• Gitl Seout cookles are unexpectedly owr complicated becise two bakerles, ABG
est cookie
1, deLites
simpy. astlr cookie
9. Girl Scout S'mores, Version 2
cks the
cookie witha slightly dusty sheen. andt sort of tastes lke a Thin Min minus the flavor. thin coating of white frosting minus coats the the graham thin of and her layer of chocolate enrobes that, but ult 's uningpired
however this is better than the other freezes lke Thin Mint, cold and
the sandwich cookies frosting while the cookie doesn't, making for
or the purposes of these
2. Tagalongs/ Butter Patties
Peanut Butter Patties
6. Girl Scout
recipe for s mores was ineluded
"ramping and
grahamy cookie layers on ether flings side one
ierent eream flings - one ateflavored and the other "white that's ostensibly the marshmallow.
of camping,
emble its namesake closely
Frozen ranking: 10
10. Lemonades
This cookie, designed to look like ofa lemon, didn't deliver
The lesser of the two lemon-themed cookies, tastes this barely smacks the of citrus sweet, and.
tastes an avfullot like the sweet, vail la-heavy Tefols, There's a layer of frosting
'on the bottom that gives a slight lemony
'sweetness but there's litle tartness or tanginess, and not much flavor, either:
Frozen, though, these are surprisingly good: The frosting hardens and the cold highlights the ice citrus notes, evoking a cup
'of talian ice
Froten ranking:
Peanut Butter Patties and Tagalongs. For the sake of brevity, 'm counting that
Peanut Butter Sandwich
friend to tine, limagine thas
has been gre
Sandvich a good
7. Lemon-Ups
These crispy lemon-flavored cookies are imprinted according to with inspiring packaging: messages according to the packaging: gut, in honor of
'my new AM quarantine GUTSY! gut, Iate the one light that and said" AM GUTSY? The cooke is light and vaguely citrusy, avoiding falling into Lysol tereitory, pitfall that sometimes befalls lemon-flavored things.
A thin sheen of frosting on the bottom is lust the right amount, providing alittle tanginess dryness, and some lubrication fo cut the dryness,
11, Toast-Yays!
This wasn't what was hoping for: In my
'mind this would be some sort of cookie
Version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch - light.
and ary with a sugary, spiey sweetness,
Instead it's like ate from the bathroom
Counter, stif siab that smells like syrup,
This cookie actualy improves with freez: ing, 'ens however and turns the this coating of icing hard- lollipop,
'ens and turns this into amaple-y lollipop,
Frozen ronking: 6
tolast year-round ..On tothe
PAWAS 10 su
INOK 1 Buy
4. Thin Mints
Thin this Mints, perhaps gone most through numb this pantheon, have gone through numb the years according
of name changes over
to Time magazine, including Cooky'
Chocolate Mints and Cooke idea Mints. But snes debut 1929, the idea has mint remained
the same: Chocolate and mint tast reat
cat, -there cookie to create
dangerous - withou easiy goth
'stack ofthese withou
cookle nthe best possble Way sn alt nyour mouth
This s something standard-bearer ofa flagship ich the Girl cookie, the Scout standard-bearer on which the Girl Scout logo is emblazoned. difference It's aiso betwe the one ABC cookie and where the difference between ABC and
Little Brownie bakeries is fairly pronounced.
The Shortbread to cookie crispy is noticeably sup no tior to the Trefoll - crispy and light, not
'exactly buttery saltiness but contrast milky. and with a sight saltiness to contrast with the sugar.
'The Trefolisstitter, ikea digestive biscuit
'opening the package hits the senses ina way that says "clearance table at Yankee
Candle" - exceedingly sweet, almost vanil lary. Overall? frozen, These they're are just ait... boring.
And frozen, 'mouthful they're cold worse, sand, tasting like
'mouthful of cold sand,
12, Caramel Chocolate Chip
In my attempt to have a more positive altitude in 2021 a resolution tried, and failed to adopt in 2020 - going to start
With what's good about this: This is the only
Ccookie that really embraces salt. The addi- tion of sea salt adds a good counterbalance to this gluten-tree cookie's sweetness,
Now the bad the texture is strange and biting lke soft chalk. Clits of I's what Dover I imagine would be like.
biting into the it felt of ike Dover dog would be like.
Afriend said it fet ike a dog treat. The chocolate chips are fine, suppose, but the
'caramel tastes more lke those cheap Hal- owen butterscotch candies than anything.
else -ithasa light, chemical sweetness.
rather than the deep, toasty butteriness you want with caramel. t's not much better
{rozen, either. Pass.
My local paper put out a girl scout cookie
power ranking. - My local paper put out a girl scout cookie power ranking.
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