• MysteryGirl007
      Has everyone forgotten home EC class like the high school CLASS baby boomers and some millennial took to learn basic life skills?
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    • Youtolate
      16 year olds today : home ec? What is that? 30+: they teach basic life skills, how to be responsible for your self. 16 yo: you had to be taught to be responsible and then did away with it 🤔
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    • Picking_Fights
      Don’t forget how the boomers set up a schooling system that values the study of biology more than how to do your taxes, apply for a loan or mortgage, build credit, or code writing.
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    • Platyepuss
      The youngest millennial in 2019 is 24. The oldest is 38. Millennial is 1980-1995. Please stop referring to us as children.
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    • ZenoSama
      Parents: “omg my kids are so dumb!!” Also parents:*ignores kids and let them eat tide pods*
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    • friendlynonmurderingtype
      That’s nothing. Preschoolers are so stupid that they’re taking classes to learn basic math and reading
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    • TrafficJunky
      I talked to my stepdad about this and he said it was common sense to know how to see. Meaning he learned how to. Yet he is criticizing those who did not. Baby boomers are hypocritical about everything I’ve noticed. He’s the same person who taught me nothing because he yells at me instead of teaching
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    • TommyCookee
      Look that these fuckin millenials, going to school and getting educated. Back in my day we worked at the old mill until we couldn't work anymore, then raised a family in the sewer systems, rose out in the daytime and shined shoes all day for a penny an hour. Millenials
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    • kimkardasianscryingface
      You can only have an entire generation of losers if you have an entire generation of loser parents
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    • Hippiie
      Also, I highly doubt there's a lot of millennials taking these classes. Real millennials know YouTube is free.
      Hippiie 10d
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    • Khajiit
      Well excuse the fuck out of us for trying to learn how to be responsible adults so we don’t need to rely on our elders
      Khajiit 10d
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    • TheModerateConservative
      Um how is taking a class to learn an unlearned skill bad?
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    • AllThingsUSMilitary
      Who the fuck goes takes classes to educate themselves on what they didn’t previously know? Everyone knows you’re supposed to be born with all necessary life skills and knowledge
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    • SatisfyingScience
      Yeah and who raised a kid who can't sew a button? You. You did Debra so shut your baby boomer ass up
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    • ALeFreak
      Unfortunately, most home ec classes dont exist in high schools anymore.
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    • emufasa
      The classes that teach people skills that they actually need in life should be mandatory. Why the fuck do we need to learn about history for 4 years? Why the fuck do we need to read Shakespeare? What we need to learn is how to do our taxes, how to mortgage a house, how to raise a child. Not this bs.
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    • zepzepzep
      Even Socrates whined about the generation that followed him. This is nothing new. One day today's teenagers will bitch about the next generation not appreciating anything and being stupid.
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    • TrevorDeChampl1
      It’s stead of working at McDonald’s like half of my school, actually went out and found a proper job, two years laying sod and yardwork, two years as an electrician assistant and two years as a wood craftsman... Now I know how to wire up your house and build a chair for your lazy asses to sit on
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    • Bootypraise42
      If I had a dollar for every time I heard a baby boomer complain about my generation, I’d have enough money to buy a house in the economy they ruined
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    • rundoggie17
      Every time I see shit like this, makes me wanna actually go back to school, become a high school teacher, and build a curriculum for a life class that'll teach 16-18 year olds all of the shit we never learned. About legit finances, prep for a new job, changing a tire, you name it, I'd cover it.
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    • Bananaconda
      So... they’re taking classes to learn something they don’t know/ aren’t sure how to do? So basically you’re calling people out for going to school?
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    • FriendlySpagHoarder
      most schools had to drop home ec classes because older generations ripped more and more money away from schools
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    • BrutalSK
      Im not 100% fond of this generation, but that headline is honestly dumb. They dont know something so theyre taking classes to learn it. Is that a bad thing at all? If your kids taking a class to learn something which “they shoulda just learned at home” theyre not helpless you’re just a shitty parent
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    • Theytookthegoodnames
      My mom literally knows how to sew, but SHES NEVER TAUGHT ME HOW TO SEW. Even if I ask she says “I’ll teach you later” but later never comes. So hell yeah im taking a class to learn something I don’t know so succ my dicc
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    • Thestevvvve
      Boomer: fuck millennials and their.. *pulls out card*. Boomer: learning.
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    • PatrickTakeRock
      I’m 29 and I still don’t know how to do my taxes. I got the quadratic equation on lock tho
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    • ksun4651
      Baby Boomer Are So Helpless There’re Taking “Technology Classes” To Learn How To Do Things Like How To Run Task Manager
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    • Greta_Van_Yeet
      Well when you consider that the only thing that is taught in schools these days are algebra and socialism then it seems completely reasonable to take an "adulting" class
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    • Lemone
      Im sorry I’m using y=mx+b when trying to purchase a Gatorade at the fucking Walgreens
      Lemone 7d
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    • Seb215
      Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... It's called YouTube. I'm 17 and I learned to sew a button all on my own when I was 15?
