• Boy version
This book is meant to be read
with you in the main
shoes. It will be the story of you
and I hope you enjoy it.
Chapter 1
Last night seems like ages ago,
maybe minutes, but I
remember everything. The neon
lights, the loud sounds, the
greasy food, everything so
perfect. The night started at her
house, when I picked her up to
go out for dinner.
"Hey you ready?" I ask. I am
standing in front of my car,
leaning on
the drivers side door,
"Yep," she replies as she walks
towards the passenger side
door. I walk around the car and
beat her to the door, just as I
always do. I pull open the door
for her and do
a slight bow.
"My lady, I look up and smile at
"You are such a gentleman, so
chivalrous." she replies, smiling
just the same.
"I try, I try," I laugh. She sits
down inside the car and I close
the door after her. I walk back to
the drivers side and slide in.
"You know, the yearly fair is
going on this week," I state, "And
I know you've never been there
I wasn't lying, she had never
been to any fairs before and I
knew she had always wanted to
"Do you want to go?" she asks.
The yearly fair was going on
down at the beach.
"Of course I want to, we can go
for the first time together," I look
at her, asking if she wants to go.
"Sure," she replies, "Let's go."
We walked along holding hands,
the gravel crunched beneath our
feet. We rode all the rides and
roller coasters, screaming and
laughing. We ate churros and
funnel cakes as we played the
fair games. I won
her a giant
stuffed monkey and a little
stuffed beagle. She eventually
gave the monkey to a little boy
who ran off gleefully back to his
parents. We walked up to the
Ferris Wheel and waited in line,
making jokes and talking about
how we first met, It was finally
our turn to go on. She shuffled in
and took her seat but I stayed
back for a second and whispered}
something to the operator that
she couldn't hear,
"Keep us at the top for a bit," I
say as I pat my pocket, "I have
something I need to ask her."
The operator nods at me and
smiles. I smile back and walk to
my seat. I got in after her and
took her hand. She looks at me
questioningly and I just smiled
and kissed her as we started to
move up on the ferris wheel. We
started to talk about when we
first met again and I was
but I started to drift off... I do
that lot when think of her. I
I... Hove you and I have since
we first met," I say quietly.
She puts her hands to her mouth
and her eyes filled with tears as I
"And I want to fall more in love
with you every day for the rest of
my life," I reached down and
pulled out the ring.
"will you marry me?" I looked
her directly in the eyes.
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    • @J_Train, It's not one chapter... I'm just trying to do something I like to do... I'm sorry...
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    • @nickb63, Thanks sorry I'm trying but I'm getting better. I'm posting the girl one soon though
      BrokenRoman_2016 15 jan 2014
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    • @Gunpoint99, Oh shut up :P I will unfriend you on xbox
      BrokenRoman_2016 15 jan 2014
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    • Watch for tense shifts. Syntax and diction could use work but a good start. Also consider developing more of your own style this was a bit "i have heard it before".
      nickb63_2014 15 jan 2014
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    • Gayyyyyyyyyyy
      Gunpoint99_2016 15 jan 2014
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    • so what do you think...?
      BrokenRoman_2016 15 jan 2014
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