• he origins of George Blythel (based on George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse and Randy
lythe of Lamb Of God) (Current time is 3059) (All characters in this set are in Rob
hoenix's Multiverse)
lythel was an alien warlord granted power and immortality by Multiverse 9. He was bom
n planet Chronintorty (based on the song Chronic Slaughter by Slaughter To Prevail and
he band Into Etemity). His people were a race of peaceful aliens with no direction. BlytheI
as born with unique ppwers and often spoke with the Multiverse itself but others
lieved him to just be crazy until he began his conquest to rule Chronintorty with his
owers at 13 years old. Blythel ruled his planet while bestowing abilities and weaknesses
o everyone within it and then gave them to beings across the Multiverse even hitting
arth. These powers come from a blessing in everyones genetics George Blythel traveled
cross the multiverse in search of powerful beings who bonded well with his gifts and
reated a military force from many alien species,after many years with his forces he grew
ored and decided to conquer planets in his free time to test the strength of his crew and
imself with 309 worlds under his power He eventually stops by Earth to underatand the
ulture and how the humans evolved with power as was his ritual before going to war and
feamed of a hero group called the Powercore (based on the song Powercore by
jekrogoblikon). He decided to change his first name to George after spending 2 years
here and stayed for 40 years before going to war.* The war was in 3051
bilitiesfire ce, enhancement, weather control, can transfer the minds of other people,
elepathy, telekinesis, laser eyes, can spread powers to others, manipulates DNA even
ithout being in contact, teleportation.
tats: can survive wearing Trey's black hole suit for a week at most, speed is Mach 2000.
ppearance:long brown hair that covers his back, sky blue skin, brown eyes, 9'7ft, very
uscular build, fleshy hooked claws.
arsphere: (Based on the band Chronosphere and the Burzum song War) Warsphere Is
superhero from Multiverse 9 with Rob Phoenix. He is a genius trillionaire with most of
is fortune invested in exploring the universe around Earth. He has bought Mars and
luto creating bases there for the World Government, he supports order and peace but
e is unaware of the shady parts of the government.Gavin was born in 3019. to a
iddle class family in New Hampshire. His family appeared very normal but his father
ad lots of debt to the Italian Mafia, one day his father came back home with a broken
jaw and ribs. Gavin's father was hospitalized when he was 11 which made Gavin
nraged but also fueled his drive. He was always a genius kid growing up snd he
decided to become an inventor and eventually became the CEO for his company
his company gave weaponry to militaries. across the world and even
orked on making MRE's taste better. With the money he earned from his business
henbhe was 25 he paid off his father's debt and paid for his hospital bills. Gavin made
he company Warsphere in 3036 and became the hero Warspere at the same time. His
ime as a hero was difficult but it made him much stronger as a result.
He has fought Rob on many occasions but each time he fights him his body is torn to
hreds but Rob leaves him alive so that he can do it again. His real name is Gavin
Townsend (based on the groups Dance Gavin Dance and Devin Townsend Gavin
Townsend is proclaimed as one of the top 3 strongest heroes of his world, he has
elped expand the Human colonies into different unused planets and eventually meets
lien races. A few years before the Battle Of Yaldabaoth he encountered an alien force
hat launched a star towards Earth which led to him creating his greatest feat and new
bility which drains him heavily the Wintersun (based completely on the band
intersun). He has also went to fight the Golden God that has fought Rob but it was
Abilities:master martial artist,expert in mechanics, is a cryomancer with the
apabilities to encase a star in ice within minutes. Super speed, flight, high
'egeneration,can slow down time with his ability Timeless Winter (based on the song
Timeless Winter by Into Eternity)
Stats: can lift 600 tons, moves at Mach 15, weights 800 pounds, bones are 5 times
denser than a normal humans 500x human regen, his ice can become 12 times colder
han absolute zero,
Appearance: bright blue piercing eyes, short red curly hair, long red curly beard,very
muscular build
Attire: a bright suit with 2 sides being yellow and red made with titanium nanotubes
and a few bits of Celestial Iron
Personality:cocky until he sees Rob, nice and respectful to everyone aside from
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