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    So i made some vent art... I hate it when people truly believe that being transgender is a choice, or that were doing it for attention.

    • yeetmyyote
      Yes being transgender is not a choice but hon if you want any sort of positive feedback I would recommend posting this literally anywhere but iFunny. Also I would recommend using an image for body proportion comparison
    • Sweaboo
      Yea one day I woke up and was like yea I want my family and all of society to hate me
    • TransProblems
      Why would we want to be hated? Why would we want to be constantly rediquled, looked down apon, or bullied? It just doesn't make sense
    • Skinzree
      Is it possible to learn this power?
    • TransProblems
      And for some of us our family and friends literally disown us, and block us from their lives. People automaticly think something is bad if they dont understand it
    • LeftistDemocrat
      It's a mental illness so it isn't a choice
    • that_pan_guy
      That's really good! The shading is amazing
    • Merican_sldr
      There is therapy for that
    • V3nom
      It's one thing to disagree with someone. But making them feel like shit and not respecting them is a whole other thing. I just want people to be more respectful of others nowadays.
      V3nom 9d
    • AlexPickleJarJones
      No, its a real issue. A true gender dysphoria that destroys lives and causes such discomfort that you'd rather mutilate yourself that be happy with what you have. And before you talk shit, I really dont hate you. I am sad for you. Because I lost a friend to a full dyphoria in which he thought
    • nohomosapiens1
      The "born in the wrong body" argument makes 0 scientific sense at all
    • AlexPickleJarJones
      Everyone was fake and a replacement of real friends and family so he killed himself. Many transgenders kill themselves. To be so unhappy with your body is unhealthy and sadly an uncontrollable disorder. Do what makes you hsppy but please dont take your life
    • Nu_pizdec
      I think there are unfortunately people that manage to talk themselves into thinking they are transgender because they misinterpret angst and anxiety as something else. And I also fear for the people that go through transition and later in life realize they were wrong about themselves.