• "Ladies and Gentlemen joining me now is the Legend Killer,
Randy New you went from having le one of of the most War le of the War card he coes it make you feel to e all of your efforts ultimately leave y
Back where I started? let me tell you something, in the past year if I've done anything it's improve I'm nowhere near the level of which I started. if you told me a year ago that I was going into ifpw mania with the UK title I would have laughed in your face, and then suddenly that became the real in the matter of one year. so no I'm nowhere near where I I started, and it's a little insulting that you think I am. Now as for being left off of Civil War well, let's just say management no longer has my best interests at heart and the feeling is mutual.
You know it's actually kind of funny because originally, I was asked to be on one of the teams for Civil War by one of their leaders. now unfortunately My space was taken by somebody who coincidentally, also was the person who took my UK title. So no I'm not bitter about being left off of Civil War no I'm bitter about the person who is taking everything from me without me
being able to defend myself.
l asked for a match against this person so that I can reclaim at least a little bit of the pride that lost, and they tell me to sit down and to wait in line. Imagine losing something you worked hard to get, and then being told that you're not allowed to get it back.
That would piss you off a little wouldn't it?
"Well yeah, your feelings are completely valid when it comes to that. However on a completely unrelated note, in two days you will be facing off against the hottest new talent of the Titus brand, The Lucasaurus. What are your plans as you go into this match? How do you feel about being put against a rookie despite your previous standings?"
\ # WweRAW
N -
At the end of the day, my previous standings don't matter. What matters now is what I'm going to do next, not what I've already done. As far as the Luchasaurus goes in his little Tarzan wannabe jungle boy, let's just say that the amount of respect that I have for those two is so little that it cannot be described in words. Look don't know if he fell out of a tree when he was a kid, or if this is some childhood play imagination thing, but does
he seriously believe that man is a dinosaur?
Look Jungle Boy, I don't know what hole or Forest you crawled out of, or what tribe you come from, and more importantly I don't care, but if you think that you're going to have your luchasaurus make an example out of me then you are surely mistaken. There is no amount of shiny coins in the world that can prepare you or reward you for the hell that I will put your lucasaurus through, and as for you Lucasaurus, I don't know what the hell is going on with this relationship of yours but to put it bluntly, in case it's not clear to you, you are jungle boys bitch.
You really think you're going to find a mate? You really think that any of this has to do with you and not his own personal standing? You're about as ignorant as 90% of the IFPW roster.
What's worse is that you two are nothing more than a distraction from my ultimate goal. You see right now my focus is on tearing down those who call themselves Legends and killing their spirits, and you may be prehistoric but you are not legends,
Siu 1
and after Friday night, when devistate you with the three
most dastardly dangerous letters in IFPW, I will ensure that you never are.
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