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    • Mt_Rushmore
      Well if u said it face to face they would beat u up. 5 on 1
      Mt_Rushmore 27 oct 2015
    • Mt_Rushmore
      Yeah cause if u say something to them they will literally kill u.
      Mt_Rushmore 27 oct 2015
    • CoasterCentral
      Not all cops are bad. With that said, I will go up to any cop and tell them that they need to do their fucking job and protect us instead of kill us. Freedom of speech kids, you can say whatever you want to a cop as long as it is not a verbal threat.
      CoasterCentral 5 feb 2015
    • Hare_scramble33_2017
      I honestly used to hate cols because i was always told there assholes who do nothing good. Then i realized 99% of cops are actually cool people who only "ruin fun" when people are doing dumb illegal shit. Then people get mad at the cop for giving them a ticket for going 40 over the speed limit
    • WorldVineStar_2016
      They don't have the balls to speak face to face
      WorldVineStar_2016 5 feb 2015