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Good day everyone and welcome to iFunny
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Today we're joined yet again by the famous and caring
hiii guys I'm back!
Hold on
Als this thing on?
Haha don't worry it is
Okie Thankyou welcome back to my second interview with Jack
I'm flattered to have you back on! First things first I've seen you participating in this year's Meme Race. What do you think of the categories?
Before we get started on that question id just like to say please subscribe to Jack!!!
He's a really great account whos making it easier for all of us to get to know a little more about our favourite users. And also, say a lot so if you don't want to read the whole thing that's totally fine, it's not gonna bother me as
I'm just doing this for fun!
hi guys welcome back to my second
Yes I am in fact participating in the annual meme race currently being held. I'm having a looot of fun making
ORIGINAL memes based on the different categories, so there's a different category every week for a month, didn't participate in the first race, and I happened to be the winner of the second race coming in place among several hundred competitors. The cool thing about this race is that it doesn't depend on whether or not it gets featured or whether you have a lot of subs or not but
Okay now to answer Jack's
Rather on the collective
experience of the memes, so winning the race is anyone's shot no matter how big or small the account is.->
'Awww thank you so much for
Always nice to be appreciated!
All memes have to be Original so they're likely reverse image searched to confirm originality. The categories are fun, some more than others, the one I won on happened to be a category I found really fun which was paintings maybe more so than the current one which is hero's and villains, but I'm still in the race because I'm in it to win it once again!! Let's go Team
agree, it's awesome that it's a real fair playing field for anyone, and congrats on place in the second race!
Keep up the good work and original content! Do you have any ideas for tournaments/ events iFunny could hold similar to Meme Race?
That's a really tough question
Jack. After the meme race they hold much smaller competitions which are equally as fun. But obviously this one being more official it's that much more intense. I think they're doing well by organizing these competitions and hopefully they can maybe come up with more down the road.
What can say is I hope more people feel encouraged by the race to create more
Original Content!
That's fair, it's hard to come up with something on the spot, but you're right they are doing well with these organized competitions, and heck yeah more original content! So, the people want to know, what is your most recent favorite meme?
'The meme that made and helped me win the second
'meme race coming in place is my recent favourite meme! (
Couldn't have said it better myself! And agree, it's been well-received as far as can tell. Now what is your opinion the general community of iFunny?
Haha nice! it's a favorite of mine now as well. So, getting back on track, do you feel that the general community has a positive response towards the organized do believe it does, feel like dozens maybe even hundreds competitions. feel like lot of people are interested and.
tournaments and events that
'Amazon Gift Card if they win place. And what better doing what you love which is the app holds? It's an overall great
'community, the vast majority of the community is solely
Interested in memes, the hundreds of thousands of people that scroll through memes just swipe through memes, they're not interested in all the technical stuff and the drama. know because me and my cousin's
'were the same way back in the day, we were justin it to enjoy the features. But of course, there's gonna be that small but very loud minority of degenerates that like to believe slander
do believe it does, I feel like the race has encouraged dozens maybe even hundreds more people to participate than in the normal competitions. I feel like a lot of people are interested and.
captivated with the idea of being able to win a $25
'Amazon Gift Card if they win
Ast place. And what a better way to try to win while also doing what you love which is
MEMES. They have nothing
to lose and all to wint
Because they have nothing better to do than to troll and hate on others. The good
thing is users like myself are
Well I agree wholeheartedly, and it's nice to know that
unfazed by hate and slander, we just block them to stop those of them from commenting on our posts who instead of enjoying the content and promoting good vibes as most people do just want to be internet trolls, and that's just not what the app is about.
It's changed dramatically not to point out the obvious.
recently saw a post that compared and contrasted with the old version of ifunny back in its ifunny arcade days to now. I do miss the old days! But I'm hopeful and positive about the future of the app, and the future of my account and the impact that
I'm making. I believe we have the power to bring a brighter future for the app, that's even better than its past and its present. Im fully on board with contributing to bring about positive
changes wherever needed.
you're acting as a positive force on the app! So I know you've been on here a while, would you mind comparing and contrasting iFunny when you first joined to current day iFunny?
Glad to see someone else that holds optimism for this place@ And you are right, we should take the good aspects of the app and build them up to become even better! Alrighty now I'm gonna ask you a couple more questions to get to know you little better. Ya dig it?
digggg it!! Let's do this!
Awesome opossum! First up, if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
I wish I could teleport and teleport my friends with me as well lol, there's times I just want to be in some other part of the world vacationing. So yeah I love traveling so I'd love to see the world and teleport everywhere.
Haha yes that would be a very convenient and powerful ability to have! Next, what is
'one of your favorite quotes,
'and who said it?
My favourite most recent quote is by Vincent van
Gogh, and it's "Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well" very wise words from a wise man, and its what try to live by, it keeps me motivated,
Mhm very wise, and a very good source of motivation.
My next question for you is if you were stranded on a deserted island what 3 items would you need to have with you?
A compass, a family photo, and a magical wand that gives me unlimited powers and can help transport me back to land.
Lol I like those picks, especially that powerful magic wand! Lastly, what is one of your favorite weird/ bizarre facts you know that others might not know?
Throwing them curve balls aren't ya Jack, Imao no um let's seeee, this app really likes monkes because of
Harambe from what I've seen, and the new King Kong movie
Now that is an interesting
monke fact! Real funny how the typo just stuck all these years. Thank you for sharing that! And with that we bring
was recently released and was a hit so one fact that I know might seem appropriate actually had to do with a chimp called a Bonobo. It
'may sound like some sort of translation of a meaningful term, but in fact, it was the result of a typo. Researchers reputedly first found the animals in the town of
Bolobo, Zaire, in the
but the name of the place was misspelled "Bonobo" on the shipping crate in which the animal was placed, leading others to refer to the animal by the name, which stuck.
hope was able to bring some clarity on the type of content that I post, while recycling memes is allowed and is done by most users, thankfully, because of the motivation I continue to receive from my friends and subscribers I was Verified for aside from recycling some content, creating Original
Content myself as well. I am against people who steal memes from smaller users and continue to fight in favour of the smaller accounts in the app. I encourage everyone to research before
this episode of iFunny
Interviews to a close. Any final comments you'd like to leave for the viewers?
I'd just like to say to my viewers, thank-you so much if you made it to the end of my part 2 interview with
Jack, I feel like get to engage with you a little more and you all in turn get to know a little more about me. I love my subscribers, all of you, you're a very active base, you all subscribed to me in a little over 8 months and I'm so grateful about that. Also->
believing slander and see the facts for yourself, and therefore hopefully you too can enjoy my content! love the app, and the community in its majority, thank-you all for your support.
Please subscribe to
Thank you for clarifying your stance on recycled content and fighting for the little accounts! And another big big thank you to you Pixey for joining me again! if you're not already subbed to her make sure to do so! With that I'll see you all
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