• Just How Deep Is the Average Vagina, Actually?
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    • GeneralFandom
      how deep is your love
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    • EdibleSpaceCake
      Take my TC virginity ☻
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    • SlayMee
      SlayMee 14 dec
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    • brokered
      You can take my house, you can take my car, but it'll be a fucking cold day in hell before you take my dog
      brokered 14 dec
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    • fellatio
      Deep enough that this is an actual thing
      fellatio 14 dec
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    • Noble_Plebian
      Women all want equality until it makes them not have privilege in something
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    • AyyyYuh
      At least 3 inches, I’m sure of that
      AyyyYuh 14 dec
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    • neededtobesaid
      Women have tried everything to get rid of the sex robot market,Except treating men decently
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    • PaulBearer
      Why do men still risk marriage?
      PaulBearer 14 dec
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    • Benson388
      Women are like hurricanes, when they first show up they are wet and wild and when they leave they take the house and the car with them....😂
      Benson388 14 dec
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    • BaggedJuice
      Well the vagina can expand a lot when aroused to accommodate for whatever you stick in there... so who knows
      BaggedJuice 14 dec
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    • XxPoopLoser69xX
      Thats why you sign a prenup
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    • Sarcastic_Chap
      It’s at least 2 inches i can tell ya that much
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    • Krankenstein
      3-4 inches but can expand to accommodate what is put it it
      Krankenstein 14 dec
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    • nenuko
      nenuko 15 dec
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    • _William_Murderface_
      And deep enough to lose his ability to fully and truly trust or love another person again.
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    • burgpant
      An average, unaroused vagina is 3-4 inches. It doubles when aroused.
      burgpant 15 dec
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    • Zrel
      that only happens if you marry a thot. marry spaghetti. that shit costs less than $10 and can last for 2-3 days boy. no complaining, easy clean up, soft and slithers down your throat like a hot blade. 10/10 recommended. just marry spaghet.
      Zrel 14 dec
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    • Velara_Telvanni
      Five inches to the cervix on average, but the canal can stretch to accommodate more
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    • givejageracog
      Hit or miss I guess she took the kids huh
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    • mattomox
      4 1/2 inches but stretches.. But not to 10 inches, which is why blessed guys do anal because that's way deeper. Other guys do anal cause theyre just gross and like the place where shit comes out of.
      mattomox 16 dec
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    • MichaelN
      Why does it seem like in a divorce the woman gets everything and the man still has to give her money
      MichaelN 15 dec
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    • kaiserwilhelm2
      Bet most of you left your v cards at 14 like this comment if your still a virgin like me.(I intend to wait)
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    • Beanie86
      No more than 4 inches. That’s why it’s the girth that matters and not the length
      Beanie86 15 dec
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    • youcanchangeyourname
      Women are leaches
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    • Noglett
      The female g spot is only 2-3 inches deep which is good news for most of you
      Noglett 15 dec
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    • justalittlefact
      I read it, how deep is an avengers vagina
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    • killerdeadpool
      Dependa on the woman like men women have diffrent depths of vagina
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    • PyrrhaIsBestGirl
      I think on average, it's like 4-5 inches deep
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    • CummyBears
      It’s a deep dark tunnel
      CummyBears 14 dec
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    • BrainGottaPoopStill
      If I lived in America where laws like these exist, I will never get married. It's bullshit.
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    • AndrogynousLoli
      It's about 5 inches if you were actually wondering
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      Say it with me fellas PRENUUUUUUB
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    • shlup
      Bro deadass if a girl tries and takes my dog I'm gonna kill her, no one takes clem from me
      shlup 14 dec
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    • Dimas07
      Legal marriage is just a scam for women to abuse
      Dimas07 14 dec
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    • CatOrgy
      Remember kids if you ever think your whore wife brenda is gonna divorce you and take your shit just transfer ownership of everything to someone you trust completely and she won't have anything to take becuase you don't own any of ut
      CatOrgy 14 dec
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    • Doomsday185
      Guys stop giving tcs to people who ask for it and give it to the people that actually has a funny comment you bums
      Doomsday185 14 dec
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    • bindingseal666
      So its 3 to 4 when not aroused but when aroused its 5 to 7
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    • drock8
      drock8 16 dec
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    • UrAnusIsTheGassiestPlane
      I never thought id see that meme again... its from the olden days, when life was good and "i wanna die" wasnt the hottest thing to say *wipes tear* im old now arent it?
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    • Peace_Through_Chaos_
      Since woman want equal rights how about all the fathers sit on their asses unemployed all day and the moms can pay child support instead for the next 50 years. Men can have 90% of assets from now on in divorce instead of 10%. Fair is fair. This is what the feminists want right.
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    • geexd125
      Not to mention the monthly payments cuz she was a housewife with no kids....tough job taking care of that dog.....
      geexd125 15 dec
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    • __Azrael__
      Around 4 to 5 inches
      __Azrael__ 15 dec
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    • TheGuyYouWereWarnedAbout
      But still not deep enough to satisfy her totally
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    • BlusterKong
      Why do guys get the short end of the stick if it's women that get divorce? Especially the ones with kids.
