• 6 Twitter censors hate speech not
conservatism you retard. Maybe stop
being racist
8) They do censor "hate" speech.
They also censor conservativism.
Big Tech social media companies
have throttled, and censored pro life
groups, because they say that is hate
Live Action Strikes Back
After Twitter Bans Their
Pro-Life Ads
Pinterest Has Banned
The Massively Popular
Anti-Abortion Group Live
This is why the left is absolutely mental.
They cant see reality. - dOnT sAy ThE n-WoRd                                       This is why the left is absolutely mental.           They can't see reality.
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    • Unlike what the left thinks, there's actually very few racists in the country. Like, under 1 million. No conservative is complaining, "twitter banned me cause I said to kiII all wiggas!" They're saying, "Twitter banned me cause I don't think fully formed babies should be murdered."
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    • You need to have an intense dissociation from reality to believe 90% of arguements liberals have. Using abortion as an example, they LOVE the rapist argument, but that accounts for 1 out of every 500 abortions. They are in their own little world.
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    • My personal stance on abortion is that it should be legal until the baby actually has brain function. So to be safe, around 15 weeks, and only allowed after if there is an actual complication other than, "but I'm single and work minimum wage!" Sorry, but we don't kiII poor people cause it's easy.
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    • The problem is that what conservatives believe the Twitter moderators see as hate speech even though its really not
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    • What people don't understand about the Left nowadays is they have a vitriolic distaste for anyone else's politics and more vitriol towards their biggest political rivals. They actual hate all other politics so much that their minds rationalize it as hate and therefore reason to censor. These people
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    • Joe Rogan has a good bit on this about twitter
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