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    Public restrooms

    • RedditsBestPosts_2014
      Don't touch anything. It is ALL contaminated!
    • FreePalestineAZA
      Dont want other peoples piss hands
      hot FreePalestineAZA 13 nov 2013
    • Operations
      To all the people that think this is a repost, I'm sorry. I got this gif off of gifboom, I put it into a collage, added a caption. I honestly did my think that this was going to be featured, sorry guys. I'm just really happy I got one tho, good luck getting one guys!
      Operations 13 nov 2013
    • SaMj1992
      The # of ppl that don't wash their hands is fuckn' ridiculous ! It's called having good hygien...get it together ppl !!
      SaMj1992 25 aug 2015
    • bobbybrown5559_2015
      My school doesn't have doors is just behind a wall
      bobbybrown5559_2015 14 nov 2013
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