"Star Bucks"

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9 months ago
In the force we trust
a year ago
They are actually credits not star bucks
a day ago
6 days ago
ωнєяє ιѕ тнє ωнιтє gιяℓ
7 days ago
Why would they put star destroyers on it? It's like if the US put an M1 Abrams on the back of the $5 bill
8 days ago
Star bucks?? Umm that's a coffee shop
9 days ago
Good job writing "one" in aurebesh. (I think that's what it's called. I learned it 2-3 years ago and know only a few.)
17 days ago
19 days ago
Star bucks girl asks*" do I trade them in for a free coffee ??"
20 days ago
It's cool that it actually says one in there language, it's sad that I know that.
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