A 4 year old boy died of cancer, his name was Gabe Lyall and his family dressed like this to honor him.

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3 years ago
so very sad :( a coffin should never be that small.....I encourage everyone to check out " heroes4hire" .....they are the organization that did this for Gabe <3
3 years ago
Gabe lived in Logan Wv he was a sweet child. I had the pleasure of meeting him. It's sad to know that a child will never get to live his life because of a terrible disease. Fly high Gabe. We all miss you
19 hours ago
I realize that they are doing this for him and its probably something I'd do to, but when I see that it makes me think that they aren't taking it seriously😂. Not laughing at the fact that he died or the family, just find it cool, awesome, and funny at the same time. That's a lot of love he got.
3 days ago
That's Beautiful
4 days ago
What a joke
5 days ago
The smallest Coffins are the heaviest...
6 days ago
Post up cancer
8 days ago
Cancerous little shit
13 days ago
News was saying it was a school shooting
13 days ago
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