      Seb215 8d
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    • Insignificance
      People that already know how to do this had to learn it though, they obviously weren’t just born with these skills. Guess millennials are shamed for doing something everyone has to do: learn
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    • Doctor_MemeLove
      Thats like saying "French people are so helpless that they have to take classes to speak English"
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    • Dman421
      To be fair, boomers have really set up the future generations for failure. They set a lot of precedents that just don’t work today and it is aligning young people with failure.
      Dman421 10d
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    • Retathrah
      Not only is it the previous generation who’s more or less at fault, but also the education system for treating history and science as more important than life skills by making those classes required to graduate
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    • ImTheRealCowboyBebop
      I just wanted to learn how to do my fukking taxes. Pay a rent check, you know shit im ACTUALLY gonna do in life. I didnt need to know about how to fuckin square route some shit or or what the powerhouse of the cell is. Didnt plan on being a fucking scientist you know.
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    • Coltdog2001
      I’m really sick of this generation shaming...
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    • NormalHumonNotNPC
      We weren't taught these things because we were taught that a Bachelors in Human Resources was a better career path than a Welder's Apprentice.
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    • One_Classy_Cookie
      We don’t need to know how to raise a family, or pay taxes, we need to know what the quadratic formula is, or the stages of mitosis.
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    • Juju
      It’s funny because millennials can literally do anything because their understanding of technology. I mean a lot of people know how to change a tire but if you don’t? Boom 2 seconds u find a YouTube video of it. I’ll like to see an old man use YouTube in order to be techsavvy
      Juju 11d
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    • Singles
      fat people are so helpless they’re going to the gym to lose weight
      Singles 11d
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    • RepostAccount1
      Also they used to have classes in school for basic things like that and now they don’t lol
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    • IRepubMemesILike
      It's stupid that this nation is so divided we have separated ourself regionally, politically, racially, sexually, and now by generations. It's annoying living in a world where people cling so closely to something that defines and categorizes them.
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    • Roudyguy187
      I’m just going to be fucked when it comes to taxes and bills
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    • kelevra77
      Each generation that comes after is the failure or success of the generation that came before.
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    • 2zooted
      this is why i smoke crack
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    • AnCrab
      Gen z is the first generation that doesn’t feel entitled to the world.
      AnCrab 9d
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    • CounterLiberalismNow
      But computers didnt exist when your grandparents were younger. Buttons have existed your whole life
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    • Probably_Not_a_Communist
      I love how adults say," what, u don't know how to file taxes or some shit u should have learned that by now" it's like where from u , u never told me, u drilled into me from a young age not to talk to strangers and the only thing school teaches u is fucking algebra and that the mitochondria is the
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    • magicbean
      Can we just get a GOD DAMN class on taxes and bills
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    • hardlysober
      Let’s just stop paying into social security, that’ll teach them.
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    • Archerquotes
      You do realize millennials are like 22-30ish right? Like they’re not kids they’re adults.
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    • AUnknownEntity
      Don’t we have the internet tho? Some 14yr old made a nuclear reactor in his parents garage, I’m pretty sure y’all can figure out how to sow a button on YouTube
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    • ZachTheDude04
      Ok so let’s get this straight; the generation that puts us through at least 12 years of learning things we’ll probably never use in life instead of teaching us important stuff is shaming us for not knowing how to do important stuff?
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    • Irritated_Owl
      Omg they are doing the most adult thing ever by taking responsibility for what they don't know by learning! Everyone point & laugh.
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    • TheNewAvenger
      That’s just home ec for adults. Home ec.....the class that is no longer offered in a lot of schools.....
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    • TommyCookee
      Im fairness our generation doesnt need to pay for a lesson to learn how to sew a button. We'll find out how to do it on YouTube in 5 mins. Meanwhile the boomers will still be looking for the on button.
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    • HunchoTheNazi
      Everyone from 1997-2003 is the saving grace the world needs now
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    • animelover4dayz
      It would help if schools had classes for that. (I get that some places still do but there is no such thing as even a cooking class in our normal schools)
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    • banaya
      I actually took that class in high school and it helped a lot. They taught us how to change a tire, table ettiquete, how to do taxes, etc... Super helpful
      banaya 10d
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    • FingerLickinThots
      Or just do a YouTube search on how to do it like I do with damn near everything since Home Ec was eradicated and I never learned shit.
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    • LostSpellcheck
      Maybe if the helpless millennials were given a better education system to work with that teaches them genuine life skills this wouldn't be a problem.
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    • cjohns923
      If you gave us our fuckin home ec classes back maybe we wouldn’t need to take one later
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    • Byzantium72
      To be fair, there is a generation between baby boomers and millennials. It's Gen X that failed to teach the millennials
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    • watermellon2
      Why do you mock people for learning the skills you mock them for not having?
