"Wasn't sure which villain to go as from "The Dark Knight Trilogy"...so why not all six of them?"

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3 years ago
Ras Al Gul (blue flower) Bane (mask) Two face (suit) Joker (hair and face) Scarecrow (face) Talia Al Gul (bomb detonator) That's all 6!
3 years ago
Brb, gonna go regret my now lame choice of halloween costume
a day ago
How about none cuz the dark knight trilogy is shit
2 days ago
Ummm. Did anyone remember penguinm
4 days ago
Fuck that bane
8 days ago
There's no blue flower
10 days ago
He looks like donald trumb
10 days ago
Reminds me of manpigbear from Southpark
12 days ago
Why not cause you look like a fucking retard
19 days ago
Harvey dent can we trust him
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