A 4 year old boy died of cancer, his name was Gabe Lyall and his family dressed like this to honor him.

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3 years ago
I hate that kids that young die they don't get to see what life will end up for them
3 years ago
My uncle died of cancer last Sunday. He was only 44. He played lacrosse for Johns Hopkins University. His name was Brendan Charles Cody. His funeral was today. R.I.P. Uncle Bredan. </3
3 days ago
Night Wing, Batmam, Superior Spidermam, and Captain America
4 days ago
There is a white dude in miles morales costume
6 days ago
7 days ago
Fly you high Gabe, fly you high
8 days ago
Dude: I am nervous as all get out about this important MEETING I'm 'bout to start, so I get on ifunny to laugh and relax, but OOOH NO! Ya'll gotta post this feels trip! I CAN'T GO IN WITH TEARS RUSHING DOWN MY FACE MAN!!
9 days ago
Those tiny caskets fuck me up...
9 days ago
I guess he watched too many cyberbully channels
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