So my teacher was late to school today

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3 years ago
He knows.
8 months ago
I hate those people that always eats half or a partial amount of something like a cookie or doughnut and puts it back in the tray. Ljke did you think people would like you more because you eat less or what?? Like no kill yourself because no one will eat that and it's a perfectly good food wasted
2 days ago
I don't get how these get featured..
6 days ago
My teachers used to let the class spontaneously have donuts all the time.
14 days ago
One of our teachers lost a bet and had to go the entire day wearing a full suit
15 days ago
I can relate
a month ago
In my school if the teacher is 15 minutes late we are free to go.
a month ago
They r donuts
a month ago
I dont understand
a month ago
my 8th grade math teacher would bring us doughnuts every friday
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