• Homeschool's Upper Hand over
Public School
When it comes to the question about a
child's education, there is an important
decision which must be made. Should the child be sent to a
public school or
homeschooled? This decision must be made with extreme care,
because the education of
one's child is highly important. Two popular arguments made for the case of public schools
that public schools have licensed teachers, therefore providing better education, and
public schools offer a
better environment for the development of
socialization skills. To
these claims, there has been ample research conducted on
the differences between
homeschooling and
public schools done by Dr. Brian D. Ray, president of National Home
Education Research Institute (NHERI), and many others. Dr. Ray has done the most
extensive research on
home education, and
his studies show that homeschooling a
offers a great competition to sending him to a
public school. In fact, research has shown
that homeschooling is actually better than public schools on various
levels. A few of these
levels include academic achievement, learning environment, self-awareness, and socialization
Dr. Ray noted, "The home-educated typically score
15 to 30 percentile points above
public-school students on
standardized academic achievement tests" (Ray). This result
indicates that, on average, homeschoolers out-perform kids in
public schools on
academic level. This outperformance by the "home-educated" happens in every subject
(Ray). The reasons
for why homeschoolers do so
well is
that homeschooled children can get
more one-on-one mentoring
from their parents, enabling the kids to
excel in
their studies by
getting the individual attention
that they need at
the times
they nced it
homeschooled myself, I can
testify to
the aid that having one-on-one mentoring helped
provide. If] was
stuck on a certain
subject, then my parents were
able to
help me
the amount of
time it
took. I did not
have to worry
about seeing a
teacher between
classes or at certain
office hours. Also, nearly regardless of where we went as a
family or
what happened at home (c.g.
light bulb buming out), it was
bound to be turned
into an
educational experience. I was
constantly being taught and pushed forward in my studies.
This is
typical of most homeschool families. Dr. Ray has also discovered that the scores
homeschoolers have achieved are independent of the children's parents' income and level of
formal education (Ray). 'This would imply that regardless of the parents' previous education
that the one-one-one mentoring that they are
able to
provide for their children will still help.
Many parents will take it upon themselves to
read the curriculum that their kids will be
taking so
that the parents may
help the kids with any sort
of questions that the kids might
have. In addition to getting more one-on-one mentoring from one's parents for help, there
other benefits that le with leaming at
One such benefit is
that children with disabilities (cg. Down Syndrome, ADD,
ADHD, etc.) can learn at their own pace and work in an environment
that is
comfortable for
them. 'These children need more attention, hands on experience, and
time to complete their
studies than the average student (Burgess 16). Kids with such disabilities tend to not
perform as well in a
classroom environment
(Burgess 16). For example, a
kid with ADHD
has trouble sitting down for extended periods of time. In a
classroom, he will be required to
down for around
fifty minutes as
the teacher gives the lesson. If he was to
be - 🤔
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    • A couple things to note, however: This is a comparison between homeschooling and public schooling. It doesn’t touch on private education, though it tends to use a similar model as public education. And it’s also only stating the average. I wonder what the difference in distribution looks like.
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    • Homeschooling will make children socially inept. I’ve seen the results first hand and I feel very bad for them
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    • Along with your comment, I’d bet my college tuition that averaging by race and economic factors for public schoolers would equalize with homeschooling for certain groups. There’s such a wide variety of people at public schools, and homeschoolers are typically a certain type of person.
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    • Honestly I would say send ur kid to public school for elementary and middle school for “street smarts” then to a private highschool for actual smarts
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    • Homeschooling is good for early development I think, but I wonder when exactly the cutoff point for when a parent isn’t as reliable for more advanced material like in the undergrad or possibly upperclass HS level, at some point, learning becomes so specialized that it kinda acts like a pseudo-guild
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    • Looking at the difference between me (public schooled) and my cousin (homeschooled), he is “more social” as the paper says. But he’s also lacking in social awareness. He wants to be friends with everyone, but has no idea how to tell when to stop trying.
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    • Does that say the Huge Cock review?
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    • While I was researching a paper on a negative income tax, I found that the link between poverty and scores is a lot stronger than where that education comes from. Personally, I’m probably gonna homeschool my kids during developmental years, and then enroll them in a nice school after 5th grade-ish
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    • But how can you homeschool your kids? The parents will get really frustrated because they can’t stand to spend time with their own kids and those kids won’t grow up to act like all of us damaged and misguided public school kids! Oh God what will happen to those poor undersexualized kids
      1 Copy FacebookPinterestTwitterEmail {{ shortRepliesCount }}
    • Ok Volt I’m home schooling my kids
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    • Did you write this?
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    • Another thing as well is the point of where children develop social independence versus being raised and being dependent on random teachers. I really didn’t see that be a problem back in school except for English teachers propagandizing literature, I guess that’s why I went into STEM, I hated those
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    • Eh, homeschooling seems to be both ends of the spectrum. You got people who don’t do shit and do a disservice to their children’s education. And Uber religious weirdos that graduate high school at 15 “because school is fun” and are really sheltered and/or autistic.
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