      BlusterKong 15 dec
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    • fspsyco
      3-6 inches according to google 2.7-5.9 according to Wikipedia
      fspsyco 15 dec
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    • BenjaminAshrafi
      And the kids
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    • huntersddgh
      I glanced at it a thought it said Johny dep is the avarege vagina
      huntersddgh 15 dec
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    • mhew92
      Going out on a limb here, that man has been through a divorce.
      mhew92 14 dec
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    • Johnny_John_Johnson
      Because she cried in court
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    • AmDuck
      3 to 4 inches actually. But when aroused and the fact it can expand more when...pushed... it can handle around 8 or 9 inches tops.
      AmDuck 14 dec
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    • Aph_Yurio
      Not too deep, actually, so length really doesn't matter, it's girth. Most women can't do anything above 5" bc it pressed uncomfortably against the cervix so
      Aph_Yurio 14 dec
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    • GodDissaprovesOfYou
      Hopefully at least 2.3inches
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    • xpxsquirrel
      xpxsquirrel 14 dec
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    • JR_Kovy
      Facts! Don’t get married, it’s a trap for men.
      JR_Kovy 14 dec
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    • TheDeadFrog
      Deeper than my asshole. I tried
      TheDeadFrog 14 dec
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    • SocialOutcasted
      I've always found that to be fucking stupid. Like really cunts? (I know there may be situations where it ends as an even trade or whatever but doing it just to be a bitch, is retarded)
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    • B00ty_Warrior
      5/4 inches i think but it differs among women
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    • EarthKKun
      3-4 inches but it can expand by 200% when sexually aroused. They’re meant to birth babies so they’re built to stretch.
      EarthKKun 14 dec
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    • Shadeling
      Like 3 inches in an unaroused state, it expands to anywhere from 4 to 6 inches depending on woman, but will stretch to fit just about anything that isn't wider than the pelvis (you can push a baby through there, after all)
      Shadeling 14 dec
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    • LizardStick
      And the fucking kids
      LizardStick 14 dec
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    • SlideIntoDMs
      The average vagina is only 4 inches deep for those of you who are ready to google it.
      SlideIntoDMs 14 dec
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    • Atako
      She took the fucking kids
      Atako 14 dec
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    • kawaiiXD
      The right answer is 4-6 inches
      kawaiiXD 14 dec
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    • You_S
      Small dick nigga be like “3-5 inches”
      You_S 14 dec
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    • IliketrainsKids
      6-8 inches on average but it can go up to 8-10 inches
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    • Snoop
      I used a ruler once and it was like 5 or 6
      Snoop 14 dec
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    • weedpanda
      Holy shit I got featured
      weedpanda 14 dec
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    • GodKirby
      Depends on arousal and experience basically the average vagina is about 3-4 inches deep normally and 5-7 inches when aroused but through time they can become deeper such as if she’s getting railed by a 12 inch cock daily edit: still wouldn’t get to 12 inches most likely but would get deeper
      GodKirby 17 dec
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    • MynameisSteven
      4 to 6 inches
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    • Pagi
      About 7-8 inches aroused and 4-5 unaroused. Which is why rape hurts so bad
      Pagi 16 dec
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    • daniisharky
      7.1 inches
      daniisharky 16 dec
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    • whooppi
      Like four inches
      whooppi 16 dec
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    • Captain0bvius
      And apparently enough for a man to lose his Oxford comma
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    • Theinternettt
      Dang dude, that's deep
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    • SapphireSphynx
      Not the dog...
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    • CheckYoSelf21
      The world record for largest vagina was 23 inches, I believe.
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    • BuckshotJones
      4 inches
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Sir_Schlongerton
      Quick tip for anybody out there about to engage in sexual intercourse with their female partner, do not skip foreplay. Try to make her cum before you ever even put your dick in her.
      smile 2 reply 2
    • ShuckleMotherfuckle
      If it’s not contracted it’s usually 5 inches but it can stretch well beyond that
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    • Notsiiick
      That’s why you sign a prenup and if they don’t do it then it was never about your love anyway
      Notsiiick 15 dec
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    • MRboss112
      It's about 8" when aroused
      MRboss112 15 dec
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    • HypnoticHypno
      3-4 inches deep, when aroused it elongates to about 6
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    • NecroNek0
      Finna kill someone if they take the dog
      NecroNek0 15 dec
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    • DiddleTheDoodler
      Unpopular opinion, you put yourself in that mess. Don't put your dick in crazy, even if that means don't date at all
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    • Jeff__Kaplan
      4 inch US average. Guys, size doesn’t matter as long as you can make them orgasm. Learned that with my girl I have now
      Jeff__Kaplan 15 dec
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    • nathax1
      And his best friend 😂
      nathax1 14 dec
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    • TheBlueAvocado
      A bitch can take my house my money my car but never my dog
      smile 2
    • Political_Compass
      Sign a prenup people.
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    • rawwar66
      3-4. For a male it's a different story
      rawwar66 14 dec
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    • Semta
      I mean I've handled around 13 inches but I'm kinky
      Semta 14 dec
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    • fuckthat
      Y’all never seen porn? That shit goes just about as deep as you need
      fuckthat 14 dec
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    • devildog04
      I remember when this was featured in 1964
      devildog04 14 dec
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    • AppleAss
      I would take every penny, but never a man's dog
      AppleAss 14 dec
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    • SomeUglyFag
      4 inches, but when turned on thr vagina inflates like a balloon
      SomeUglyFag 14 dec
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    • sonofasnitch
      Now I'm curious and kinda disappointed this didnt have the actual answer
      sonofasnitch 14 dec
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    • FrostyGood
      Man yall broke niggas got depression while us rich niggas got defression 😞
      FrostyGood 14 dec
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