is your mortgage payment? How many people live in your house that you have to feed?? Don't sit here and tell me that this is a good thing! Or more important thing to ask.... How Much did you take in on food stamps and welfare???
      rebarss_3of100 15 jan 2014
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    • You moron!! The opening that I work for is not hired on a full-time employee in the past three years! When somebody quits they replace them with part time work seasonal help! My insurance rates have gone through the roof! Up $109.00 a week to be exact! You are a fool if you think this is a good !
      rebarss_3of100 15 jan 2014
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    • Haha I love this app. Just out of curiosity how do you know whats in each plan. Whats your source? Unless you saw it with your own eyes ?Otherwise its a secondary source. And a secondary source can leave any part of a story out or in that they want to. Its legal in the US.
      yakoyak05 14 jan 2014
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    • @yakoyak05. I don't need Fox News, cnn, NSNBC or anyone else for that matter to tell me how to think.... I can see plan as day as to what's going on!! And I can see it with my own two eye's!! WAKE UP BUD!!
      rebarss_3of100 14 jan 2014
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    • Obamas is a total communist dictator trying to make us great citzens suffer from the wrath of his oppressive ways. Well least thats what fox news says and because its got news in its name, it must be true.
      yakoyak05 13 jan 2014
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    • and anyone who supports ObamaCare has the same IQ as bigfoot
      jjjjkpts_2016 13 jan 2014
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