• AqpW
      Dudes can’t ask a girl out based on their appearance anymore but buzzfeed can post cancerous bullshit articles about 11 Olympic bulges that deserve gold smfh
      hot AqpW 13 feb 2018
    • sirdongus
      W H O L E S O M E
      hot sirdongus 13 feb 2018
    • someone3426
      To those who don't get it: a man was being playful at the gym, and hit on his girlfriend as though he didn't know her. Another girl then asked the girlfriend if she was ready to leave to help her avoid the man hitting on her. The girlfriend appreciates this attempt at help, albeit unnecessary.
      someone3426 13 feb 2018
    • polemermaid
      How ugly is Ricky that the girl came to your aid?
      polemermaid 13 feb 2018
    • Blake424
      You guys need to calm down. When I go to the gym(I'm a female btw)I don't want guys to try and hit on me. I'm sure some do it with good intentions but it can sound pretty creepy at times.(especially if they're commenting on my ass or tits.) The girl was just making sure she wasn't uncomfortable.
      Blake424 13 feb 2018
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