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    • WP_BleedRed_AU
      It's hard bcc you can't work much depending on your work load and living on your own is expensive when you are not getting help
      WP_BleedRed_AU 10 apr 2015
    • TheTexasBlacksmith
      Have a capitalist thinking style and con as many people out of as much money as you can and maybe you will only be paying off the huge amount of debt that you will inquire because the text books in a monopoly and college don't usually care about you
      TheTexasBlacksmith 10 apr 2015
    • Rebel_Without_A_Cause_2016
      People don't know how to budget.
    • iFL_GNIF_rambo088
      I work part time, pay for half of my college in full (community college). You're right and wrong. Yeah a lot of dumbasses waste all their money on eating out and beer, but there's also a lot of expenses like books and housing.
      iFL_GNIF_rambo088 10 apr 2015
    • SeekTruth_2015
      I'm still in high school but I go and stay at universities with friends and my bro. I have to say, college life without work is awesome
      SeekTruth_2015 10 apr 2015