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3 years ago
*Mom asks me to pick up 50 shades of gray for her* *brings back 50 Home Depo gray paint samples*
3 years ago
I'm a guy and I've read all of these except fifty shade of grey. 0.0
a day ago
The fallout bible: don't go into or near vault 66. Ever.
5 days ago
Too long fuck this im not reading it.
6 days ago
Love can live through death of you know what I mean
6 days ago
But they die in the end though...
8 days ago
Percy Jackson: anyone can be a hero. Me: But wasnt Percy a half-blood? Not any half-blood but a son of ine of the Big Three?
10 days ago
Lmao high school reads for high school children
10 days ago
Not even incest stopped the people in the mortal instruments
10 days ago
Divergent's shitty morals
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