• I boop noses with mine so now he always waits at the door when I come home extending his head to get his boop. Sometimes I'll be just chilling and he runs up and puts my lips to his nose. Then proceeds to bite the fuck out of my hand if i move.
      1.3K 17
    • awwww
      2.2K 9
    • My cats will tilt their heads down when I come in for a kiss so I can smooch their forehead. They're normally purring when I do this, and they'll start to knead.
    • That’s called bunting
    • My cat does this too!!!
      2 2
    • I miss my cat, she did this. 😓
    • My cat would head bump us so hard his teeth would clack
    • My cat also does this
    • My cat does this too
    • "cAtS aRe EvIl AnD sUcK"
      Kenesys 10d
    • “Head butt, give me affection now” is the perfect description for a relationship with a cat.
    • Gib to me
    • I’ve got 3 that do it. I have no need for an alarm clock
    • Same, my cat demands the lip boops
    • My grandma's cat would do this all the time, he'd headbutt for affection and it was the cutest shit
    • My little buddy has a cute obsession with my beard and loves to fall asleep with his face tucked under it, and occasionally he’ll just take chomp at it for some odd reason
      etk1115 10d
    • My dog always digs her nose into my hand so I'll pet her
    • Cats are disgusting animals
    • The cats that rub up on you are always the best
      Bespin 10d
    • Chaotic good
    • Aww, my dog runs around the house (he doesn’t really boop, but he does mlem) but he ALWAYS runs unless he’s really tired, so one day I was on the floor petting them and he just runs away somewhere, I’m sitting up now, and 15 second later HE RUNS AT ME FULL FORCE INTO MY NOSE!! This is the same dog
      4014 10d
      2 1
    • Mine does this too
    • My cat likes to pin me down and lick my face like a dog.
    • Is this what Rihanna felt like
    • That's not even a downside
    • My cat used to headbutt me as a greeting. Miss that guy..
    • That's literally my cat
      Meownax 10d
    • My cat drools when he purrs.
      BD101 10d
      3 2
    • My cats and I like to nuzzle foreheads.
    • My cat follows us around and meows at us when we get home until we’ve both picked him up and carried him around. Then he calms down and goes about his business
    • My cat does this he will walk up to me slowly then just headbutt my face
    • I'm gonna punch you in the mouth, with my mouth, softly, because I like you.
    • Tell that to Rihanna
    • Same lol
    • Aw. Headbutts mean they love you.
    • My cat puts his whole face in my mouth.
    • Mine just rubs his head against my cheeks and nose
    • OMG MY CAT DOES THIS. It hurts but in a good way.
    • My cat when she wants love the puts her right paw on my lip so I can't speak to say Go Away........ she's smart, too smart.
    • I think I’d be totally okay with that.. that’s adorable
      laker95 10d
    • Sometimes when my girlfriend’s cat wants to be pet, he’ll come up to my hand and just... head butt it. It’s adorable.
    • My pit bull grew up with cats and he acts like em lol he rubs against my legs and scratches like em. He also copied our human yawns lol... My dog might be having an identity crisis
    • Realize*
    • that’s all cats idiot
    • Love hurts
    • My dog does that
    • My cat does the exact same thing!!!!😂😂
    • If I’m cuddling my cat and I stop petting her for even one second, she put her paw on my mouth and will leave it there (pressing her claws into my skin more and more) until I pet her
    • My cat slaps me in the face if she wants attention and then turns around for back scratches
    • If I hold out my head and make kissy noises with my lips my cat runs over and butts her head against my mouth
    • Fellas is it ok to beat your meat at least once a day
      2 4
    • If a cat bumps your head, it means it trusts you. Look it up
    • Yes
      Catt0s 11d
    • Realize
    • i did this to my cat and oml it’s adorable and almost hurts
      Matchi 11d
    • I either boop noses with my cat or kiss the top of her head, she hasnt caught on yet
      ky9009 11d
    • Maybe Chris Brown was just Rihanna's cat
      1 1
    • mine does that too. he's made my lip bleed a couple of times too
    • Mine headbutts
      TNChevy 11d
    • I kiss my cats four head and he licks me back. It's sweet.
    • I had this cat, Calamity. He once headbutt me so hard my nose bled.
    • *realize
    • Cats headbutt to show affection. Its their version of a hug
    • Sweeter thats adorable
    • Actually mine does the same thing. Lol
    • Wtf, my cat does the same thing.
    • Yo same
    • I used to do the same with my cat
      AudMree 11d
      2 4
    • I do the same but with my dick
    • This is great
    • Same
    • Everything is behind you if you think about it
    • It is the best way to signal you
    • Why is gesture not spelled like jesture, like jester. Don’t @ me when I pronounce it Guest-ure.
    • We call this the thunder nuzzle
    • Same
      Dizco2 11d
    • My cat lived in the hood for 5 years and I’m afraid he’ll never learn I love him
    • My cat does the same thing when she wants on my lap under the blanket. Also bites my chin.
    • Cats are something else.
      Ewag715 11d
    • My cats the same
    • I don't see any issue
    • My cat naturally just did this. I didn't reach her or anything. But I'm super happy someone else knows about the face ramming
      1 4
    • I wanna see a video of it I like
      SirNuhh 11d
    • Adorable as fuck
    • My cat does the same thing, but I don't mind.
    • Headbutts for cats are normally kisses or hugs
    • What hold up something aint right, u kiss ur fucking cat like animals don't having fleas but okay he can shorten his life with every kiss
    • Head butts mean they accept you as family,l
    • At least yours is just a cat.
    • Cats like to do that. My grandma's cat loves head butts and butt rubs the most, but she'll also let me rub her belly a bit, too
    • No. That’s it hugging you. Cats do that. They rub heads.
    • The way a cat shows affection towards you is by rubbing his nose to yours, it means it accepts you as one of their own, or so I heard
    • This is so fucking cute omg fuck you
    • Cats push their heads against things they claim are theirs. Congrats, you are now feline property you darwinistic failure.
      1 1
    • Same
    • I don't see the issue
    • So worth it
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