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    Expectation and reality

    • QueenGhirahim
      Then you're like, I swear, it gets better.
      hot QueenGhirahim 30 oct 2014
    • Mongoo
      well, it is not my problem you guys suck, iCanShowHerTheWorldAndAlsoMyNips
      hot Mongoo 31 oct 2014
    • Diety554
      And the occasional times where you pause and rewind to make sure they saw the part you thought was really clever and funny.
      Diety554 31 oct 2014
    • Chiwah
      Why is this so true?
      Chiwah 30 oct 2014
    • _HappyHour
      Then you see them pull out their phone cause the movies boring but once the good part comes on you're like, "Dude no look it's the good part!" And they're like, "You told me that 4 good parts ago this movie sucks."
      _HappyHour 31 oct 2014
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