• Freshmen on
their way
io siuml in Ihe middle of
Ihe hall in large groups

    • Don’t you love it when people stop to have a conversation in the middle of a crowded hallway?
      5.3K 148
    • I’m a freshman my self and it’s annoying, mean like move on already you slow retards
      RedRuby 11d
      3K 352
    • Nah man it's the sophomores they're annoying and slow as fuck
    • Tbh, i fkn hate that, its like one of my biggest pet peeves, but now that im a freshman, people keep saying shit to me and my friends, and now im just like “:( why tho” but i know as soon as i become a sophomore, ima be sayin shit too.
    • Same with middle school girls
    • Freshman more like FRESH MEAT FOR SENIORS I’m a junior...
    • All you gotta do is shove them out the way
    • Then get bumped into and make a big deal out of it
    • I love how they make circles and when u push through them they get mad
    • Normally they wear hats so I just knock then off when walking by you gonna make my day worse ima tick you off too.
    • At my school this is everyone except freshmen
    • Looking at these comments, everyone had a slightly different experience but overall they're pretty much the same. Just like a pokemon game.
    • Not me, that's really annoying tho
    • It's usually juniors who stand in the middle of the hall
    • It’s more of the seniors at my school lol
    • If only they could actually walk that fast
    • Honestly, whenever I was a freshmen I hated these types of people and just pushed everyone out of the fucking way like, bitch I ain’t going to be late because your bitchy self wanted to talk IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY like you own the damn place.
    • Only the thots, good sir
    • Wynonna got a big brown beaver...
    • Primus sucks
    • That's honestly a really awful thing to do it shows a lack of awareness and selfishness
    • I just wanted to get to the next class so I could continue my nap ffs
    • yeahh fuck’em. fuck’em all.
    • I would just drag my feet as i walk, my shoes make a super annoying squeaking sound when i do this. Everyone notices and moves tf out the way
    • Ahh don’t you just love it when your almost late and there is a squad of 6 people Posted up in the middle of the hallway👏😑
    • That's when you just keep walking. Plow someone over? Their own fucking fault.
    • Aah yes, one of Primus’s disturbing music videos.
    • This bitch Wynona does that shit all the time
    • Fat black bitches are the WORST at walking. They slow down then speed up, they take up the whole fucking hallway, and if they see a fellow fat black bitch, they stop in the middle of the hall and completely block everyone from getting to class
      N_werd 7d
      5 3
    • As a freshman this is true I hate my comrades that be like this
      Mista4 7d
    • Primus sucks
    • No what we need is that scene from the wizard of Oz where all the midgets crowd Dorthey
    • Fucking true
    • Freshmen don’t know primus
    • I was walking down the hallway on my own side of the hall and some fucking freshman walked up to me like was the shit and just ran straight into me and said watch where your goimg. I was gonna suplex this bitch
    • I used to just walk into them I didn’t care lol being 6’7 has its advantages when it comes to intimidating
    • I just grab their backpacks and move them out of the way and if they say shit then I just shout "don't stand in the fucking walkway retard" and they back down it's pretty great
    • Oh, trust me. It is not just freshmen.
    • Black ppl b like
    • As someone who’s graduated and works in an airport now, the behavior only gets worse, people literally set up their entire luggage and family mid walkway it’s great
    • lol just walk through them, I that for did all my 4 years
    • I fucking hate it.
    • Does anybody actually even listen to primus?
      2 4
    • This video is legitimately terrifying
      1 1
    • Nah it's black girls that do that. Then they yell at each other when they're so close
    • seniors do it too
    • Nah it’s the fucking tenth and 11th graders doin that shit
    • My school there's 3k people, a highschool, they literally clog the hallway like Ron Swanson's arteries, but I just push them out of the way, it fun
    • I’m a freshman, and people with no common sense do this all the time. Move the fuck out the way.
    • My school separates the freshman from us but it still happens so it’s more then just the retards doing it
    • White girls*
    • Wynona's got herself a big brown beaver and she shows it off to all her friends.
    • Primus Sucks
    • i hate it when everyone is walking and some people stop so you walk into them
      Cuter 8d
    • Went to a small ass school. Wasnt an issue
    • I fucking hate that 🙄
    • Now that is one big brown beaver
    • Not in our school it’s a bunch of sophomores listening to Mexican music
    • I've had to literally go find another hall to walk down because there would be just this MASS of people somehow blocking the enitre hallway going a couple classrooms down. You could never walk near the walls too fast either cause some retard in the school made the classroom doors swing out so you'd
    • In my achool it only took a few people to block the halls, and teachers never accepted it as an excuse to be late even though it was true for most people that were late
    • I bet no one can name where this is from and it’s sad...
    • So fucking true
    • Yeeeee he he hee hee heee....
    • Flashbang them
    • I have it from my teachers that this year’s freshmen class is more annoying than mine was last year
    • For me it was fat black chicks side by side walking half a mile per hour taking up the whole hallway.
    • Not to be racist because this is going to sound racist but at my school its always giant groups of black kids from all grades and its really annoying
    • Anybody remember the Christmas story told through gif captions
    • SoCal school gang we don't have hallways
    • YEEEEEE HA HA HEEE HEE HEEEEEEE *sick bass line*
    • Lol well this is part of the music video primus big brown beaver
    • It’s like routine for them to do it everyday at that time so you see them there every god damn day.
    • Im a freshy😎🚬💊
    • You mean all the Mexican girls
    • My name is mud
    • I bet a freshy made this too
    • *African-American kids*
    • Fucking thots line up side by side and walk slow as shit and make weird ass faces when I go around them
    • The band is primus
    • Literally everyone but freshmen
      falt 8d
    • That’s everyone
    • content not available more
    • What even movie Is this gif from
    • I go to school in California. What the fuck is a hallway?
    • Primus sucks!
      Dilute 8d
    • Especially girls
    • primus really do be slept on
    • I used to walk right thru the middle of those kids and crop dust them...sometimes I'd push really hard to make the fart loud
    • Fuck the annoying freshmen who do nothing but sit in the bathroom and vape all day. Go to fucking class you mongs
    • I mean when they did that I just shoulder checked em as I passed by
    • *senior girls
    • Man I wish I would have pushed right through them
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