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    • TheRealDealHolyField
      If I don't know how to do something like change a tire or sew a button I just look at a YouTube tutorial
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    • tandager
      But thank fucking god I know what a parallelogram is.
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    • joaofang23
      Maybe if we weren’t learning things like Pythagorean theorem maybe we would know how to do it
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    • tinflint
      “KiDs ThEsE dAyS dOnT eVeN kNoW hOw To WrItE cUrSivE”
      smile 4 reply 1
      Gen z is better cuz we actually learned how to do shit and not have to take any classes
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    • wally12
      We arent that helpless, we know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
      wally12 11d
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    • Marvel_Cinematic_Universe
      I don’t have the first clue about how to file my taxes or even know what or when “tax season” is, but I can do long division using the quadratic formula, and I can simplify or expand logarithms.
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      You voted our future away. You won't have your social security, okay, so what the fuck are we supposed to do? Just eat shit?
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    • BLU3Boi
      Blame the education system. Can we be taught how to cook? They need to rework the education system. This aint 1863
      BLU3Boi 11d
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    • MooseGroove
      Millennials whining is the only thing I don't really like about them. Everything to too many millennials is either racist, homophobic, or transphobic, or bitching about trump constantly. It gets annoying real quickly
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    • just_horny
      Maybe wed know this shit if instead of teaching what a golgi apparatus is they taught life things wed use in life
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    • AnonymousRon
      Teacher: doesnt teach* Student: doesnt learn* Teacher: learns from student then laughs at student trying to learn what they werent taught*
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    • Mugen_champloo
      They acting like no one taught them shit and that they came out the womb a bunch of fucking Einstein’s.
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    • BC1334
      That’s a reflection on the parents and schools, not just millennials
      BC1334 11d
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    • yourfriendlyneighborbill
      Who the hell needs to sew a button when you have the Pythagorean theorem
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    • FoodOverPeople
      This > anime
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    • austintatious
      Ummm...it’s called YouTube...or should I say professor YouTube
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    • prankeypenguin
      Just use YouTube. It’s free??
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    • Vaders_lefthold
      At least I know that x=b times the square root of b-4(a)(c) divided by 4(a)
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    • kakes_411
      Honest to God, I had to fill out my first w-2 by myself. I was never told how to properly pay bills and had to figure it out myself. My parents barely taught me shit about the real world, I would have loved a class.
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    • redroses730
      I don't know how to take care of myself because my parents won't teach me and i'm too busy spending my time learning that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
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    • starrandom
      I had to learn cooking and sewing on my own. With the cooking mom always got mad when I tried to cook in her kitchen so it took me many years testing various dishes in my own home when I was of age. I burnt many meats for the first year. Made jerky by over cooking the meats too high a lot of times
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    • Havel_The_Rock_Johnson
      The quote "the old exist to teach the young" popped into my head. I dont know when where or from what I heard it I just remembered it
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    • logandw31
      Sorry school doesn't teach you how to live in the real world
      smile 3 reply 2
    • deviledeggss
      Every kid in my school is pissed they took out Home Ec, but we still have stupid shit like music class. Who the fuck needs music class? They should move stupid playtime classes to after school, and add home ec back and shorten the day up.
      smile 3 reply 10
    • RedDotHeadShot
      But somehow...
      smile 3 reply 4
    • mechanicalguru
      My Dad tried to show my brother how to change the tire on his car several times but he didn’t really pay attention. Two nights ago he calls my parents at 11:00 pm, 18* outside with a flat tire. My Dad just told him to deal with it! 😂😂
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    • BarmeIoXanthony
      I remember my dad got mad because i didnt know shit about cars when i first got one... (how to change my oil.. brake pads.. all that)... bitch. Its your job to teach me
      smile 3 reply 2
    • Madhouse115
      Making an active effort to learn something is not "helpless".
      smile 3
    • Forgotten_Sentinel
      Or do what I'm doing and just trying shit out. I learned to sew because my puppy kept tearing up his toys. Learned to cook cause my ads is hungry and loves food. Learned what I had to do bill wise cause I like internet. Just takes some trial and error. And a puppy who hates his toys
      smile 3
    • Chadzelda7
      People take classes in college to learn subjects all the time what’s the difference? It’s not like high school is going to teach me how to do taxes or apply for a loan but thank god i know who the powerhouse of the cell is
      smile 3
    • irokmiles
      My mom sees me as a second source of income.....
      smile 3
    • PaperPonies
      I took home economics twice, sewing class, and a food & nutrition class. Older guests are always hella surprised when they find out I'm the one who cooked their dinner and not my mom.
      smile 3
    • michaellstokes
      They're making an effort to learn something they were never taught by your generation? How terrible. Go soak your feet and read The Drudge Report, gramps.
      smile 3
    • Stella_Snugglz101
      They should really blame the educational system for not teaching us to do this stuff when we needed to! We need a home etc. Class its bs
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