This is why Batman is the best superhero.

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3 years ago
No matter what, batman will never be as big of a sarcastic asshole like iron man. You lose.
3 years ago
Okay. Tell me. What does Batman have on Spider-Man? Or The Incredible Hulk? Or Thor?
6 hours ago
I'm sorry to say this, but Batman has no chance against Aquaman.
8 hours ago
Superman would still have his strength without the sun his strength comes from the strong gravity of krypton which made his muscles stronger
2 days ago
Batman is not a super hero he is a vigilante
3 days ago
Green arrow over Batman anyday
4 days ago
Well without the sun there is no life...
4 days ago
For those saying iron man and superman know martial arts, yes they do. However they don't have nearly the level of training that batman has
4 days ago
When the hell would the sun burn out of. (Without authors assistance) would superman not just decide it would be easier to kill Batman from far away without coming in range of kryptonite
4 days ago
Without the sun everyone would die and ironman without money and his suit he's still a genius
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